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Background Acolyte Icon.png

"You have spent your life in service to a temple, learning sacred rites and providing sacrifices to the god or gods you worship. Serving the gods and discovering their sacred works will guide you to greatness."

Background Feature[edit | edit source]

Background Goals[edit | edit source]

Performing certain actions that align with this background will reward Inspiration. These goals can be accomplished by any member of the active party, and Inspiration points are pooled, up to a maximum of 4.

General[edit | edit source]

  • Fate Must Wait: Resurrect anyone in your party.

Act One[edit | edit source]

Dank Crypt

Druids Grove

  • Silvanus' Solitude: Witness the ritual that seals off the grove from the world.
  • Treefather's Sorrow: Unleash Silvanus' curse upon the grove.

Owlbear Nest

  • Her Gift of Silver: Recover Selûne's lost treasure through prayer.
    • Read the prayer note behind the statue.

Waukeen's Rest

Goblin Camp

  • A Kiss Without Mercy: Endure the ritual of Loviatar until Abdirak is pleased.
  • Saving the Heretic: Learn about Maglubiyet and safely free his priest.


  • Last Rites of the Dark Dancer: Complete Eilistraee's ritual of sorrow and obtain her blessed blade.
  • Shatter the Moon: Destroy Selûne's protection over the Underdark fort.
  • Tipping the Scales: Earn the worship of the Kuo-toa.


  • Acolytes of the Demonweb Pits: Persuade the spiders in Grymforge to remain faithful to Lolth.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Ruined Battlefield

  • No Rest for the Wicked: Assist He Who Was in his task.

Last Light Inn

  • Moonweaver's Prayer: Witness Isobel's ritual to keep up the protection of Last Light.
  • Tragic Love: Witness Jonas' funeral.

Reithwin Town

  • Blessed's Final Rest: Find the aasimar's journal.
  • Did My Homework: Recite Shar's dogma to the surgeon.
  • Honing the Darkness: Pass all of Shar's tests in the middle of the cursed town.

Gauntlet of Shar

  • In Her Footsteps: Solve each of Shar's trials in the Gauntlet of Shar.
  • Sole Survivor: Discover the truth behind the numerous rats in the Gauntlet of Shar.
  • Those for Whom the Bell Tolled: Kill all of Balthazar's undead.
  • Cerimonia Compedum: Execute the ritual to bring Nightsong to Ketheric yourself.
    • Ally with and allow Balthazar to take Nightsong, rather than actually doing it yourself.

Mind Flayer Colony

  • A Piece of Three: Piece together Ketheric's allegiances.

Act Three[edit | edit source]


  • Needs of the Many: Persuade the merchant to let the refugee squatters stay in his home.
  • A Test of Faithfullness: Ask the Master of Love to test your bond.
  • A Scorned Closed Heart: Side with the open-minded priest.
  • A Wounded Open Heart: Side with the close-minded priest.

Lower City

  • Child Protection Agents: Find and rescue Lora's daughter, Vanra.
  • Ordinary Practises in Extraordinary Times: Offer appropriate offerings to a deity in the Stormshore Tabernacle.
  • The Dismemberment of Dribbles: Find all the pieces of Dribbles' body and return them to Lucretious.
  • What Remains of the Dead: Guide Nina to acceptance or prowess.
  • Offering to the Waves: Make an offering for the dead waveservant.

Bhaal Temple

  • Forgotten, Bloodied, Halls: Discover the Temple of Bhaal.