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Rugan is a Human NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. He can be found in a cave on The Risen Road, fending off Flind's gnoll pack.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

The player will find Rugan and Olly taking shelter in a cave while under attack from Flind and their gnoll pack.

Rugan will not fully engage with the player until the gnolls have been defeated. After the battle Rugan will thank the player for the assistance and reveal they are a caravan carrying cargo to Baldur's Gate.

During this interaction the player can recognise that Rugan is part of the Zhentarim merchant network. In any case he will give the player the password (little serpent, long shadow) for entering the Zhentarim Hideout at Waukeen's Rest.

The player can attempt to intimidate Rugan into handing over the contents of the chest they are protecting in the cave.

Should the player successfully take the contents of the chest, Rugan will be found again at the Zhentarim Hideout, tied to a chair and being beaten by one of the Zhents for his failure. If spoken to, he will beg the player to end his suffering. The player can either kill him or release him. Releasing Rugan leads to the other Zhentarim becoming hostile. Rugan will aid in the ensuing fight, but flees immediately after it concludes.

Speak with Dead[edit | edit source]

Rugan can be spoken to with Speak with Dead.

Player: Who are you?

  • Rugan: ... Rugan... Zhentarim agent...

Player: What happened here?

  • Rugan: ... Ambushed... gnolls... saved cargo...
  • (If killed by the Player) Rugan: ... some... killer... looked a lot like you...

Player: Where were you heading?

  • Rugan: ... tavern... Zhentarim hideout...
    • Player: And how do I find this hideout?
      • Rugan: ... beneath tavern... need password...

Player: What's inside the cargo?

  • Rugan: ... wizard's shipment... secret... dangerous...

Quests[edit | edit source]