Brutal Critical

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See also: Savage Attacks
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Brutal Critical is a Barbarian passive feature. The barbarian makes their critical hits even deadlier.


You've trained to strike swift and true. When you land a Critical Hit[See Notes], you roll an extra damage die as well as the normal additional critical die.

How to learn


Used by creatures: Bearclaw, Baff Elkhorn, and Lobo Denysse


  • This feature only applies to main hand melee weapon attacks or unarmed melee attacks. For comparison, Savage Attacks, a similar racial feature, only applies to melee weapon attacks (main hand or offhand) and not unarmed attacks.
  • Weapons that deal multiple damage dice like greatswords or mauls will only receive a single extra damage die from this feature. For example, this feature will add only 1d6 damage to a greatsword critical hit (2d6 base damage), but 1d12 damage to a greataxe critical hit (1d12 base damage).