Ancient Sigil Circle

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An example of an Ancient Sigil Circle

Ancient Sigil Circles (also known as 'Waypoints') are scattered throughout the world, and represent Baldur's Gate 3's fast travel system.

Function[edit | edit source]

When a party member moves close enough to one for the first time, it will be activated, and become marked on the map. However, Summons cannot activate these.

Opening the map screen, via shortcut, the user interface, or by interacting with a Sigil Circle, will allow you to travel to any discovered Ancient Sigil Circle (Waypoint) by selecting it from the list on the right, or clicking directly on its Waypoint Map Icon.pngWaypoint marker on the map.[See Notes]

List of Ancient Sigil Circles[edit | edit source]

Waypoint Header Map Icon.png
Area Coordinates
Act 1
Overgrown Ruins Ravaged Beach X: 276  Y: 298
Roadside Cliffs Wilderness X: 222  Y: 326
Emerald Grove Environs Wilderness X: 246  Y: 423
Blighted Village Blighted Village X: 34  Y: 394
Whispering Depths Whispering Depths X: -588  Y: -383
The Risen Road The Risen Road X: 82  Y: 597
Waukeen's Rest Waukeen's Rest X: -77  Y: 570
Zhentarim Hideout Zhentarim Basement X: 256  Y: -295
Riverside Teahouse Putrid Bog X: -10  Y: 250
Goblin Camp Goblin Camp X: -74  Y: 445
Underdark - Selûnite Outpost Underdark X: 177  Y: -235
Underdark - Myconid Colony Ebonlake Grotto X: 102  Y: -101
Underdark - Beach Decrepit Village X: 21  Y: -212
Underdark - Sussur Tree Dread Hollow X: -50  Y: -138
Underdark - Grymforge Grymforge X: -647  Y: 382
Underdark - Ancient Forge Grymforge X: -612  Y: 294
Trielta Crags Rosymorn Monastery Trail X: -64  Y: -148
Rosymorn Monastery Rosymorn Monastery X: 15  Y: 22
Creche Y'llek Creche Y'llek X: 1381  Y: -797
Act 2
Last Light Inn Last Light Inn X: -17  Y: 133
Shadowed Battlefield Ruined Battlefield X: 46  Y: 17
Reithwin Town Reithwin Town X: -78  Y: -46
Moonrise Towers Moonrise Towers X: -158  Y: -99
Grand Mausoleum Reithwin Town X: -173  Y: 80
Road to Baldur's Gate Reithwin Town X: -263 Y: -37
Gauntlet of Shar Gauntlet of Shar X: -757  Y: -792
Verge of the Shadows Gauntlet of Shar X: -720  Y: -844
Act 3
Rivington Rivington X:  -9  Y:  -117
South Span of Wyrm's Crossing Wyrm's Crossing X:  15  Y:  74
Wyrm's Rock Wyrm's Rock Fortress X:  -9  Y:  214
Basilisk Gate Lower City X:  134  Y:  -38
Lower City Central Wall Lower City X:  -50  Y: -55
Heapside Strand Lower City X: 22  Y:  -135
City Sewers Lower City Sewers X:  -98  Y:  778
Baldur's Gate Lower City X:  -198  Y: -26
Grey Harbour Docks Lower City X: -219  Y: -155
Cazador's Dungeon Cazador's Dungeon X: -1928  Y: 827
Undercity Ruins Undercity Ruins X:  -140  Y:  940
Temple of Bhaal Undercity Ruins X:  -55  Y:  1006
Morphic Pool Dock Undercity Ruins X:  -74  Y:  1115

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Waypoints often have unique names, slightly different from, or completely unrelated, to the name of the location or area they are found in.