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The Pale Elf is the Companion quest for Astarion. It is automatically added to the journal if Astarion joins the party.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending story decisions.

Continue travelling with Astarion.
  • We met a strange elf who had also been infected with a parasite. He was hostile at first, but agreed to join us when he learned we were infected too.
  • Astarion is a vampire! We woke up last night and saw him bent over one of us - drinking their blood. We let him drink his fill to regain his strength.
  • Astarion is a vampire! We woke up last night and saw him bent over one of us - drinking their blood. We warned him never to do it again.
  • Astarion is a vampire! We woke up last night and saw him bent over one of us - drinking their blood. We had no choice but to attack him.
  • We told Astarion that he couldn't feed on innocents - but enemies were fair game.
  • We told Astarion he could only feed on animals - intelligent creatures are off-limits.
  • We learned that Astarion was murdered by a Gur nomad long ago. The vampire lord Cazador came to his aid and made him a vampire spawn.
  • We learned that Astarion was a slave to the Szarr family. He couldn't refuse orders from them - and believes that might still be the case.
  • Astarion suspects that the parasite may have negated some of the downsides of being a vampire spawn. Perhaps his master has no power over him anymore.
  • We learned that Astarion might be a vampire! A monster hunter named Gandrel is looking for him.
  • We fought a monster hunter who was looking for Astarion.
  • Astarion killed a monster hunter who had been looking for him.
  • We met a monster hunter who is looking for Astarion. We told the hunter where we were camping.
  • We met a monster hunter who is looking for Astarion. We kept our camp's location a secret.
  • We learned that the monster hunter was serving someone named Ulma.
  • Astarion told us that he suspects the monster hunter is serving his master Cazador.
  • Romance: After spending the night with Astarion, we learned that he has some kind of poem carved into his back. Cazador did this to him - but why?
  • Romance: After spending the night with Astarion, we learned that he has a poem written in Infernal carved into his back. Cazador did this to him - but why?
Seek out the devil Raphael.
  • Astarion wants to speak to Raphael the next time we see him. He believes the devil might know something about the scars on his back.
  • Astarion wants to speak to Raphael the next time we see him. He wants to ask the devil about something, but hasn't revealed what.
Find Raphael in the shadow-cursed lands.
  • We met Raphael at the Last Light Inn and Astarion asked about the scars Cazador left on his back. Raphael seemed interested - he said he'd think about Astarion's request and see us again soon.
  • We met Raphael at Last Light Inn, but he left before Astarion could ask about the scars on his back. Raphael seemed to think we'd meet again soon, though, so perhaps Astarion will have another opportunity.
  • We met Raphael at Last Light Inn, but he left before Astarion could ask him anything. Raphael seemed to think we'd meet again soon, though, so perhaps Astarion will have another opportunity.
(Optional) Kill the orthon.
  • We met Raphael at the entrance to the Thorm Mausoleum. The devil told us about an orthon - a monster from the Hells - that's lurking beneath the mausoleum. He promised to tell Astarion about his scars, but only if we kill this orthon for him.
(Optional) Await Raphael's next appearance.
  • We killed the orthon, as Raphael asked. Now we're waiting for him to reappear and fulfil his promise to Astarion - whenever and wherever that might happen.
Travel the road to Baldur's Gate.
  • Raphael told us about the 'Rite of Profane Ascension'. Cazador plans to perform it, sacrificing his vampire spawn in exchange for great power. Astarion is the only missing piece of the ritual and Cazador needs him back. Astarion told us he wants to take the fight to Cazador in Baldur's Gate.
  • Raphael left without revealing anything about Astarion's scars. It seems if we want answers, we'll need to reach Baldur's Gate and ask Cazador himself.
  • Instead of killing the orthon, we helped him, which means Raphael won't reveal anything about Astarion's scars. If he wants answers, Astarion will have to look elsewhere. Maybe in Baldur's Gate itself.
  • Astarion thinks we need to find some of his fellow spawn if we want to learn about Cazador's plans. Apparently, they used to hunt for victims in the dens of the city.
Reach Cazador's palace.
  • We've reached Baldur's Gate. Astarion will want to find Cazador Szarr and face him, deciding his fate once and for all.
  • Astarion met Ulma, the leader of a small tribe of monster hunters. She recognised Astarion as the one who stole their children for Cazador, but offered him a chance to redeem himself. Astarion agreed to help their children and kill Cazador.
  • Astarion met Ulma, the leader of a small tribe of monster hunters. She recognised Astarion as the one who stole their children for Cazador, but offered him a chance to redeem himself if he helped their children. Astarion refused and we were attacked by Ulma's people.
  • We killed Ulma. Without her, the monster hunters will be much less of a threat to Astarion.
  • We can now look for the other spawn that Astarion mentioned before. We should look for them in the taverns and flophouses of Wyrm's Crossing.
  • Astarion thinks we need to find some of his fellow spawn if we want to learn about Cazador's plans. We should look for them in the taverns and flophouses of Wyrm's Crossing.
  • Astarion met two of his fellow vampire spawn, Dalyria and Petras, at Fraygo's Flophouse. We learned Cazador plans to perform a ritual that will grant him incredible power, and that Astarion is part of it. They revealed it's taking place in a defiled chapel beneath Cazador's palace before turning to mist and disappearing.
  • A group of vampire spawn attacked us during the night. They tried to kidnap Astarion and take him back to Cazador, but failed. Astarion will need to face Cazador if he's ever to be safe from his past.
Locate and investigate Cazador's lair.
  • A group of vampire spawn attacked us during the night. They kidnapped Astarion and took him back to Cazador. We need to find Cazador's palace if we're going to rescue Astarion.
  • Astarion is free from Godey's kennel. We can now explore the palace and find Cazador.
  • We have entered Cazador's palace. Now we just need to find the vampire himself.
  • We used an elevator to descend into a secret dungeon under Cazador's Palace. We have yet to find what's hidden down here.
  • We found a scroll describing the ritual Cazador wants to perform. He plans to sacrifice thousands of souls, including Astarion's, to ascend and gain incredible power.
  • Astarion met Sebastian, one of the first victims he ever brought Cazador. Instead of feeding on him, Cazador turned Sebastian into a vampire spawn and locked him in this dungeon. We don't know how many of Astarion's victims are still 'alive' down here, but we did learn that Cazador's staff controls the prison. We'll need to take it from him if we're to decide the prisoners' fates.
  • We learned that Cazador carries a magic staff, which he uses to control the prison. We'll need to take it from him if we're to decide the prisoners' fates.
Face Cazador Szarr.
  • We found Cazador and convinced him to let us go and bring Astarion to him. Astarion will definitely want to hear about this.
  • We brought Astarion to Cazador, who used blood magic to force Astarion into the ritual. We need to help Astarion and destroy his old master.
  • We found Cazador, who overpowered Astarion and dragged him into the ritual. Now that Cazador has everything he needs, he'll ascend unless we stop him.
  • We found Cazador and attacked him. Time to destroy him once and for all.
  • We defeated Cazador, who retreated to his sarcophagus to heal. He's vulnerable now - all we have to do is open the sarcophagus's lid and finish him off.
Quest Complete
  • Astarion has become the Vampire Ascendant. He had to sacrifice Cazador, his brothers and sisters, and thousands of other vampire spawn; but he'll never fear the sun or suffer a vampire's hunger again.
  • We killed Cazador and released all of the vampire spawn into the Underdark. Astarion's fate is sealed - he will be a vampire spawn until the end of his days.
  • We killed Cazador and the thousands of vampire spawn he had locked down here. They won't be a threat to anyone now. As for Astarion, his fate is sealed - he will be a vampire spawn until the end of his days.
  • We killed Cazador and decided to leave the thousands of vampire spawn he created in their cells. As for Astarion, his fate is sealed - he will be a vampire spawn until the end of his days.
  • Astarion never faced Cazador, but events are moving too quickly to change that now. It's time to choose your destiny - Astarion's will have to wait.
  • Astarion met Ulma, the leader of a small tribe of monster hunters. She recognised Astarion as the one who stole their children for Cazador, but offered him a chance to redeem himself. Astarion refused and Ulma asked us to help kill him. We agreed and Astarion attacked us.
  • We broke Astarion's cover and let the monster hunter capture him. That might be the last we see of the vampire spawn.
  • Astarion's gone. One can't help but wonder if it had anything to do with us telling the monster hunter where we were camped.
  • Astarion died. No time for a funeral.
  • Astarion has left the party. We won't be inviting him back.
  • Astarion turned against us.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Note that Astarion’s story spans the entire game, and has spoilers for all Acts of the game.

Recruiting Astarion[edit | edit source]

Astarion X: 174 Y: 287 can be recruited immediately after the Prologue by moving northwest of the Nautiloid wreckage to the Ravaged Beach. Astarion is by the cliffs and shouts to the party for help as they approach. He states that one of the "brain things" is nearby and he needs help killing it. The party can either agree to help him (they'll realize it was just a boar) or turn away and tell him he seems strong enough to handle himself. Either way - Astarion pulls a knife on the player character. If a Perception check is failed, Astarion sneaks behind the player character and pulls them to the ground, holding the knife to them. If the Perception check is passed, he simply holds the knife out in a defensive stance.

Astarion holds the player character at knifepoint.

He asks the player character what they did to him and what they know, saying he saw them walking around freely on the Nautiloid. The player character can attempt to deny they are a servant of the Mind Flayers, but ultimately the tadpole power connects the group and clears up the misunderstanding. Astarion puts his knife away and apologises for nearly gutting the player character. The player character can either leave Astarion on the beach or offer for him to join them, as they have a better chance of finding a cure for their tadpoles as a group. If offered, Astarion happily joins the party.

Astarion's Secret[edit | edit source]

During a Long Rest at camp, the player character can notice Astarion can slinking off somewhere in the night, though is unable to question him on this. After this event occurs, a boar drained of blood appears before the bridge to the Blighted Village. With DC 10 Medicine check, the party can learn it has two puncture wounds in its neck. If Astarion is in the party, he can be Persuaded or Intimidated (DC 10) into revealing that it seems to have been drained of blood by a vampire. Astarion apparently didn't want to say anything as he didn't want to frighten the party.

There are two ways the party can learn about Astarion's condition. The first is a scene at Long Rest where the player character awakens to Astarion crouching over them. He admits he is a vampire spawn who is weak from hunger, and asks to drink some of the player character’s blood. The player character can either hear him out or drive a stake through his chest. If the player character hears him out, they can either agree to let him drink their blood or tell him to go elsewhere. If they agree to it, Astarion must be Persuaded (DC 5) or shoved off with DC 7 Strength check to get him to stop. Letting him drink a little more instead requires a DC 15 Persuasion check. If this check is failed, the player character dies and must be resurrected. Astarion pretends not to know what happened, but can be confronted by the player character after the fact.

The second way the party can learn about Astarion is by adventuring with him and gaining his approval while not triggering the blood drinking scene. Eventually, when the player character talks to Astarion in the party, he reveals he has something to share that hasn't come up naturally. He's a vampire. The player character can either act shocked or say they knew all along.

Once Astarion's secret has been revealed, he gains the Vampire Bite Vampire Bite ability. The player character can tell Astarion he can drink on their enemies or stick to only non-intelligent creatures. Through dialogue at camp or in the party, Astarion can reveal more about his past, such as information about his master, Cazador Cazador Szarr, who tormented him for two hundred years. Astarion was one of seven spawn created by Cazador, and Cazador insisted on calling them a 'family.' Thanks to the mind flayers, he's been lost, granting him his freedom. Even better, the tadpole has stopped his vampire weaknesses, such as being unable to walk in the sun or enter homes uninvited.  

The Monster Hunter[edit | edit source]

Gandrel was tasked with bringing Astarion back to Baldur's Gate.

A Gur monster hunter named Gandrel Gandrel is in the Sunlit Wetlands/Putrid Bog. Note that meeting him does not depend on whether the party has already found out Astarion's true nature. The party can just speak to Gandrel without learning more about his current prey and part ways with him. Thus, how the conversation with Gandrel might pan out depends on two major factors:

  1. whether the party already know that Astarion is a vampire spawn and
  2. whether they currently have Astarion in their party or not.
  • If Astarion is not in the party AND the party knows already about his true nature:

Speaking to Gandrel, the party may find out that he came to this area to get some help from a local hag. Further in the dialogue, the party may inquire about his prey, but will need to pass a DC 20 Intimidation check or DC 15 Persuasion check to make the hunter reveal his target. If successful, it's possible to choose whether to stand by Astarion or to turn him in. Either way, the Gur will ask the way to their camp to finish his task (see below).

  • If Astarion is not in the party BUT his vampirism hasn't been unearthed yet:

The dialogue with Gandrel evolves mostly the same way, but finding out that Astarion could indeed possibly be a vampire might later trigger the nighttime cutscene with him trying to bite the player character.

  • If Astarion is in the party, BUT still considered an ordinary elf:

Speaking to Gandrel, the party may find out that he is hunting a vampire spawn (not calling a name) and came to this area to get some help from a local hag. Through the dialogue, there will be a passive DC 5 Insight check to notice Astarion being overly tensed, 'like a coiled spring'. Should the player character reveal they have noticed it or continue to ask questions, the elf will relax a little, and the scene ends peacefully. However, if nothing is done about it, Astarion will make his own move and kill Gandrel in one swift strike, giving only vague explanations about his antipathy towards all Gur afterwards. Talking to Gandrel's corpse via Speak with Dead Speak with Dead will reveal that he was sent by someone named Ulma Ulma and his target's name was "Astarion", but inquiring the elf - now red-handed (literally) - won't progress the quest (the following long rest, however, might do it, as mentioned above).

  • If Astarion is in the party, AND it is known that he is a vampire:

Astarion will butt into the conversation, expressing his distrust and even loath towards monster hunters and particularly the Gur nomads. Through the dialogue, there will be an option to turn the spawn in. If done so, Gandrel will then knock Astarion out and leave, taking him away. Taking this course, the quest will be concluded, although the consequences of this decision will yet come out in Act Three. Otherwise, there's an option to meet the obviously rising tensions with a deadpan and suppose that because a vampire spawn is not a full-fledged monster, it would not pose much threat. After that, Astarion will hint on killing the Gur or ask the permission to do it straightaway. If agreeing, the party will engage in a fight with Gandrel. If they do not consent, Astarion will disapprove it strongly, but still end the encounter peacefully.

If Astarion is not in the party, it's possible to return to the camp and bring him around. In that case, the scene will be developed in the way corresponding to whether Astarion's true nature has been revealed prior. Anyway, when discussing the encounter, Astarion will express his concern about a Gur hunter stalking him, and blame for this his former master Cazador Cazador. Also, there will be an option to find out where the roots of his loath for the Gur stem from.

If Gandrel has been told about the camp's location, he will take his belongings and swiftly leave. Afterwards, it's possible talk to Astarion upon returning to the camp and warn him. If this hasn't been done, the hunter unsurprisingly will snatch Astarion away during the long rest. After this the Astarion will be lost forever as a party member. Should Astarion be warned, he suggests that he'll take the watch at night, and if asked in the morning, tell the party he has successfully dispatched the hunter.

If not allowing Astarion to kill Gandrel throughout the dialogue, the party might have an option to discuss it with Astarion, and he will say that if the hunter reappears, the party will have to solve this 'problem' just as he himself intended to do it before - i.e. with the most ill-fated outcome for the Gur hunter.

Astarion's Scars[edit | edit source]

Astarion's back scars.

Player characters who romance Astarion can learn more about Astarion's scars by having a tryst with him in the forest. Astarion can propose this through speaking with him in the party/at camp after gaining high approval, or he can propose it during the Goblin/Tiefling party if Save the Refugees Save the Refugees was completed. After a night of passion, the player character wakes up to see Astarion bathing in the sun with his back to them, showing strange scars. Asking about them, Astarion explains they're supposedly a poem carved into his flesh by Cazador in a single night, with heavy revisions. He refuses to elaborate more.

If the player character has high approval with Astarion, a scene occurs at camp during a Long Rest. Both romanced and unromanced player characters can witness this scene, although romanced player characters can see this as early as Act One, while it triggers in Act Two for unromanced player characters. Astarion is shirtless and tracing his fingers against his back. The player character can ask him what he's doing; he can be coaxed to explain that he's trying to determine what the words on his back mean. With a DC 10 Arcana check, the player character can attempt to decipher the runes and ascertain that they are Infernal. Characters who can understand Infernal, such as tieflings, can read the sigils as a bunch of jumbled Infernal legalese that's part of a contract.

Player characters who do not have a high enough approval with Astarion cannot ask about his scars, but he can still have a scene in camp where he is eager to speak to Raphael Raphael again. He will not elaborate on why but asks the party to look out for him.

A Deal with Raphael[edit | edit source]

There are two places where Astarion can negotiate a deal with Raphael. The first is the Last Light Inn, where Raphael is playing lanceboard with Mol Mol near the staircase. Raphael only remains until Resolve the Abduction Resolve the Abduction is triggered by speaking to Isobel Isobel on the upper floor. After this, he leaves. If Raphael is spoken to with Astarion in the party, Astarion asks him about his scars and Raphael says he'll think up an agreement in time before disappearing. However, speaking with the Dark Urge origin, Raphael won't give the spawn a chance to ask his question and disappears before Astarion can butt into the conversation.

The second place Astarion can trigger a deal is the entrance to the Grand Mausoleum X: -191 Y: 112. Raphael appears to warn the party of a threat within the depths of the Mausoleum, an old enemy of his, as part of Kill Raphael's Old Enemy Kill Raphael's Old Enemy. Whether or not Astarion has told the party about his scars, he asks Raphael to decipher them. Raphael agrees, but only if the party slays the beast he was speaking about. If the party calls him out about keeping secrets, Raphael reveals his own surprise at Astarion "keeping his clothes on" for so long and magically takes them off so the party can see the scars.

The enemy in question is an orthon named Yurgir Yurgir, who is trapped deep within the Gauntlet of Shar located under the Mausoleum. If Astarion is in the party, he disapproves of anything other than immediately killing Yurgir, even if the party plans to trick Yurgir into killing himself. Additionally, if the party attempts to help Yurgir as part of Break Yurgir's Contract Break Yurgir's Contract, Astarion becomes upset that they haven't killed him and questions the party. If the party breaks Yurgir's contract instead of killing him, Astarion is furious and asks why he should remain in the party at all. He requires either a DC 14 Persuasion, or Deception check to remain in the party.

If Yurgir is killed, Raphael is true to his word and comes to camp to explain the runes on Astarion's back. It is one part of seven of a contract with the demon Mephistopheles, stating that if Cazador completes the Black Mass Ritual, he can become a Vampire Ascendant who is free from the typical vampire weaknesses, like walking in the sun.

The deal with Raphael can technically be avoided if Astarion is not in the party and is avoided at camp. This means that the party doesn't lose approval for helping Yurgir, but Astarion also doesn't learn about his scars.

Araj Oblodra[edit | edit source]

Astarion reluctantly drinks Araj's blood.

An optional scene that is important to Astarion's story arc can be found in Moonrise Towers. Araj Oblodra Araj Oblodra is a blood alchemist and trader, who has a particular interest in vampires. If Astarion is in the party, she asks the player character if Astarion is their spawn. She explains that she's always dreamed of having her blood drunk by a vampire since she was a little girl. She is willing to give a legendary Potion of Everlasting Vigour to the party if Astarion drinks her blood. Astarion is visibly disgusted and, if asked why, explains that her blood smells foul and that he doesn't want to do it. The player character can insist he get over it or insist to Araj that Astarion doesn't have to do it if he doesn't want to.

Later at camp, if the player character stood up for Astarion, he thanks them and explains that he didn't know how to say no. If Astarion was pushed to drink Araj's blood, then he tells the player character how disgusted he feels and that he can't use his body as a tool anymore. The player character can remain in good standing by apologizing to Astarion for pushing him to drink Araj's blood and saying he doesn't have to do that again. If the player character is romancing Astarion, pushing him to drink Araj's blood leads him to say he'll sleep alone from now on, unless the player character chooses the right dialogue options (which means avoiding the subject and saying the player character does actually care about him and wants to continue dating him).

Investigating Cazador Szarr[edit | edit source]

Finding the spawn[edit | edit source]

Two of Cazador's spawn, Petras Petras and Dalyria Dalyria, can be found chatting about the Black Mass in Fraygo's Flophouse on the upper floor X: -21 Y: 76. It's clear they believe they too will become ascended if the ritual is successful. Astarion immediately threatens them for information, but can be persuaded to hold back. If he is allowed to proceed, they will reveal the location of the ritual, Cazador's Palace.

It is not possible to kill the spawn at this time. They will simply disappear if one tries.

The Gur camp[edit | edit source]

Ulma seeks revenge for the lost Gur children.

There is a Gur Camp in Rivington X: 102 Y: -12, lead by Ulma Ulma. Ulma tells the party that Cazador has done immense damage to her tribe and even stolen their children. She wishes to have them back, or at least revenge taken if the children are already dead. If Astarion is in the party, he can be told that it's the least he can do to get vengeance for the Gur, which he will agree to. Ulma states that the Gur have tried and failed to infiltrate Cazador's Palace, but that a spawn could do it.

Potential Abduction[edit | edit source]

Several of Astarion's fellow vampire spawn attempt to kidnap him after the party has entered the Lower City and long rested. Failing to stop them before they drop Astarion to 1hp results in Astarion being kidnapped and sent to Cazador's palace. Once there, he is tortured by Godey, who uses magic in an attempt to force Astarion to obey Cazador. This starts a saving throw, but even if it's failed, the tadpole within Astarion sends out a psionic wave that disrupts the spell. Godey becomes hostile after failing to collar Astarion and must be defeated. The party can regroup with Astarion in the kennels.

Cazador's Palace[edit | edit source]

The Szarr Palace can be accessed via the Central Watch Tower X: -53 Y: -64, near the Lower City Central Wall Waypoint, by climbing up the stairs. There are a number of charmed guards who try to stop the party, but who can be persuaded or intimidated into standing down. Follow the way north to get to the door to Cazador's Palace. Once inside, the palace will be surprisingly empty of vampires, but holds a conspicuously large ballroom door that is locked.

The way forward is through the ballroom. Two things are needed to enter and proceed: a Szarr Family Ring and a passphrase in the Kozakuran language.

The Signet Ring[edit | edit source]

Speaking to Vilhelm, he can be persuaded or deceived into revealing that Godey has the signet ring that can unlock the door. Godey is in the kennels in the lower floor. Godey is waiting in ambush X: -1289 Y: 982, but a perception check reveals him and he can be called out. If Astarion is in the party, Godey asks what he has brought him:

  • [DECEPTION] Cazador hired me to capture Astarion. I'm here to deliver.
  • [INTIMIDATION] Lay a hand on me and lose it, bones.

Astarion insists that they need to get into the ballroom. Godey states that he was told not to open the ballroom no matter what.

  • [PERSUASION] Your master needs Astarion for the ritual. He'll be furious if you stop us joining him.
  • [DECEPTION] Cazador gave me orders too - Astarion needs to be returned no matter what.
  • [INTIMIDATION] How about I start breaking bones and keep going until I find that key?

Succeeding the checks makes Godey relinquish the ring. Otherwise, he becomes hostile and the key has to be looted from his body.

The Passphrase[edit | edit source]

Location of the Kozakuran dictionary.

A note upstairs on the Chamberlain's desk X: -1243 Y: 976 suggests that one of the spawn has misplaced the dictionary used to decipher the passphrases.

The Kozakuran Dictionary can be found on the lower floor in the guest room, which is brimming with deadly necrotic magic X: -1299 Y: 967. Here, the the cursed corpse of Victoria afflicts Vitality Drain Vitality Drain with (4d6+4 Necrotic per turn) upon anyone entering, Casting Remove Curse Remove Curse on Victoria's body will end her Sapping Curse (Condition) and make the room safe. Alternate solutions include use of Elixir of Necrotic Resistance or Jump Jump / Fly Fly to cross the hazard. The dictionary is in a mahogany wardrobe to the east of the bed X: -1291 Y: 957. Reading the book gives the phrase to enter the ballroom.

In the ballroom[edit | edit source]

Once in the ballroom, a number of werewolves notice the party. They state that no one is meant to enter while the ritual is occurring, and become hostile to the party. Move to the door to the southwest after defeating them to find an elevator down to Cazador's dungeon.

Cazador's Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Map of Cazador's Dungeon.

After descending the elevator, a hallway to the west that connects to Cazador's chambers. It contains the skull of Cazador's former master, Vellioth, and more information about him and the Black Mass Scroll.

To the north are several people in cages who call out to the party. If Astarion is in the party, one of the men recognizes him. It turns out that this is Sebastian, the first victim Astarion brought to Cazador. Sebastian can be persuaded or deceived into revealing how to unlock the cages - Cazador's staff. The cell across the way can also be interacted with - it contains several Gur children who were captured and turned into vampire spawn. If they are told that Ulma sent the party, they also share that the staff is the key to opening the cells.

A special weapon[edit | edit source]

The hallway to fly down to get the Pelorsun Blade.

Within Cazador's dungeon, a lower level can be reached using Misty Step Misty Step or Fly Fly to jump down the hallway to the northwest of the elevator. Here, the Pelorsun Blade can be found by in a room to the east, in a buried and trapped rosewood casket X: -1926 Y: 853. This weapon deals radiant damage, which is highly effective against Cazador. Additionally, there is a locked (DC 30) door here connecting to the Lower City Sewers - Gloomy Ascent.

Confronting Cazador[edit | edit source]

Cazador Cazador is in the ritual chamber north of the prisoners' cells.

Fighting Cazador[edit | edit source]

If Astarion Astarion is in the active party, he will conclude the dialogue by attacking Cazador in a rage, only to be trapped in a ritual circle Sacrificial Lamb Sacrificial Lamb. Cazador will then attack, along with several bats, werewolves, and fallen Gur hunters. Astarion can be rescued from imprisonment via Help Help, allowing him to rejoin the fight. If Astarion is not released in three turns, the ritual succeeds, and Cazador becomes a Vampire Ascendant.

If Astarion is not in the party, Cazador can be persuaded to allow the party leave so they can bring Astarion back, or they can simply fight him without Astarion. If Astarion was never recruited, or if he was killed (such as staking him in camp), he will be at the ritual as a zombie.

This fight can be very challenging. Cazador is a high-level spellcaster and gains power from the ritual victims, inflicting high necrotic damage to nearby party members. However, his profound weakness is Sunlight Hypersensitivity Sunlight Hypersensitivity, which can easily be caused by casting by Daylight Daylight before the battle. After being defeated, he will return to his coffin, where he can be looted.

Astarion is trapped by the ritual's runes.

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

Once Cazador is defeated, he returns to his coffin to attempt to enter a healing sleep. Interacting with the coffin has Astarion pry Cazador out of it. Astarion will attempt to use the ritual for himself, and requests the party for assistance. The party can agree, attempt to persuade Astarion against using the ritual, or simply refuse to help. If Astarion was not recruited or died, then the only option is whether to kill or release the prisoners.

Ending 1: Astarion completes the Rite of Profane Ascension[edit | edit source]

If agreeing to assist Astarion, he completes the Rite of Profane Ascension by carving the runes into Cazador's back and sacrificing the six spawn and seven thousand souls. He becomes a Vampire Ascendant, warping his personality. When Ulma and the Gur arrive, they find him responsible for the deaths of their children and only one can come out alive - Astarion or the Gur.

Ending 2: Astarion is persuaded not to complete the Rite of Profane Ascension[edit | edit source]

If Astarion is successfully persuaded not to use the ritual, he simply kills Cazador without performing the Rite of Profane Ascension, then he remains a vampire spawn for the rest of his days.

Astarion has the choice to kill the seven thousand victims or release them, or simply leave them. If the prisoners are freed, the other spawn lead them to live in the Underdark. Astarion sees killing the victims as mercy, as they never learned how to control their hunger. If he decides to leave them, Astarion breaks Cazador's staff and says that he is done with this place and done with all of them. Breaking the staff will result in it not being available as a quest reward. Regardless of the choice, the Gur do not attack Astarion and see him as having redeemed himself.

If any of the other vampire spawn were killed during the Cazador fight, the ritual is unable to be completed and Astarion kills Cazador without attempting to perform the ritual, and moves onto the choice regarding the other spawn in prison. The dialogue with the Gur and the other companions will proceed as if Astarion had chosen to give up on the ritual himself.

Ending 3: Refuse to help Astarion perform the ritual.[edit | edit source]

If refusing to help Astarion perform the ritual, or if Astarion cannot be convinced to stop it, then he will kill Cazador in the same manner as if he was persuaded to not perform the ritual. However, he then destroys Cazador’s staff and leaves the spawn to rot in their cells. Astarion then permanently leaves the party, saying that he hopes they “die screaming.”

Ending 4: Interrupt the ritual.[edit | edit source]

It's still possible to prevent Astarion from completing the blood ritual if he already commenced it. If the player character decides to interrupt the ritual, they will pick up Cazador’s dagger and throw it into Cazador, killing him and making the ritual impossible for Astarion to complete. He will then destroy Cazador’s staff in the same way as the above, and then attack the party, forcing them to kill him permanently.

Quest rewards[edit | edit source]

If Cazador is defeated:

If Cazador is defeated and Astarion does not complete the Rite of Profane Ascension:

If Cazador is defeated and Astarion completes the Rite of Profane Ascension:

  • Aid of Astarion's servants of the night for Gather Your Allies
  • Astarion gains the passive feature Vampire Ascendant Vampire Ascendant which grants the actions Ascendant Bite Ascendant Bite and Misty Escape Misty Escape, and an additional 1d10Damage TypesNecrotic damage to weapon and unarmed attacks

Achievements[edit | edit source]

A-Just a Nibble.jpg

Just a Nibble
Let Astarion bite you - ouch.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As of Patch 1, there is a glitch where the vampire spawn will not take Astarion if he isn't in the party. The spawn will keep attacking him even though he's downed, making the only way to end the fight defeating the vampires.