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Skills Icon.png Skills refer to certain kinds of talents a creature can be Proficient in, to gain a Proficiency Bonus on the corresponding type of Skill Check. Each Skill is also related to an Ability Score, which determines the Ability Score Modifier applied to that Skill Check regardless of Proficiency. Skills are used in Dice Rolls when called for in the overworld or conversations.

Skills are based on different Ability Scores, for example: The Athletics Skill is based on the Strength Ability Score. This means that when a creature rolls for a Skill Check based on Athletics (in other words, an Athletics Check), it first of all benefits from its Strength Modifier. If the creature is Proficient in Athletics, it additionally benefits from its Proficiency Bonus, which is unrelated to Ability Scores and is based purely on the creature's Level.

List of Skills, sorted by Ability Score
Ability Score Skills
Strength icon.png Strength
Dexterity icon.png Dexterity
Constitution icon.png Constitution
  • (none)
Intelligence icon.png Intelligence
Wisdom icon.png Wisdom
Charisma icon.png Charisma