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Devella Fountainhead is a constable of the Flaming Fist, currently acting as assistant to Valeria as they investigate a string of murders that have occurred in Baldur's Gate. While the murderer has not been found, she will be at the Elfsong Tavern, searching Duke Stelmane's suite on the first floor.

Background[edit | edit source]

Devella and Valeria have been investigating a series of murders in the city. While Valeria has a very laid back attitude to the conduction of her investigations, Devella is meticulous and dogged, concluding that the murders are part of a Bhaalist plot.

Devella is also particularly interested in Sarevok Anchev, believing that he has returned to Baldur's Gate. However, her conclusions also point to someone else being in charge of the slew of murder "dioramas".

Events of Baldur's Gate 3[edit | edit source]

Elfsong Tavern[edit | edit source]

After finding the Bloodstained Parchment as part of the quest Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders, Valeria will direct the player to speak with Devella in the Elfsong Tavern. Devella will be on the upper floor of the Elfsong, behind a set of doors that are signposted as a murder scene, open only to the Flaming Fists -- note that the quest marker will confusingly look like she's supposed to be in the lower floor room where the bard performs. Devella will be here regardless of whether Valeria was spoken to, however she will leave if the player progresses too far with Investigate the Murders, after which she will next be found at Figaro's Facemaker's Boutique.

If the player found the Bloodstained Parchment, showing it to Devella will confirm her suspicions about the Bhaalist involvement in the murders. Devella will tell the player about Sarevok Anchev and the cult of Bhaal, and her conclusion that they are still active despite outward appearances. She will eventually ask the player to help with her investigations, saying that she cannot risk her job by raising a fuss about Bhaalists and Bhaalspawn. If the player declines, she will ask them to at least investigate the Lower City murder targets who have been listed. Devella will then leave for the Upper City to secure the targeted patriars who she is oathbound to protect.

Otherwise, the player can also attempt to use the crime scene to describe how Stelmane was killed, Persuade her they can help, or lie and say they " trained under Camber Fosrick, the world's greatest investigative mind" ( Investigation, Persuasion, or Deception check). A successful check will lead Devella to share her findings; that the duke was paralysed by poison and her hand was removed pre-mortem. With a subsequent Persuasion or Perception check, Devella will divulge her theory - that the severed hands and "dioramas of death and murder" point to the murders being perpetrated by Bhaalists. The player can then offer to help look into the Bhaalist resurgence.

Facemaker's Boutique[edit | edit source]

While the player checks in on the targets, they will discover the murder, Dolor. If Dolor escapes the first encounter, he will next be found at Facemaker's Boutique, with Figaro Pennygood and Devella paralysed in the back room. If combat breaks out, Dolor will target Devella first.

Basilisk Gate Barracks[edit | edit source]

If she survived, Devella can later be found at Basilisk Gate Barracks, where the player can update her on their progress. The player can tell Devella the outcome of the Murder Tribunal, and what happened after visiting the Bhaalist temple. If the player informs Devella that they became an Unholy Assassin, she will become hostile.

List of interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Speak with Dead can be used on Devella's corpse. She can reveal her killer (if it was Dolor), and how to access the Murder Tribunal.
  • Dark Urge players can reveal to Devella their true nature. Devella will be fascinated by this, especially considering her deduction that the murders are being committed by Bhaalists, given their ritualistic brutality.

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Written by Devella[edit | edit source]