Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders

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Sister Yannis is concerned about the veracity of Valeria's investigation

Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders is a Quest in Act Three of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by speaking with Yannis Sister Yannis in the Open Hand Temple.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Gather information about the murders.
  • We've been asked to look into the deaths of Father Lorgan and Brilgor at the Open Hand Temple. Sister Yannis, the temple's rector, believes Brilgor's been blamed for the crime too hastily by Investigator Valeria.
  • Sister Rose told us that Father Lorgan's corpse was missing a hand, cut off before he died. We should keep looking for more information.
  • We learned that Father Lorgan was frozen in place by some sort of paralytic poison before he died. We should keep looking for evidence.
  • Brother Donnick told us that Brilgor's body is out back in the cemetery, and Father Lorgan's is in the infirmary. We should check out both corpses for evidence.
  • By speaking with the dead, we learned that a dwarf clad in red killed both Father Lorgan and Brilgor. We need hard proof to exonerate Brilgor, however, and should check out the murder scene.
Find the crime scene.
  • We learned that Father Lorgan uses the temple crypt to hide imperilled refugees. We should examine the crypt to learn more.
  • The corpse of Brilgor mentioned that he and Father Lorgan were murdered in a hidden tunnel beneath the Open Hand Temple - we can access it through the temple crypt.
  • Brother Donnick told us that Father Lorgan's corpse was found in the crypt underneath the temple kitchens. We could look there to find more information.
  • The corpse of Father Lorgan mentioned that he and Brilgor were murdered in a hidden tunnel beneath the Open Hand Temple - we can access it through the temple crypt.
Investigate the crime scene.
  • A trail of blood ran from the Open Hand Temple crypt into a secret passage through nearby caves. We should follow it to find more evidence.
  • We discovered the name of Father Lorgan's killer - Dolor. A name alone will not be enough to exonerate Brilgor, however.
  • We found the weapon used to slay Father Lorgan and Brilgor - a dagger steeped in paralytic poison. It's good evidence - but we need something else to prove this crime wasn't just a murderous refugee.
Find the lock to fit the flower key.
  • One of the doppelganger assassins underneath the Open Hand Temple had a strange, flowery key. We should find what it opens.
  • We found a murder weapon and flowery key underneath the Open Hand Temple. We should check what the key opens.
Investigate Fraygo's Flophouse and find a use for the flower key.
  • Fraygo's Flophouse is adorned with flowery motifs matching the key we found underneath the Open Hand Temple. We should see what the key unlocks.
  • A key in Fraygo's Flophouse perfectly matches one we found under the Open Hand Temple. We should see if we can find more evidence about Father Lorgan's murder in the flophouse.
  • We learned from a dead doppelganger assassin that the flowery key we found unlocks something in a flophouse - something that will reveal Dolor's secrets.
Report your findings to Investigator Valeria.
  • We found the lair of a Bhaalist murderer in Fraygo's Flophouse. A target list in the lair details the killer's instructions - slay specific Baldurians and frame the Absolute for it. Father Lorgan, priest of the nearby Open Hand Temple, is named on the list. Perhaps we should warn someone.
Quest Complete
  • Investigator Valeria wasn't pleased about it, but she accepted our evidence exonerating Brilgor. She asked us to bring the Target List to Gauntlet Devella in the Lower City to help solve another open case.
  • Investigator Valeria is gone for good - as is our chance of clearing Brilgor's name.
  • Investigator Valeria quickly realised Brilgor was not to blame for Father Lorgan's murder after her kidnap by the Bhaalist cult - his name is clear.
  • We didn't have time to clear Brilgor's name before we had to face our ultimate foe.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Gather information[edit | edit source]

Within the Open Hand Temple, Sister Yannis is having a conversation with Investigator Valeria Valeria (X:-44, Y:-6). They are discussing the recent murder of Father Lorgan Father Lorgan , which Valeria is investigating. Valeria states that the case is closed, implicating a refugee, Brilgor, as the culprit. Unsatisfied by this conclusion and feeling that the investigation is shoddy, Yannis asks the party if they are willing to investigate. Choosing "If you think the Investigator did a shoddy job, I can look into the murder for you." or "Let me help you - I'll look around, see if there's anything to prove Brilgor innocent." has the party agreeing to investigate the case. She gives the party free reign to investigate any area of the temple, should they agree. Gale also gains an inspiration point (Assistant to the Extra-Planar Agent) if he is in the party.

Rose Sister Rose (X:-58, Y:-21) is within the same room as Father Lorgan's corpse, which is still laying on a bed. If "I'm looking into Lorgan's death. I need to ask you some questions." is chosen, some answers can be acquired from Rose. Choosing "Who do you think killed Father Lorgan?" or "How did he die?" has Rose revealing that she found a paralytic poison on Lorgan's wounds and that his hand was sawed off to the bone.

Donnick Brother Donnick (X:-57, Y:11) is in the kitchen, and provides information on the location of Brilgor's corpse. He was buried out back, behind the temple (X:-106, Y:-19), and his casket can be dug up with a shovel.

Using Speak with Dead Speak with Dead, more information can be gleaned from both Brilgor and Father Lorgan.

Lorgan's corpse reveals answers about his murder.

Questioning Lorgan:

  • Who are you? Lorgan...Reverend...Open Hand...
  • Who killed you? Dwarf...dressed in red...
  • Why did he kill you? *The corpse remains silent. It does not know.*
  • What were you doing when you died? Hiding Brilgor...from Fists...
  • Why were you hiding Brilgor? Must protect...innocents...Ilmater's will...
  • Where did you hide him? Took him to tunnels... with the rest... fool... fool...
  • How did you die? A poisoned blade...paralysis...
  • Where were you attacked? Tunnels from the cellar...refuge...'#

Questioning Brilgor:

  • Are you Brilgor? Yes...
  • Did you kill Father Lorgan? Never...He was...Kinder than most...
  • Then who killed Lorgan? Dwarf...Red clothes...Stranger...
  • How did you die? Pierced...Once...Paralysed...
  • Who killed you? Same...As killed...Lorgan...
  • Where did you die? Tunnels...Beneath temple...Hidden from sight...
  • How do I find these tunnels? Concealed buttons...Lorgan opened for me...
  • Were you alone when you died? Father Lorgan...Helping me...
  • Why was he helping you? Fists...After me...Needed to hide...

Find the Crime Scene[edit | edit source]

Location of the hatch.

The crime scene can be found via a hatch in the kitchen (X:-62, Y:3). There are pools of blood which can be followed to the exact location of the murders. However, the drops of blood abruptly stops in front of what appears to be a stone wall. There are two ways to get past this and into the secret tunnels beyond. The first is to go into the adjoining room to the south and jump over the cracks in the wall (X:16, Y:-1026). The 'proper' way to enter the tunnels is by locating the secret buttons in the crypt. These buttons are obscured by heraldry (X:17, Y:-1000) and (X:18, Y:-1015) on the walls to the left and right of the stone wall.

The heraldry hides buttons to the secret tunnel.

Moving into the tunnels, the party encounters three dopplegangers: Zomm, Rudd, and Muzz. These dopplegangers instantly become hostile to the party. After killing them, Muzz's body holds a Field Report - Deathstalker Zumm, which reveals the name of the murderer, Dolor Dolor . Zomm's body carries a Flowery Key.

Zomm's body can be spoken to with Speak with Dead Speak with Dead, revealing more information about Dolor:

  • Who are you? Zomm...Faceless...Eater of men...
  • Did you kill Father Lorgan? No...Dolor did...Splendid...Kill...
  • What were you doing here? Cleaning up...Dolor...Messy...Left his dagger...Careless...
  • Who is Dolor? Our blood-red dwarf...Tricky...Hungry...
  • Where is Dolor now? *The corpse remains silent. It does not know.*
  • Is Dolor one of you? Yes... But wants... More...
  • What does Dolor want? Transcendence...
  • Who do you work for? We...We...*The corpse tries to speak but something prevents it.*
  • How many more of you are there? *The corpse remains silent. It does not know.*
  • Why did you want this dagger so much? Strong...Paralyses...'
  • I found this flowery key. What is it for? Flophouse...Dolor's secrets...
Location of the hole with the murder weapon.

Successfully identifying Dolor grants the Inspirational Event Truth Shines Through (Folk Hero background).

With a successful perception roll, the party notices a hole in the ground (X:67, Y:-1018), which contains the murder weapon, Stillmaker.

The Flower Key[edit | edit source]

The Flower Key opens up a set of hidden doors at the uppermost level of Fraygo's Flophouse (X:-6, Y:72). After going up the stairs of the Flophouse, a ladder (X:-12, Y:87) can be taken up to the top floor. On this floor, a red wardrobe can be found (X:-17, Y:82). Interacting with this door automatically uses the flower key and open up a hidden room.

With a perception check, blood can be noticed on the floor near the bed (X:-13, Y:76). Choosing to examine the blood leads to an investigation check of 10. If passed, it can be noticed that a body has been hidden under the bed. Pulling out the body reveals the corpse of Ffion Goldgrind Ffion Goldgrind . As with the other corpses, Ffion can be spoken to with Speak with Dead Speak with Dead:

  • Who are you? Ffion Goldgrind...
  • What is this place? Landlord...contraband storage...
  • How did you die? my son...
  • What were you doing when you died? Seeking...answers...
  • What answers did you seek? My boy...had a secret...evil secret...
  • Who is your son? Dolor...
  • Why did your son kill you? Found... His secret... My sweet boy... Why...
  • What was your son's secret? Killed...folk...slowly...he liked it...
  • Who has your son killed? Me...and...and...*The corpse remains silent. It does not know.*
  • Who was your son's next target? Ilmater temple...Didn't see...exactly who...
  • Where can I find your son? *The corpse remains silent. It does not know.*
  • What does your son look like? Dwarf...Like me...Dresses

On the table to the right of the room's entrance is a bloodstained parchment (X:-21, Y:79). This parchment contains a list of murder victims and can be picked up to present to Valeria as hard evidence.

Report Your Findings[edit | edit source]

After leaving the Open Hand Temple, Valeria can be found drinking upstairs in Sharess' Caress (X:24, Y:92). Speaking with Valeria and selecting "Afraid so - I've found new evidence, Investigator." allows the party to share the results of their investigation. Selecting "Father Lorgan's murder is just one part of a bigger plot, a Bhaal plot." and then "It's not a theory - I have proof. This document contains information connecting the murders to the Bhaalist resurgence." allows the party to show Valeria the bloodstained parchment. The party member who speaks to Valeria must have the bloodstained parchment and Stillmaker in their inventory to get dialogue options about them.

If the party successfully finds enough information to exonerate Brilgor of Father Lorgan's murder, and picks up the bloodstained parchment in Fraygo's Flophouse, then Valeria refers the party to speak to Devella Fountainhead Gauntlet Devella at the Elfsong Tavern and provide a pass to the Lower City to allow them entrance.

Valeria directs the party to Elfsong Tavern

Valeria's Kidnapping[edit | edit source]

As the party progresses into the Lower City, Valeria eventually is kidnapped by Bhaalists, and can be encountered as a part of Investigate the Murders Investigate the Murders and Impress the Murder Tribunal Impress the Murder Tribunal. If she is rescued, she accepts that the Bhaalist plot is not a hoax, and provides more information on location of the Bhaalist Temple.

Quest Rewards[edit | edit source]

Related quests[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The area of the murder leads the party to an area where Help the Cursed Monk Help the Cursed Monk can also be completed.
  • Additionally, finding the Bhaalist murder list leads to Ffion's corpse, where Amira Mamzell Amira can subsequently be notified for Find the 'Stern Librarian' Ffion Find the 'Stern Librarian' Ffion.
  • Successfully providing evidence of the Bhaalist plot allows the completion of Find a way into Wyrm's Rock fortress Find a way into Wyrm's Rock fortress.
  • Astarion approves, if passing the Investigation check on finding the body on Fraygo's Flophouse
  • To speak with Brilgor's dead body you first need to drag his portrait out of the coffin inventory screen onto the ground.
  • If you free Valeria from the Murder Tribunal before reporting your findings, she will disappear and you won't be able to complete the quest .