Modding:Creating Custom Hair with Hair Tool

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Making custom hair for BG3 with Hair Tool[edit | edit source]


This video covers steps 1 through 13 below.


  1. Load environment (head, body if desired)
  2. Load Hair Tool preset, flip 180 degrees and place on the head
  3. Make some edits to the preset
  4. Finalize hair to turn preset into mesh
  5. Load BG3 hair texture and apply to the hair
  6. Manually fix the UVs by X-flipping, then scaling down to the correct size
  7. Find similar vanilla hair and load it into Blender
  8. Parent custom hair to vanilla armature, add armature modifier
  9. Transfer auto-snapping weights from vanilla hair to custom hair
  10. Rename object data name to match vanilla hair
  11. Reset vertex paint to black
  12. Paint blue highlights, blur out
  13. Apply all transforms, export as .dae
  14. Using LSLib, conform to vanilla hair, then export as .GR2
  15. Hotload into game as a replacer, make any necessary changes to the mesh
  16. Set up quick template for the custom hair
  17. After seeing it in game, change hairpreset, scalp, and material IDs if needed
  18. Done!