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Find a Way into Wyrm's Rock Fortress

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Find a Way into Wyrm's Rock fortress is a quest in Act Three of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by approaching the Wyrm's Rock Fortress gate from Wyrm's Crossing.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Find a way to get into Wyrm's Rock Fortress.
  • Wyrm's Rock is closed due to the ordination of Gortash - who is about to become Archduke of Baldur's Gate. There must be someone, or something, in Wyrm's Crossing that could help us gain entry.
Enter Wyrm's Rock Fortress through the secret entrance.
  • We found a map that details a secret entrance into Wyrm's Rock. That could be our way in.
Enter Wyrm's Rock Fortress.
  • We found a report for Duke Ravengard at the Posthouse. This should let us enter Wyrm's Rock.
  • We have an admission pass to the ordination. This should let us enter Wyrm's Rock.
  • Valeria gave us an admission pass to the ordination. This should let us enter Wyrm's Rock.
  • We convinced the guards to let us into Wyrm's Rock for Gortash's coronation.
Quest Complete
  • We made our way into Wyrm's Rock, where Gortash is about to become Archduke.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

There are a variety of ways to enter Wyrm's Rock Fortress. Only one of them needs to be pursued to gain entry to the fortress.

Getting in the Front Door[edit | edit source]

Blaze Elin guarding the entrance to Wyrm's Rock.

The party can walk in through the gate by speaking to Blaze Elin at the gate (X:6, Y:155). Based on the party's actions before approaching the guards, they have the following dialogue options:

  • See this? I've been invited to the ordination (If a pass has been obtained)
  • As you can see, I have an urgent dispach for Duke Ravengard. (If the Urgent report for Duke Ravengard - Priority Entry is stolen)
  • Investigator Valeria needs me in the Lower City - a serial killer's on the loose. (If the pass was given by Valeria)
  • What's special about today?
  • Not closed to Duke Ulder Ravengard's own son, surely? (if interacting as Wyll)
    • Wyll will also try this if he is present as a companion. It will not work in either case if he has been altered by Mizora.
  • [BALDURIAN] Baldur's Gate is my home. I don't need permission to enter.
  • [DECEPTION] An assassin is in pursuit of Duke Ravengard! I need to warn him! (Check of 30)
  • [PERSUASION] I'm here to protect Archduke-Elect Gortash (Check of 30)
  • [PERSUASION] Such a bother. What if I were to contribute to the 'Flaming Fist's Orphans' Fund'? (Check of 25 and 20,000 gold)
  • [WARLOCK][DECEPTION] I am Lord Gortash's new occultist - let me pass or your name goes in the Book of Vile Darkness (Check of 30)
  • Attack

Choosing to enter by providing a pass gains an inspiration point from Astarion (Rock-Solid Alibi) and for those with a Noble background (Multipass).

Valeria's Pass[edit | edit source]

Valeria directs the party to Elfsong Tavern

Valeria is an inspector involved in the Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders quest. She is initially encountered in the Open Hand Temple (X:-44, Y:-6). After this, Valeria can be found drinking upstairs in Sharess' Caress (X:24, Y:92). If the party successfully finds enough information to exonerate Brilgor of Father Lorgan's murder, and finds the murder list in Fraygo's Flophouse, then Valeria refers the party to speak to Devella Fountainhead at the Elfsong Tavern and provides a pass to the Lower City to allow them entrance.

Steal an Admission Pass from Arfur Gregorio[edit | edit source]

Arfur Gregorio, the Toymaker, carries an admission pass. He can first be encountered in front of Arfur's Mansion (X:11, Y:-95). If Arfur is allowed back in his mansion, then he is inside. If the refugees remain in the mansion, then he is on the first floor of Sharess' Caress (X:21, Y:75).

Arfur at Sharess' Caress.

During Investigate the Suspicious Toys, Arfur can be confronted with the blackmail letter found in his mansion's basement. After entering the basement through the hatch (X:40, Y: -72), the blackmail letter is found in a heavy chest at the southeastern corner of the room (X:361, Y:-990). If Arfur is told "I found some rather sinister things in your basement," followed up by "I'll get to the bottom of this one way or another," Arfur becomes hostile and attacks the party. In this case, the pass can be looted off his body.

The explosives in the Requisitioned Barn.

After finding the blackmail letter, the party can speak to Manip Nestor at the Requisitioned Barn (X:66, Y:-112) and persuade him to look into the barn for dangerous items. Arfur's explosive teddy bears can be found at the back of the barn (X:83, Y:-108). If the party speaks with Arfur after this, telling him they found his teddy bears, he can be successfully intimidated into giving more information on his bosses. If he is spared after this, he simply gives the party his coronation pass.

Additionally, the pass can be pickpocketed off Arfur.

Take an Admission Pass from the Nymph's Grotto[edit | edit source]

An admission pass can be found inside Nymph's Grotto on the Upper Floor of Sharess' Caress. The pass is in front of the bath (X:28, Y:94). This pass presumably belonged to Fist Jara before she turned into a Mind Flayer. Taking this pass does not count as stealing.

Duke Ravengard's Report[edit | edit source]

Report for Duke Ravengard at Sword Coast Couriers.

A report on Duke Ravengard can be found at Sword Coast Couriers (X:15, Y:12) - on a cupboard behind Danzo Arkwright. If this letter is stolen, it can be shown to the guards to get by.

Convince the Guards[edit | edit source]

The party can attempt to convince the guards to let them pass by successfully passing extraordinarily high persuasion or deception checks. "Such a bother. What if I were to contribute to the 'Flaming Fist Orphans Fund'" requires a check of 25 and paying 20,000 gold to the guard. Otherwise, all other deception and persuasion options require a roll of 30 to pass.

Breaking into Wyrm's Rock[edit | edit source]

The party can choose to forego the guards entirely by breaking into Wyrm's Rock. They can do this by jumping off the bridge using Fly or Featherfall at the eastern side of the gate (X:27, Y:158). After this, walking eastward reveals a crack in the wall to the prison (X:42, Y:190) with a successful perception check.

Crack in the Wall to Wyrm's Rock Prison.

After entering into Wyrm's Rock Prison, there is a wall that can be blasted open (X:91, Y:-720) with blunt attacks or spells (e.g. Eldritch Blast). This leads to a storage room. The door must be lockpicked open, as well as the door to the entrance (X:52, Y:-740). There are multiple guards that confront the party if they are spotted - requiring either successful sneaking or passing a deception check of 15.

Alternatively, it is possible to fly from Blaze Elin's side of the bridge to the other side, leading straight to the main corridor of the fortress.