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Arfur Gregorio is a human in Baldur's Gate 3. He is a toymaker living in Rivington, in his house Arfur's Mansion. He has a mildly flamboyant personality and questionable business partners.


I still haven't lived down my last experience with the drow twins and I fear they won't have forgotten my little mishap.
Arfur Gregorio on Nym and Sorn

Involvement[edit | edit source]

The party first encounters Arfur outside his mansion, the dandy incensed that refugee squatters have taken up residence. He has hired Guild thugs led by Zenovia Dawg to evict them. The party can solve the quarrel with words or violence, with additional ability checks suggesting that Arfur wants his house back to protect the secret in the basement.

His basement contains proof, in the Blackmail Letter, that he has been blackmailed to stuff toys with smokepowder and donate them to the refugees. Following the encounter outside his mansion, he retreats to Sharess' Caress (X: 23 Y: 74), where the party can further interrogate him to revealing his extortioners. He will point to Felogyr's Fireworks as their headquarters and provide the party with an Archducal Coronation - Admission Pass.

The party can leave him alone at this point, further extort him for his gold, convince him to turn himself in, or kill him outright in the name of justice. If he leaves for the prison, the party can find his corpse laying in the cell at the end of Wyrm's Rock Prison.

Notable Loot[edit | edit source]

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