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This page and related pages summarize rule changes from the implementation of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (D&D 5e) rules to Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3).

The rule changes described on this page and related pages are written with the assumption the reader understands the relevant D&D 5e rule. These pages will not explain what the D&D 5e rule is, only what the changed or altered BG3 rule is. These pages also include many BG3 features and abilities that are unchanged from D&D 5e to help a D&D 5e player quickly see which options have changed and which have not, and make decisions without having to do additional research. If the BG3 rule aligns with a OneD&D rule or other playtest material from D&D 5e, that is considered a rule change from D&D 5e.

There will be rapid changes to these pages at BG3's launch, so leaving relevant comments with any edits are strongly encouraged.

New Feats and Feats with Changes[edit | edit source]

To see a discussion of all feats including the benefits they provide, see the Feats page.

  • Actor's double proficiency bonus on Deception and Performance checks applies to all skill checks, and not only when attempting to pass yourself off another person. The ability to mimic another person's voice is not included.
  • Alert does not prevent enemies from gaining Advantage Icon.png Advantage on attacks against you while they are unseen.
  • Athlete does not include the climbing speed or running jump features. Instead, it increases jumping distance, which is not a component of the 5e feat.
  • Crossbow Expert does not include the loading quality aspect, as loading is not a game mechanic in BG3. It also does not include the ability to fire a hand crossbow as a bonus action after making a one-handed attack action. Instead, it doubles the duration of the Gaping Wounds (Condition) effect applied by Piercing_Shot_(Weapon_Action) Piercing Shot (Weapon Action). In addition, the removal of Disadvantage Icon.png Disadvantage when attacking at close range only applies to crossbow attacks, instead of all ranged attacks.
  • Dual Wielder does not include the drawing and stowing weapon features, as BG3's action economy already largely ignores the penalty for switching between your equipped weapon sets.
  • Dungeon Delver does not include the removal of the penalty on passive Perception checks due to traveling quickly, as travel speed is not included as a game mechanic in BG3.
  • Durable heals all hit points on a short rest, rather than simply implementing a minimum heal based on your Constitution icon.png Constitution modifier.
  • Elemental Adept ignores the requirement to be a spell caster - though presumably provides no benefit if you otherwise cannot cast spells.
  • Performer is a new feat which increases your Charisma icon.png Charisma by 1 and grants proficiency with all Musical Instruments
  • Ritual Caster ignores the 13 Intelligence icon.png Intelligence or Wisdom icon.png Wisdom prerequisite, does not include the requirement to carry a ritual book and does not allow you to learn ritual spells from spell scrolls (outside of your class's normal ability to learn spells). Additionally, while the 5e version of this feat only allows choosing first-level spells at the time of feat selection, BG3 allows learning any of the six ritual spell available in the game, including the third-level Speak_with_Dead Speak with Dead spell.
  • Savage Attacker is not limited to one roll per turn.
  • Sentinel does not allow an Attack_of_Opportunity Attack of Opportunity against enemies which use Disengage before moving out of melee range, as in 5e. Instead, it grants Advantage Icon.png Advantage on Attacks of Opportunity.
  • Sharpshooter ignores penalties due to High Ground Rules (a mechanic unique to BG3), rather than ignoring penalties due to attacking at long range (despite this mechanic also being present in BG3). The ability to ignore half and three-quarters cover is also not included, as BG3 does not include a cover system.
  • Shield Master does not give the option to bonus action shove, as all characters already have this option. Additionally, the +2 bonus to Dexterity icon.png Dexterity Saving Throws applies to all such checks (e.g. to mitigate the area of effect damage from Fireball), rather than applying only to spells and harmful effects which target you specifically. The option to use your Reaction to reduce damage taken against such effects, as well as the amounts reduced for successful and failed Saving Throws, remains unchanged.
  • Skilled does not allow you to select Proficiency with tools, as this mechanic is not present in BG3.
  • Spell Sniper ignores the requirement to be a spell caster; since you do not select a spell class spell list, non-casting classes use their highest spell casting ability (Intelligence icon.png Intelligence, Wisdom icon.png Wisdom, or Charisma icon.png Charisma) for the selected Cantrip. It does not include the enhancement to spell range, nor the ability to ignore cover (as BG3 does not include a cover system).
  • Tavern Brawler does not include proficiency with Improvised_Melee_Weapon Improvised Melee Weapons, as all characters already gain their proficiency bonus on attack rolls with such weapons in BG3. Selecting this feat doubles the Strength icon.png Strength modifier added to unarmed attacks (i.e. your unarmed attacks deal a flat ), rather than converting your unarmed attacks to

, as in 5e. The ability to grapple your target as a bonus action upon a successful unarmed hit is not included, due to the lack of a grappling mechanic in BG3.

  • War Caster ignores the requirement to be a spell caster. Taking this feat does not enhance your ability to cast spells without a free hand, as spell components (i.e. verbal, somatic, material) are not included as a game mechanic. Additionally, while the 5e version of this feat allows you to cast any available single-target spell as an Attack_of_Opportunity Attack of Opportunity, the BG3 version of this feat explicitly only allows you to cast Shocking_GraspShocking Grasp, though this is independent of whether you know this cantrip. In contrast to 5e rules, since BG3 allows all characters to use spell Scrolls, regardless of character class, even non-casting classes may benefit from the feat granting Advantage Icon.png Advantage on Saving Throws to maintain Concentration, when such spells are cast from scrolls.

Feats with No Changes[edit | edit source]

To see a discussion of all feats including the benefits they provide, see the Feats page.

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