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Feats are features that grant a character unique improvements. All classes select one feat at class levels 4, 8, and 12. Fighters select an additional feat at level 6; Rogues select an additional feat at level 10.

See D&D 5e feat changes for an overview of difference between feats in 5e D&D and Baldur's Gate 3.

List of all feats[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Ability Improvement
  • Increase one ability score by 2, or two ability scores by 1, up to a maximum of 20.
Actor Actor Actor
  • If not already proficient, the character also gains proficiency in the chosen skills.
Alert Alert Alert
Athlete Athlete: Standing Up Athlete: Standing Up
  • Your Strength icon.png Strength or Dexterity icon.png Dexterity ability score increases by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • When you are Prone Prone, standing up uses significantly less movement.
  • Your Jump Jump distance also increases by 50%.
Charger Charger: Weapon Attack Charger: Weapon Attack
  • Charge forward and slam your weapon into the first enemy in your way without provoking Opportunity Attacks Opportunity Attacks.
Charger: Shove Charger: Shove
  • Charge forward and Shove Shove the first enemy in your way.
  • Shove distance depends on your Strength icon.png Strength and the target's weight.
  • Charger: Weapon attack uses Action + Bonus action, moves up to 9 m / 30 ft, and makes a melee attack with +5 damage.
    • This counts as a single weapon attack, and benefits from Extra Attack Extra Attack.
Crossbow Expert Crossbow Expert: Point-Blank Crossbow Expert: Point-Blank
  • When you make crossbow attacks within melee range, the attack rolls do not have Disadvantage Icon.png Disadvantage.
Crossbow Expert: Wounding Crossbow Expert: Wounding
Defensive Duellist Defensive Duellist Defensive Duellist
Dual Wielder Dual Wielder Dual Wielder
  • You can use Two-Weapon Fighting even if your weapons aren't Light.
  • You cannot dual-wield Heavy weapons.
Dual Wielder: Bonus Armour Class Dual Wielder: Bonus Armour Class
  • You have a +1 bonus to Armour Class Armour Class while wielding a melee weapon in each hand.
Dungeon Delver Dungeon Delver: Perception Dungeon Delver: Perception
Dungeon Delver: Resist Traps Dungeon Delver: Resist Traps
Durable Durable Durable
  • For Wild Shape, this adds +1 Constitution icon.png Constitution and full HP on a short rest, but does not increase Wild Shape form HP. [1]
Elemental Adept Elemental Adept Elemental Adept
  • "You cannot roll a 1" means that any 1 rolled is treated as a 2.
Great Weapon Master Great Weapon Master: Bonus Attack Great Weapon Master: Bonus Attack
  • When an attack with a melee weapon lands a Critical Hit or kills a creature, you can make another melee weapon attack as a Bonus action that turn.
Great Weapon Master: All In Great Weapon Master: All In
  • When attacking with a  Two-Handed or  Versatile melee weapon (in both hands) that you are Proficient with, Attack rolls take a -5 penalty, but their damage increases by 10.
  • All In is a toggleable passive ability.
Heavily Armoured Heavily Armoured Heavily Armoured
Heavy Armour Master Heavy Armour Master Heavy Armour Master
  • Your Strength icon.png Strength ability score increases by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • Incoming damage from non-magical attacks also decreases by 3 while you're wearing heavy armour.
Lightly Armoured Lightly Armoured Lightly Armoured
Lucky Lucky Lucky
Mage Slayer Mage Slayer: Saving Throw Advantage Mage Slayer: Saving Throw Advantage
Mage Slayer: Attack Caster Mage Slayer: Attack Caster
  • You can use a Reaction to immediately make an attack against the caster if it casts a spell within 1.5m / 5ft of you.
Mage Slayer: Break Concentration Mage Slayer: Break Concentration
Magic Initiate: Bard Magic Initiate: Bard Magic Initiate: Bard
Magic Initiate: Cleric Magic Initiate: Cleric Magic Initiate: Cleric
Magic Initiate: Druid Magic Initiate: Druid Magic Initiate: Druid
Magic Initiate: Sorcerer Magic Initiate: Sorcerer Magic Initiate: Sorcerer
Magic Initiate: Warlock Magic Initiate: Warlock Magic Initiate: Warlock
Magic Initiate: Wizard Magic Initiate: Wizard Magic Initiate: Wizard
Martial Adept Martial Adept Martial Adept
Medium Armour Master Medium Armour Master Medium Armour Master
Mobile Mobile Mobile
Mobile: Evade Difficult Terrain Mobile: Evade Difficult Terrain
Mobile: Evade Opportunity Attack Mobile: Evade Opportunity Attack
  • If you move after making a melee attack, you don't provoke an Opportunity Attack from that target.
Moderately Armoured Moderately Armoured Moderately Armoured

Requires Light armour Proficiency.

Performer Performer Performer
Polearm Master Polearm Master: Bonus Attack Polearm Master: Bonus Attack
Polearm Master: Opportunity Attack Polearm Master: Opportunity Attack
  • The Polearm Master: Bonus Attack deals 1d4 + Strength Modifier bludgeoning damage if Strength is used for the attack roll. However if another ability is used for the attack roll (such as through Shillelagh or Pact of the Blade) then Dexterity will be used for the damage roll. [See: Bugs]
  • Polearm Master works with Pikes even though this is not stated in-game. (see [note 1])
Resilient Resilient Resilient
Ritual Caster Ritual Caster: Free Spells Ritual Caster: Free Spells
  • You learn two Ritual spells of your choice.
Savage Attacker Savage Attacker Savage Attacker
  • When making melee weapon attacks, you roll your damage dice twice and use the highest result.
Sentinel Sentinel: Vengeance Sentinel: Vengeance
  • When an enemy in melee range attacks an ally, you can use a Reaction to make a weapon attack against that enemy. Target ally must not have the Sentinel feat.
Sentinel: Snare Sentinel: Snare
Sentinel: Opportunity Advantage Sentinel: Opportunity Advantage
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter: Low Ground Sharpshooter: Low Ground
Sharpshooter: All In Sharpshooter: All In
  • Ranged weapon attacks with weapons you are Proficient with have a -5 penalty to their Attack roll, but deal an additional 10 damage.
  • All In is a toggleable passive ability.
Shield Master Shield Master Shield Master
Shield Master: Block Shield Master: Block
  • If a Spell forces you to make a Dexterity saving throw, you can use your Reaction to shield yourself and diminish the effect's damage.
  • - On a failed save, you only take half damage.
  • - On a successful save, you don't take any damage, even if you normally would.
  • BUG: As of Hotfix 25, this feat does not reduce the damage taken on a failed save.
  • Unlike the DnD counterpart, this feat doesn't take shield AC into account and instead only offers a flat bonus to Dexterity saving throw.
Skilled Skilled Skilled
Spell Sniper Spell Sniper Spell Sniper
  • You learn a cantrip, and the number you need to roll a Critical Hit while attacking with a Spell is reduced by 1. This effect can stack.
Tavern Brawler Tavern Brawler Tavern Brawler
  • Your Strength icon.png Strength or Constitution icon.png Constitution ability score increases by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • When you make an unarmed attack, use an improvised weapon, or throw something, your strength modifier is added twice to the damage and Attack roll.
  • Unarmed attacks that use Dexterity icon.png Dexterity as a modifier still gain the strength modifier as a bonus with this feat and thus don't get the Dexterity modifier applied twice to the attack.
Tough Tough Tough
  • Hit Point maximum increased by 2 for each level.
War Caster War Caster: Concentration War Caster: Concentration
War Caster: Opportunity Spell War Caster: Opportunity Spell
  • This feat does not grant the ability to use Shocking Grasp Shocking Grasp at will. Unless you know it from another source, you can only use it as an Attack of Opportunity.
  • Casting Shocking Grasp as an Attack of Opportunity uses the character's Spellcasting Ability. For example, if a Cleric casts Shocking Grasp with this feat, they use their Wisdom icon.png Wisdom modifier
Weapon Master Weapon Master Weapon Master

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Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. It's not stated in-game but Polearm Mastery works with Pikes too. Polearm Master is coded to work with any weapon that is tagged as a SPEAR or STAVE (quarterstaffs), and weapons with Extra Reach (Glaives, Halberds, and Pikes)