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Baldur's Gate
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Guildhall is a location in the Lower City Sewers of Baldur's Gate in Act Three. It is the stronghold of the Guild, a criminal organisation run by Nine-Fingers Keene.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Accessing the Guildhall[edit | edit source]

The Guildhall can be accessed from either the Lower City Sewers or the Lower City.

The fastest route is to use the manhole X: 127 Y: -30 in the alley north of the Basilisk Gate waypoint and smash through the western wall X: 38 Y: 784. Follow the path west and there is a locked door to the Guildhall. Lockpicking it (DC 20) grants entry to the Guildhall Bar.

Above ground, the Guildhall Entrance X: 62 Y: -99 is guarded by Tusgront and several other Guild members. If Aid the Underduke was started and the party aided Farlin in Rivington, they are instantly recognized as allies of the Guild and allowed entry. If Jaheira is in the party, selecting "Careful, that's the High Harper Jaheira you're speaking to" smooths the way without any checks. Otherwise, a Deception, Intimidation, or Persuasion check allows passage. Inserting a Guild Ring into the Wall Slot will reveal the entrance.

Guildhall Bar[edit | edit source]

Severn runs a bar near the entrance to the sewers. He sells the Drunken Cloth and a variety of food and drinks. Two double doors lead to Nine-Fingers' office.

Nine-Fingers' Office[edit | edit source]

Guildmaster Nine-Fingers Keene is holding a council with Guild bursar Uktar about some missing payments from an orphanage. If Jaheira is in the party, Nine-Fingers will recognize her and have some special dialogue. Speak with Nine-Fingers to continue the quests The High Harper and Aid the Underduke. A note from Rakath Glitterbeard by Nine-Fingers' bedroom desk has more information about the location of The Stone Lord.

Two notes in her office can give the party a lead on the diabolist Helsik for the quest Free Orpheus. A locked wardrobe (DC 20) in the bedroom leads to a secret part of the sewers which cannot initially be accessed any other way. The key can be pickpocketed from Nine-Fingers.

Secret Sewer Vault[edit | edit source]

On the secret landing accessible through the wardrobe in Nine-Fingers' bedroom is a key which opens an otherwise unpickable heavy chest on the ground floor below at X: -63 Y: 760.

Across the landing is a safe door (DC 30). The keys to both the safe and the wardrobe can be pickpocketed from Nine-Fingers. The safe door leads to a vault containing several opulent chests full of rare arrows, rare wines, and expensive clothing. Opening the second locked door inside will lock the party in the vault, although whoever devised this trap did not consider the ramifications of fast travel. To get out conventionally, either pick the lock again or use the button hidden behind a bookcase in the second room.

A lever further toward the north end of the space outside the vault opens a second exit to the main sewers, just south of the southern ferry dock, at X: -60 Y: 785. Access from the main sewers is not available until the lever has been activated from this side.

Guildhall[edit | edit source]

Notable characters[edit | edit source]

Guild Members[edit | edit source]

For a full list of Guild members see: Guild members

Zhentarim Members[edit | edit source]

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Notable loot[edit | edit source]

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • The door to the Guildhall near Tusgront can become unselectable. This can be fixed by saving and loading the game. Alternatively, the party can access the Guildhall through the sewers.
  • Severn sometimes becomes unselectable, often accompanied by a clipping glitch emerging from his face.