Investigate the Suspicious Toys

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Arfur's suspicious toys merit an investigation.

Investigate the Suspicious Toys is a quest in Act Three of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by reading the Blackmail Letter in the basement of Arfur's Mansion.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Find the dangerous toy donations.
  • We found a blackmail letter in a toymaker's cellar - something dangerous has been placed inside toys donated to the refugees. We should find them, and quickly.
Report to the Flaming Fist manip in charge of donations.
  • There is a Flaming Fist manip in charge of refugee donations - we should tell them about the dangerous toys.
Search the Requisitioned Barn for dangerous toys.
  • We persuaded Manip Nestor to let us search the donations within the Requisitioned Barn.
Find the dangerous toy donator.
  • We found toys filled with explosives in the Requisitioned Barn donation stockpile. We should find the culprit.
  • Turns out the dangerous toys were donated by a rich toymaker. We should find him.
Confront the toymaker Arfur Gregorio.
  • We found the donated toys mentioned in the blackmail against Arfur - he put explosives inside of them. We should see what he has to say for himself.
Find and confront the toymaker Arfur Gregorio.
  • We found a blackmail letter in Arfur's basement - looks like he donated the explosive toys we found in the Requisitioned Barn. We should see what he has to say for himself.
  • Arfur walked away before we could properly confront him - we should find out where he's gone.
  • Looks like Arfur's a regular at Sharess' Caress - we should try and find him there.
Interrogate the toymaker Arfur Gregorio.
  • We found Arfur in the Sharess' Caress taproom. Time to make him answer for his dodgy donations.
Investigate Felogyr's Fireworks.
  • We interrogated Arfur, and he confessed to donating the exploding toys. He claimed he was getting instructions and supplies from Felogyr's Fireworks in the Lower City. We should investigate.
  • Felogyr's Fireworks supplied the explosives for the toys in the Requisitioned Barn - we should pay it a visit using the passphrase we learned.
  • Seems as though Felogyr's Fireworks sells more specialised explosives too - smokepowder bombs, to be precise, and it looks like Lord Gortash is involved. We should keep looking.
  • We used the passphrase for Felogyr's Fireworks to get to the next floor. We'll need another way into the uppermost floor, however.
Defeat the Banites.
  • We reached the top floor of Felogyr's Fireworks and discovered Banite cultists assembling explosives. We need to stop them.
  • We interrupted Banite cultists assembling explosives in the top floor of Felogyr's Fireworks - and they're not best pleased.
Quest Complete
  • We defeated the Banites in Felogyr's Fireworks and stopped them distributing smokepowder explosives across the city.
  • Arfur Gregorio confessed to supplying the exploding donations to the Requisitioned Barn - filled with the explosives from the Banites in Felogyr's Fireworks.
  • We decided there were more important matters than some dodgy detonating donations.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Arfur's Mansion[edit | edit source]

Arfur Gregorio can first be encountered in front of Arfur's Mansion (X:11, Y:-95), where he is confronting a family of refugees.

  • This is a pretty big house - are you sure you don't have a single spare room?
  • It's always heartening to see a true philanthropist out in the wild.
  • Squatters, is it? Maybe I'd be willing to lend a helping hand.
  • [DETECT THOUGHTS] Delve into this frustrated man's mind.

He wants them to clear out and allow him back into his mansion. Arfur can be intimidated to stand down. ([INTIMIDATE] I want the family to stay. You have room for them, surely?). Upon intervening in the argument, a group of Guild thugs express annoyance that their job was poached, but can successfully be intimidated to stand down, or simply fought off. Likewise, the refugees can also be intimidated into backing down, or bribed with 100 gold to leave the mansion.

  • If Detect Thoughts is used, then it is revealed Arfur doesn't want anyone going in his basement. If this matter is pressed, he pays his Guild lackeys to step in. If Arfur has been pickpocketed before this, then they simply walk away. Otherwise Zenovia and her crew become hostile.
  • If Arfur is allowed back in his mansion, then he is inside. If the refugees remain in the mansion, then he is on the first floor of Sharess' Caress (X:21, Y:75). Otherwise, he returns to his mansion.

Persuading Arfur to allow the refugee squatters to stay in his home earns the Inspirational Event Needs of the Many (Acolyte background). Ending the dispute with any outcome earns the the Inspirational Event Exerting Judgement (Noble background).

Arfur at Sharess' Caress.

In the northeastern room of the mansion, there is a hatch (X:40, Y: -72) which can be lockpicked open. This leads to the mansion's basement, which is heavily armed with tripwire and fireworks traps. A blackmail letter can be found in a heavy chest at the southeastern corner of the room (X:361, Y:-990), which leads to the start of the quest.

Tampered Toys[edit | edit source]

After finding the blackmail letter, the party can speak to Manip Nestor at the Requisitioned Barn (X:66, Y:-112) and persuade him to look into the barn for dangerous items. The conversation starts with Nestor asking what the party would like to donate:

  • Donations for what?
  • It looks like you have plenty already.
  • I'll take a donation, please.
  • I'll make a donation - what do you need?
  • I'm actually here to trade.

Choosing the first option has Nestor explain the donations are for the displaced refugees. From here, he can be persuaded to allow the party into the barn:

  • [PERSUASION] I need to get into the barn right now. Something dangerous might be among the donations.
  • Donate some gold. (500)
  • I want to donate some supplies.
  • [PERSUASION] I'd like to take the donation into the barn myself.
  • Maybe people would donate more if you weren't so rude.
The explosives in the Requisitioned Barn.

Arfur's explosive teddy bears can be found in the barn X: 83 Y: -108. After speaking again to Nestor, he tells the party they should investigate who is behind this plot.

Discovering the booby-trapped toys earns the Inspirational Event Immoral Ingenuity (Guild Artisan background).

Confronting Arfur[edit | edit source]

Arfur Gregorio can be confronted, at Sharess' Caress (X:22, Y:75) standing inside behind the South Span of Wyrm's Crossing waypoint watching Queen Rhol dance.

With the blackmail letter found in his mansion's basement, but before finding the explosive teddy bears. If Arfur is told "I found some rather sinister things in your basement," followed up by "I'll get to the bottom of this one way or another," Arfur becomes hostile and attacks the party.

If the party speaks with Arfur after visiting the Requisitioned Barn, telling him they found his teddy bears, he can be successfully intimidated into giving more information on his bosses.

  • I'm here to see you are brought to justice.
  • Keep your gold - I want answers.
  • If I were after gold, I would have gutted you and taken it.
  • You're right. Give me the gold and we can call it quits.

Choosing the first or second option leads to Arfur hinting that he works for someone:

  • 'They'? Who's this they?
  • Sounds like you're in over your head. All right, get going.
  • Fine - just give me the gold and I'll let you go.

Choosing the first option allows the party to get more information on Arfur's employers:

  • I've been to Felogyr's. So you're in cahoots with Gortash. (conditional)
  • [INTIMIDATION] Tell me who 'they' are or you'll be dead before they even get to you. (DC 15)
  • Sounds like you're in over your head. All right - get going.
  • Fine - just give me the gold and I'll let you go.
  • Then I have no use for you. Die.

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

  • Successfully passing the Intimidation check leads Arfur to reveal everything he knows
  • If spared, he will give the party a pass into Wyrm's Rock, as well as the passphrase he used at Felogyr's - "Uncle Felogyr sent me."
    • He can then be intimidated into handing over all his gold
  • If Arfur is dead, he can be interrogated using the Speak with Dead spell. Asking about his employers will reveal the passphrase and location
  • If convinced to turn himself in, Arfur can be found murdered in a cell inside Wyrm's Rock Prison

Seeing Arfur brought to justice grants the Inspirational Events Innocence Lost (Folk Hero background) and Child Safety (Urchin). Blackmailing Arfur earns Stuffed Bears in the Closet (Charlatan background).

Felogyr's Fireworks[edit | edit source]

Felogyr's Fireworks is in the Lower CityX: 12 Y: -125. Speaking with the lower floor shopkeeper, Avery Sonshal, results in him instantly recognizing the party as a True Soul, with him believing they are employees of Enver Gortash. Choosing 'Recall the merchant's password. "Uncle Felogyr sent me."' grants access to the second floor and awards the Inspirational Event Silver-Tongue's Better Than Any Key (Charlatan background) and Cunning Code Crackers (Urchin background)

From here, invisibility can be used to get past the second-floor merchants, revealing a group of Banites on the topmost floor who are developing explosives. It is also possible to climb the neighboring tower and jump or fly to the roof of the building, then hop down onto the third floor. However, this quest cannot be completed peacefully, and the Banites on the top floor must be defeated. In addition, it's unlikely that the entire staff won't hear the commotion and get involved anyway because any fire spell cast by the party or the Banites will set off explosions that ripple through the establishment.