Szarr Palace

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Outside view of Szarr Palace
The map screen showing the ground floor of Szarr Palace.

The Szarr Palace is a location and home of Cazador Szarr, located in the Lower City in Baldur's Gate.

Accessing the Szarr Palace[edit | edit source]

The Szarr Palace can be accessed by climbing the central watch tower at the Lower City Central Wall Waypoint. Head north on the ramparts, climbing another watch tower and again heading north until arriving at the Szarr Palace's door.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Upper Floor[edit | edit source]

Directly across from the entrance, the player can find an Arcane Lock arcane locked Sinister Door which leads to the ballroom. In order to enter, the player must collect the Kozakuran Dictionary and the Szarr Family Ring from elsewhere in the palace.

Chamberlain's Suite[edit | edit source]

Past a curtain and continuing east there is the Chamberlain's bedroom and an office. The office desk contains the Mysterious Elixir. In the corner of the two rooms is a secret room, which can be accessed through illusory walls situated both in the bedroom and office. In the secret room, the dead body of a Werewolf named Lurianna Sauvage can be found along with the Chamberlain's Private Room Key.

Ballroom[edit | edit source]

The ballroom is being guarded by Gheris Hhune and several werewolves, wolves, bats, and rats. They cannot be reasoned with and will always fight the party. A passage to the left contains an elevator leading to Cazador's Dungeon. There are two side rooms to the ballroom as well: a room leading to the attic and a hidden dining room. Pressing the button in either room will seal one room and open the other.

In the hidden dining room in northwest corner, the Counting House Safe n°1 Key can be found in an Opulent Chest X: -1308 Y: 1020. Underneath this Opulent Chest is a hidden locked trapdoor (unlocked by the Silver Key found in the attic area), which leads to a secret puzzle area. The locked door in the first room can be bypassed by placing items (the nearby metal crates) on the two pressure plates. There are four pressure plates in the following room, which are tied to noxious gas and flame traps; activating the four pressure plates will lock the door behind you and open the door ahead. Beyond is an opulent chest, surrounded by traps, which contains some random loot and a book, Dawsen Kiltmaker's Confession.

Lower Floor[edit | edit source]

Located on the lower floor of the Palace is a guest room in the south, the kennels, a dormitory and the favoured spawn bedchamber in the north-east corner.

Guest Room[edit | edit source]

In the southern bedroom is the cursed corpse of Victoria, Leon's young daughter. Approaching the corpse will afflict party members with Vitality Drain Vitality Drain, causing 4d6+4Damage TypesNecrotic per turn and halving movement speed. Casting Remove Curse Remove Curse on Victoria's body will end the Sapping Curse Sapping Curse and make the room safe to traverse. Alternatively, an Elixir of Necrotic Resistance can be used to mitigate the damage, or Jump/Flight to bypass the hazard entirely.

Inside the Mahogany Wardrobe near the bed is the Kozakuran Dictionary, which is needed to open the Sinister Door leading to the ballroom. In a locked chest in this room you can find the Helmet of Grit.

The Kennels[edit | edit source]

Behind a hidden door are the kennels, where the party can encounter the skeleton Godey. The party can either persuade or fight Godey to obtain the Szarr Family Ring required to open the Sinister Door.

Attic[edit | edit source]

Accessible through a ladder in a side room in the north-eastern corner of the ballroom X: -1262 Y: 1019.

The attic contains several lore-related letters from Amanita Szarr. A Silver Key can be found in a chest on the top-most floor, after progressing through several additional rooms and climbing a ladder.

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Notable loot[edit | edit source]

Notable items obtained in this location, whether looted, purchased, or obtained as a quest reward:

Notable NPCs[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The secret area in the ballroom used to have a puzzle with levers which nobody was able to solve. Patch 5 may refer to this puzzle in the patch notes: "Fixed the puzzle in Cazador's Palace." The current patch has changed the puzzle by removing the levers and implementing a series of pressure plates.
  • Casting Calm Emotions Calm Emotions on the charmed guards will free them from their mental enslavement and cause them to leave the area.
  • If Astarion is in the party, he gains a status called Curse of the Sired for the duration of his stay in the Palace. Curse of the Sired gives Astarion disadvantage on all saving throws "while in a place of trauma". The condition can be overwritten by the Sweet Stone Features condition gained from the True Hero of Baldur's Gate statue as long as it is Astarion who is depicted by the statue. Astarion in this case suffers no penalty from Curse of the Sired and gets to keep the benefits of Sweet Stone Features even while in the Palace.