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A creature's size indicates how large it is, roughly communicating other parameters like the model's dimensions/how much space it physically occupies, their weight, and their ability to interact with the environment, such as via Rocky Crevices and Burrow Holes.

The weight of a creature affects what can Throw or Shove it.

  • A creature may throw items and other creatures weighing up to Strength2 x 0.2kg or Strength2 x 0.4lbs.
    • For example, with 18 Strength, one can throw objects weighing up to 182 x 0.2 = 64.8 kg (or 130 lbs).
  • When a creature's size changes, its weight will also be adjusted as necessary to conform with the above categories.

A creature's size and weight can be inspected by selecting it and choosing Examine, or targeting it with the cursor and hitting the corresponding hotkey.

Size categories[edit | edit source]

Size Maximum weight Example creatures
kg lbs
Tiny 6 12 Cats, Crag Spiders, and Air Elementals
Small 40 80 Halflings, gnomes, goblins, and sheep
Medium 200 400 Humans, dwarves[note 1], and most other playable Races
Large 5,000 10,000 Ogres, Owlbears
Huge 50,000 100,000 Ansur
Gargantuan 500,000 1,000,000 Nautiloid

Modifying size[edit | edit source]

Altered form[edit | edit source]

When a creature's form is changed (examples in table below), part of the parameters that they inherit include the form's size and weight as per the above table.

Condition Size Source Duration
Disguise Self Disguise Self Respective Race's (Small for gnomes and halflings, Medium for others) Mask of the Shapeshifter (Shapeshift Shapeshift) Duration: Until Long rest
Disguise Self Disguise Self
Mask of Many Faces Mask of Many Faces
Seeming Seeming
Wild Shape Respective creature's (ranges from Tiny for a Cat, to Large for an Owlbear) Wild Shape Wild Shape Duration: Until Long rest
Gaseous Form Gaseous Form Tiny Gaseous Form Gaseous Form Duration: Until Long rest
Mist Stance Mist Stance
Wind Walk Wind Walk
Wild Magic: Cat Form Wild Magic: Cat Form Tiny Wild Magic: Cats and Dogs Wild Magic: Cats and Dogs Duration: 2 turns
Wild Magic: Dog Form Wild Magic: Dog Form Medium
Polymorphed Polymorphed Small Wild Magic: Polymorph Wild Magic: Polymorph Duration: 2 turns
Polymorph Polymorph Duration: 5 turns
Toad Mode Toad Mode Tiny Dolly Dolly Dolly Duration: 1 turn
Big Pig Big Pig Medium
Cattle Prattle Cattle Prattle Large
Displacer Beast Form Displacer Beast Form Medium Displacer Beast Shape Displacer Beast Shape Duration: Until Long rest
Slayer Form Slayer Form Medium Slayer (Class Action) Slayer (Class Action) Duration: Until Long rest

Enlarge and reduce[edit | edit source]

Furthermore, additional modifications can be made to a character's size to shift it into neighbouring categories, as per the table below.

  • Creatures cannot change to categories larger than Gargantuan, or smaller than Tiny.
    • Other parameters like their physical model can still change size.
  • Conditions with the same Stack ID (see below) are replaced/refreshed if another source is added; they do not stack.
    • For instance, a duergar inflicted with Enlarged Enlarged is Large, and using Whossa Large Fellow? Whossa Large Fellow? will first cancel Enlarged, then apply it anew.
    • Using Enlarge Enlarge on a Reduced Reduced character will first cancel the latter condition (regardless of initial source), then apply Enlarged, possibly changing their overall size by 2 categories.
    • Despite being a separate Condition and having additional effects, Giant Form Giant Form takes up the same "slot" as Enlarged and Reduced.
  • Conditions with different Stack IDs can stack, changing the character's size as appropriate.
    • An Enlarged character that uses a Elixir of the ColossusConsumables Icon.png will further increase size.
    • A creature with Elixir of The Colossus Elixir of The Colossus that is then Reduced will return back to its original size, then change again as appropriate when either effect ends or is replaced.
  • These changes apply after taking into account a shape/form change.
    • As such, a Medium Cat, Gargantuan Owlbear, or Tiny Sheep are all possible, amongst other combinations.
Stack ID Condition Size change Source Duration
SIZE Reduced Reduced -1 Oil of DiminutionConsumables Icon.png Duration: 2 turns
Sethan (Sethan: Reduce Sethan: Reduce) Duration: 5 turns
Reduce Reduce Duration: 10 turns
Enlarged Enlarged +1 Enlarge Enlarge Duration: 10 turns
Duergars' Enlarge Enlarge
Bigboy's Chew Toy (Whossa Large Fellow? Whossa Large Fellow?)
Giant Form Giant Form Balduran's Giantslayer (Giant Form Giant Form)
ALCH_ELIXIR Elixir of The Colossus Elixir of The Colossus +1 Elixir of the ColossusConsumables Icon.png Duration: Until Long rest

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Despite their shorter stature and reduced movement speed, Dwarves are indeed Medium creatures, interacting with other game mechanics accordingly. Female Duergar are an exception, and are Small creatures.