Divine Strike

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Divine Strike Radiant Melee.webp

Divine Strike is a Weapon Action-like ability available to level 8 Clerics of the following Domains: Class Cleric Life Hotbar Icon.png Life, iddle Trickery, Class Cleric Nature Hotbar Icon.pngNature, Class Cleric Tempest Hotbar Icon.pngTempest, and Class Cleric War Hotbar Icon.pngWar. Divine Strike deals 1 ~ 8 additional damage upon a weapon strike (either melee or ranged) of a type dependent on the chosen Domain.


Divine Strike Radiant Ranged.webp
  • Melee Skill: Once per turn deal D8 Physical.png1d8 {Variation Damage Type} damage in addition to your weapon's {Weapon Damage} {Weapon Type} damage.
  • Ranged Skill and Reaction: Deal an additional D8 Physical.png1d8 {Variation Damage Type} damage.


Normal weapon damage
D8 Radiant.png 1d8 (1~8) Damage Types Radiant damage
Attack roll
Range: Normal weapon range
Recharge: Per turn

Above damage is for Divine Strike: Radiant. Other variations do a different type of bonus damage.


Domain Variation Damage
Life Life Divine Strike: Radiant 1d8Damage TypesRadiant
Trickery Trickery Divine Strike: Nightshade Poison 1d8Damage TypesPoison
Nature Nature Divine Strike: Cold 1d8Damage TypesCold
Divine Strike: Fire 1d8Damage TypesFire
Divine Strike: Lightning 1d8Damage TypesLightning
Tempest Tempest Divine Strike: Tempest 1d8Damage TypesThunder
War War Divine Strike: Warmaster 1d8Damage TypesPhysical
  • Nature Nature choses which one of the three variations it wants each time (technically through Divine Strike: Elemental Fury).
  • War War's Divine Strike: Warmaster deals the damage type of the weapon in the main hand, even for offhand strikes.

How to learn


  • Can be done as a post-strike reaction (without spending reaction points) similar to Divine Smite for both melee and ranged attacks.
  • Divine Strike: {Variation} (Melee) and Divine Strike: {Variation} (Ranged) use the corresponding weapon.
  • Does double (2d8) damage if the weapon attack roll is a critical hit.
  • Possible Bug: Divine Strike does the not obey the turn recharge outside of turn-based mode.
  • The different methods of using Divine Strike (as a post-strike reaction or with the weapon action directly) have independent, once-per-turn cooldowns. Activating Divine Strike directly does not prevent triggering it again that turn with a post-strike reaction (and vice versa). This means that Divine Strike can actually be used twice in a turn, provided it is used once with each method.