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InitiateCombat is a status property.

List of conditions with InitiateCombat[edit source]

Condition Effects

Abjure Enemy: Frightened (Condition) Abjure Enemy: Frightened

Acid (Condition) Acid

Ambushed (Condition) Ambushed

  • Taking damage or being Helped ends this condition.

Bhaal's Murderous Mark (Condition) Bhaal's Murderous Mark

  • Affected entity's death grants a +1 Armour Class Armour Class bonus to the Slayer.

Black Tentacles (Condition) Black Tentacles

  • Restrained by dark tendrils. Affected entity can't move and takes 3d6Damage TypesBludgeoning damage per turn.

Brewed-Up Bellyglummer (Condition) Brewed-Up Bellyglummer

Burning Fiercely (Condition) Burning Fiercely

  • Takes 1d10Damage TypesFire damage per turn.

Chest Trauma (Condition) Chest Trauma

Chilled (Condition) Chilled

Cocooned (Condition) Cocooned

Colour Spray (Condition) Colour Spray

  • Attack Rolls against Blinded creatures have Advantage Icon.png Advantage.

Command: Flee (Condition) Command: Flee

Command: Grovel (Condition) Command: Grovel

Confused (Condition) Confused

  • Affected entity is hostile to everyone, wanders around aimlessly, and occasionally skips turns in its stupor

Confused Stupor (Condition) Confused Stupor

  • Too confused to act - affected entity wastes its turn doing nothing.

Crown of Madness (Condition) Crown of Madness

  • Instilled with magical madness. Will attack the nearest creature, other than the spellcaster.

Demonspirit Madness (Condition) Demonspirit Madness

  • Affected entity has been driven to a frenzy by magical madness. It will attack the nearest creature on its turn.
  • At the end of each turn, the affected entity makes a DC 13  Wisdom saving throw. On a successful save, the condition is removed.

Distracted (Condition) Distracted

Not paying any attention to their surroundings.

The distractor's allies have Advantage Icon.png Advantage on their next Attack Roll against the creature.

Eyebite: Sickened (Condition) Eyebite: Sickened

Frozen (Condition) Frozen

Harm (Condition) Harm

  • Affected entity's maximum Hit Points have been reduced by the damage inflicted by the Harm spell
  • This condition is a Disease

Hellfire Curse (Condition) Hellfire Curse

Hideous Laughter (Condition) Hideous Laughter

Holy Fire (Condition) Holy Fire

  • Takes 1~4Damage TypesRadiant damage per turn.

Houndmaster's Prey (Condition) Houndmaster's Prey

Hunter's Mark Quarry (Condition) Hunter's Mark Quarry

  • Affected entity suffers an additional 1d6Damage TypesWeapon damage if the spellcaster hits it with a weapon attack.

Hysterical (Condition) Hysterical

  • Knocked Prone out of sheer elation. Sides splitting, lungs gasping for air - you're enjoying yourself, aren't you?

Infernal Burning (Condition) Infernal Burning

Madness (Condition) Madness

  • Hostile to everyone in the vicinity.

Maimed (Condition) Maimed

Missing Pets (Condition) Missing Pets

Muddy (Condition) Muddy

  • Affect entity is covered in hardened mud and its Movement Speed is halved.
  • Removes Burning and the entity becomes Resistant to Fire damage.

Nature's Wrath (Condition) Nature's Wrath

Oily Sup (Condition) Oily Sup

Pacified (Condition) Pacified

  • Incapacitated. Can't move or take actions, bonus actions, or reactions.

Phantasmal Force (Condition) Phantasmal Force

Haunted by an echo of the last thing that attacked them.

  • Takes 1d6Damage TypesPsychic damage each turn.
  • When the target takes damage from another source, Phantasmal Force changes to that damage type.
  • At the end of each turn, the target makes an Intelligence saving throw. On a success, the condition ends.

Pinched (Condition) Pinched

  • Take 1d4Damage TypesPiercing damage at the beginning of each turn and Movement Speed is reduced by  Range: 3 m / 10 ft.

Poisonous Fumes (Condition) Poisonous Fumes

Rampart Aura (Condition) Rampart Aura

Roiling Hellfire (Condition) Roiling Hellfire

D6 Fire.png 6d6 (6~36) Damage TypesFire damage
  • Flames from the heart of Avernus engulf this entity, inflicting 6d6Damage TypesFire damage per turn.

Sacrificial Lamb (Condition) Sacrificial Lamb

  • Entity can't move or take actions, bonus actions, or reactions while enveloped in vampiric magic.
  • If Cazador draws power from all the spawns bound this way three times, he will ascend.
  • Grants resistance to all damage types.

Sapped (Condition) Sapped

Target has been psionically drained.

  • Incapacitated
  • Unconsicous

Sapping Curse (Condition) Sapping Curse

This cursed energy drains vitality of anyone who dares get closer.

  • Any creature within range of the affected entity gains the condition Vitality Drain, and takes 4d6+4Damage TypesNecrotic per turn. Take half damage on succeeding DC Wisdom saving throw.
  • Target is cursed.

Searing Smite (Condition) Searing Smite

Shadow Possession (Condition) Shadow Possession

  • Affected entity is possessed by frenzied shadows and will attack the nearest creature. Its weapon attacks deal an additional 1d4Damage TypesNecrotic damage.

Shar-Stricken (Condition) Shar-Stricken

  • The Lady of Loss Hexes Hexes you, causing a temporary lapse in your agility.

Shocked (Condition) Shocked

Shocking Grasp (Condition) Shocking Grasp

Singing Sword: Shriek (Condition) Singing Sword: Shriek

  • Affected entity has D4 Piercing.png 1d4 penalty to all[See Notes] Saving throws. When it is attacked, it takes an additional 1d4Damage TypesThunder damage.

Spiteful Suffering (Condition) Spiteful Suffering

Static Discharge Aura (Condition) Static Discharge Aura

  • All constructs near Bernard deal an additional 1d6+2Damage TypesLightning to weapon attacks. All others take 2d8Damage TypesLightning each turn.
  • When the condition ends, Bernard is Stunned Stunned for 2 turns.

Stricken with Crawler Mucus (Condition) Stricken with Crawler Mucus

Stricken with Malice (Condition) Stricken with Malice

Turned (Condition) Turned

  • A turned creature must spend its turns trying to move as far away from the creature who turned it as possible.
  • It can't willingly move to a space within 9m / 30ft of that creature.
  • It also can't take Reactions.
  • For its Actions, it can use only the Dash action or try to escape from an effect that prevents it from moving.
  • The condition ends upon taking damage.

Turned to Gold (Condition) Turned to Gold

  • Turned to gold. Can't move or take actions, bonus actions, or reactions.
  • At the end of each turn, the affected entity makes a DC 17  Constitution saving throw to end this condition.

Vitality Drain (Condition) Vitality Drain

The dead girl's Sapping Curse is draining your vitality.

  • Affected entity takes takes 4d6+4Damage TypesNecrotic per turn. Take half damage on succeeding a DC Wisdom saving throw.
  • Doubled movement cost.

Vow of Enmity (Condition) Vow of Enmity

Wild Magic: Burning (Condition) Wild Magic: Burning

  • Takes 1d6Damage TypesFire damage at the start of each turn.