Blade of Rime

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Blade of Rime is an action that allows the Way of the Four Elements Way of the Four Elements Monk to use their equivalent of Ice Knife Ice Knife by expending Ki Points instead of Spell Slots.


Throw a shard of ice that deals 1d10Damage TypesPiercing damage. It explodes and deals 2d6Damage TypesCold to anyone nearby. It leaves an ice surface.

This spell can be cast while you are SilencedSilenced.


Action + 2Ki Points
D10 Piercing.png 1d10 (1~10) Damage Types Piercing damage
D6 Cold.png 2d6 (2~12) Damage Types Cold damage
Attack roll
Range: 18 m / 60 ft
AoE: 2 m / 7 ft (Radius)
Creates Area: Ice
DEX Save (On Save: negate Cold damage)

Area: Ice

The action creates a surface with the following properties.

  • AoE: 2 m / 7 ft (Radius)
  • Duration: 2 turns

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