Danzo Arkwright

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Danzo Arkwright is an NPC in Rivington who runs Sword Coast Couriers postal service.


Welcome to Sword Coast Couriers - to Send and to Serve. Delivery not guaranteed.
Danzo Arkwright

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Find the Missing Letters[edit | edit source]

Danzo can be found behind the counter in the main room of the Sword Coast Couriers building in Rivington. When spoken to, he expresses concern because "rampaging fanatics on the road" make his work more difficult. He also reveals that several pigeons have been killed, leading to him having to hunt down their letters they were carrying. The player can offer their help in finding some of the missing letters.

A letter found on the roof of the Open Hand Temple reveals that Danzo has dealings with the Zhentarim, specifically with Roah Moonglow. If confronted about this, the player can try to blackmail him in order to get a higher gold reward when handing in the missing letters.

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