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Lorin is one of Auntie Ethel's victims. He is found in the Entrance Gallery of the Overgrown Tunnel shouting to stay back, and not to look. Lorin came to Auntie Ethel to look into his future and see what life path to pick.


My gentle Lorin. He wished to know what was to come.
Auntie Ethel about Lorin's fate

Overview[edit | edit source]

If Lorin is spoken to while Auntie Ethel still lives, he will try to avoid looking at the party. However, he will turn eventually if the player continues to speak to him. Lorin will panic that the talking party member is a monster, seeing them as a Mind Flayer.

If the party returns after killing Auntie Ethel, Lorin will remember seeing you as a Mind Flayer and run away. If the player didn't speak to him before killing Auntie Ethel, he will be more reasonable, yet still scared.