Reckless Attack

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Reckless Attack Action Icon.png

Reckless Attack is a Barbarian class action that grants them Advantage on attacks but also granting enemies Advantage on attacks against them.


Throw all caution in the wind to gain Advantage Icon.png Advantage on your melee Attack Roll.

Until your next turn, you have Advantage on all Attack Rolls, but enemies also have Advantage on Attack Rolls against you.


Main Hand Weapon Damage TypesPhysical

Attack Roll
Range: Normal Weapon Range

Barbarian becomes afflicted with the Reckless Attack condition.

Condition: Reckless Attack

Reckless Attack Reckless Attack

Duration: 1 turn

How to Learn



  • While Reckless Attack must be made with a melee attack, all attacks for the turn gain Advantage Icon.png Advantage, including ranged attacks.
  • In the Reaction menu, you can toggle Reckless Attack so that the game asks on every hit whether you want to apply it if you would benefit from the Advantage.