Abandoned Cistern

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Baldur's Gate
Abandoned Cistern Lower City Sewers

Abandoned Cistern is a location accessible west from the Lower City Sewers area of Baldur's Gate during Act Three.

Access[edit | edit source]

It can be accessed from two entrances:

  • From the northern side on a "ramp" towards a broken stone wall, at roughly X: -167 Y: 864.
  • From the western side through a door, with caustic brine on the ground on the other side, near X: -155 Y: 877

Overview[edit | edit source]

A locked Sluice Gate must be opened to access the second half of the area. It cannot be lockpicked. To open the gate, either make a DC 25 Athletics check to turn the Sluice Valve, or turn the Water Level Valve and Temperature Valve until they are both at the perfect level. Use the Emergency Release Valve if either level gets too high.

A Ladder X: -283 Y: 878 can be found past the Sluice Gate in a stone alcove at the back of the room. On interaction, causes a screen transition which leads to an area called "Gardener's Basement." This has another exit that leads to a door labeled "Keep Out" in the Lower City.

Minsc can be found here as part of the quest The High Harper, along with various hostile dopplegangers and Bhaalists. If saved, Minsc will subsequently break through a wall to a hidden area to the north, seeking Boo, his animal companion. The first room in this area has a set of nonlootable artifacts, presumably mementos of the heroes that accompanied Gorion's Ward during the events of Baldur's Gate I and II. These include a halfling-sized warhammer, representing Mazzy Fentan; a turnip for Jan Jansen; a mailed fist for Keldorn Firecam; a pair of carved wooden wings for Aerie and a cracked wooden mask, representing Dynaheir.

Beyond is another chamber where Boo can be found.

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