Cursed (Condition Type)

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"A small group of conditions that hinder or harm you during combat."

Condition Type Icon.png Cursed is a type of Condition. Most curse Conditions are magical in nature, and can also be removed by magic.

Removal[edit | edit source]

Curses can be removed with the following items and abilities:

Prevention[edit | edit source]

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Ways to become cursed[edit | edit source]

Condition Effects

A Clown in Town (Condition) A Clown in Town

  • Rue the day you crossed a fey. You were cruel to Dolly Thrice; now you'll have to pay the price.
  • This condition can only be obtained by smashing the Moonlantern held by Kar'niss.
  • Applies clown makeup to the victim.
    Condition Type Icon.pngCursed

Baleful Knowledge (Condition) Baleful Knowledge

Broken Promises (Condition) Broken Promises

Castigated By Divinity (Condition) Castigated By Divinity

  • Affected entity is cursed by transgressed and irritable gods. When it falls unconscious, it immediately dies. Moreover, when it dies, a terrible envoy of the offended deity is conjured from the entity's corpse.
    Condition Type Icon.pngCursed

Cursed Skull (Condition) Cursed Skull

Cursed: Additional Damage (Condition) Cursed: Additional Damage

  • Receives an additional 1d8Damage TypesNecrotic damage from the spellcaster's attacks or spells.
    Condition Type Icon.pngCursed

Cursed: Attack Disadvantage (Condition) Cursed: Attack Disadvantage

Cursed: Charisma (Condition) Cursed: Charisma

Cursed: Constitution (Condition) Cursed: Constitution

Cursed: Dexterity (Condition) Cursed: Dexterity

Cursed: Dread (Condition) Cursed: Dread

Cursed: Intelligence (Condition) Cursed: Intelligence

Cursed: Strength (Condition) Cursed: Strength

Cursed: Wisdom (Condition) Cursed: Wisdom

Faltering Will (Condition) Faltering Will

Haunting Aura (Condition) Haunting Aura

Hellfire Curse (Condition) Hellfire Curse

Hexed: Charisma (Condition) Hexed: Charisma

Hexed: Constitution (Condition) Hexed: Constitution

Hexed: Dexterity (Condition) Hexed: Dexterity

Hexed: Intelligence (Condition) Hexed: Intelligence

Hexed: Strength (Condition) Hexed: Strength

Hexed: Wisdom (Condition) Hexed: Wisdom

Insanity's Kiss (Condition) Insanity's Kiss

  • Hostile to all other creatures for the condition's duration.
    Condition Type Icon.pngCursed

Life Drain (Condition) Life Drain

Hit point maximum reduced by 2d8. Creature will die if its hit point maximum is reduced to 0.
Condition Type Icon.pngCursed

Lost Time (Condition) Lost Time

Lover's Avarice (Condition) Lover's Avarice

Mummy Rot (Condition) Mummy Rot

  • Your maximum hit points is reduced by 8. You cannot be healed.
    Condition Type Icon.pngCursed

Shadow Possession (Condition) Shadow Possession

  • Affected entity is possessed by frenzied shadows and will attack the nearest creature. Its weapon attacks deal an additional 1d4Damage TypesNecrotic damage.
    Condition Type Icon.pngCursed

Shar-Stricken (Condition) Shar-Stricken

  • The Lady of Loss Hexes Hexes you, causing a temporary lapse in your agility.
    Condition Type Icon.pngCursed

Sinister Seal (Condition) Sinister Seal

Dark energy envelops this door.
Condition Type Icon.pngCursed

Soulnumbed (Condition) Soulnumbed

Spell Rot (Condition) Spell Rot

  • Unless you are Undead, each time you cast a spell you receive 2d6 Damage TypesNecrotic damage per spell level.
    Condition Type Icon.pngCursed

Stolen Vigour (Condition) Stolen Vigour

Tharchiate Withering (Condition) Tharchiate Withering

Whispers of Madness (Condition) Whispers of Madness

Wilted Dreams (Condition) Wilted Dreams