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A collection of Lae'zel's remarks and overhead conversations with other characters.

Remarks[edit | edit source]

Selected[edit | edit source]

  • Eager for battle.
  • Vlaakith's will be done.
  • Action, not reaction.
  • Assume nothing.
  • Indolence breeds madness.
  • Enough waiting. I crave blood.

Selected (in combat)[edit | edit source]

  • Time to strike!
  • I am fury, I am death!
  • Swift and lethal.
  • Victory awaits!
  • I will ascend!
  • Vlaakith'ka sivim hrath krash'ht.

Selected (sneaking)[edit | edit source]

  • Still in shadow.
  • Staying out of sight.
  • Keeping low.
  • Ready for anything.
  • With every breath, a purpose.
  • My patience wanes.

Selection spam[edit | edit source]

  • Must everyone be so exhausting?
  • Weapons high. Standards higher.
  • Is perfection too much to ask?
  • Pride is a virtue.

Selection spam (in combat)[edit | edit source]

  • I will know my queen!
  • There is no right or wrong, only truth.
  • What is the point, if not victory?
  • You are right to fear me.

Selection spam (sneaking)[edit | edit source]

  • Hush already.
  • There is no wisdom in madness.
  • There is but one way. Vlaakith.

Moving[edit | edit source]

  • An efficient path.
  • One true way.
  • Onward.
  • Objective noted.
  • Proceeding.
  • Repositioning.
  • Quickly, then.
  • Without delay.

Moving (in combat)[edit | edit source]

  • Taking position!
  • Vlaakith guide me.
  • No time to waste!
  • On the move!
  • My path be true.
  • Make way!

Moving (sneaking)[edit | edit source]

  • Light steps.
  • Unheard, unseen.
  • Not one false move.
  • I shouldn't linger.

Hiding[edit | edit source]

  • Unseen.
  • Into the shadows.
  • Undetected.
  • In Vlaakith's eyes only.

Hiding (in combat)[edit | edit source]

  • Going into hiding.
  • I will hunt from the shadows.
  • My prey awaits.
  • A hidden threat.

At low health[edit | edit source]

  • Begone, death. You will not take me.
  • Tsk'va. My injuries need tending.
  • I will not fall before my time.
  • I need healing.

Attacked by party member[edit | edit source]

  • Chk. Enough.
  • Watch yourself.
  • Pull yourself together before I pull you apart.

Can't fit in a small hole[edit | edit source]

  • I'd have to be a lot smaller to squeeze in there.

Can't fit in a tiny hole[edit | edit source]

  • I'm not fitting through that tiny hole.

Can't use an item[edit | edit source]

  • Impossible.
  • That will not work.
  • Pointless.
  • This is futile.

Can't use an item while in combat[edit | edit source]

  • Impossible. I'm in battle.
  • Now is not the time.
  • Not a priority.
  • I've got more immediate concerns.

Finding a locked item[edit | edit source]

  • Chk - locked by some kind of mechanism.
  • Ngh. There must be a way in - I should survey the area.
  • Pointless. It must be unlocked elsewhere.
  • It's locked. I should investigate further.

Looking at a globe[edit | edit source]

  • Toril. One pebble among many.

Looking at an astrolabe[edit | edit source]

  • All those worlds among the stars, ripe for the Githyanki Empire's plucking.
  • Realmspace is vast. Countless worlds to be mapped, kingdoms to be conquered.

Looking into a mirror[edit | edit source]

  • I see a warrior. A fighter. I see who I was born to be.
  • A mirror. Riveting.
  • Embrace pride, reject vanity. Especially when gazing at your own reflection.

Looking into a telescope[edit | edit source]

  • A simple spyglass. Unsophisticated but effective.

Succeeded Perception roll (trap)[edit | edit source]

  • A trap. Just as I expected.
  • I've spotted a trap. Move with purpose.
  • Take heed - I see a trap.
  • Stay vigilant - there are traps here.

Succeeded Investigation roll[edit | edit source]

  • Interesting.
  • What is that?
  • Curious.
  • I found something.
  • What's this?

Succeeded Investigation roll (trap)[edit | edit source]

  • Keep your wits. The place is trapped.
  • Trap. Step carefully.
  • Steady - I've detected a trap.
  • A trap. Make every step count.

Identified a mimic[edit | edit source]

  • Look there - that fool beast thinks to ambush us.

Surprised by mimic[edit | edit source]

  • Damnable mimic.
  • Duplicitous thing. I cannot suffer a liar.

After a Short Rest[edit | edit source]

  • Rested enough. Now - forward.
  • That should more than suffice.
  • Enough time wasted. Battle awaits.
  • More than prepared.

On character death[edit | edit source]


  • Tsk'va - I can't let you die!

Player (Dark Urge):

  • No! Don't give in!


  • Shadowheart... she's down!


  • No - not Karlach!


  • No, not Jaheira!


  • Gale!


  • No, no - Wyll's down!


  • Minthara? Damn it all!


  • Minsc - not your time!


  • Astarion - no!


  • Halsin? Halsin!

Throwing Scratch's ball after he is dismissed[edit | edit source]

  • Scratch is resting. Not sure who or what I expected would fetch that.
  • It's Scratch's naptime. I'll need to get that.
  • I guess I'll have to get that. Scratch wasn't about to.
  • I don't think Scratch is up for it.

Throwing Scratch's ball after his death[edit | edit source]

  • Solo fetch. A miserable pastime.
  • Can't believe I'm going to say this, but - I miss Scratch.
  • I really don't know what I thought would happen.
  • It's not much fun alone.

Location Remarks[edit | edit source]

Act One[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 01.png Act 1 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

  • ""

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 02.png Act 2 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

(After dispelling the Shadow Curse, leaving Moonrise Towers)

  • "I have conquered beholders and bandits, but never darkness itself. I dare say we could part all the seas of Toril if we so wished!"

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 03.png Act 3 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Upon defeating Dribbles at the Circus of the Last Days.

  • "A shapeshifter. And here I hoped - er, thought - that I'd slayed a clown."

Party Banter[edit | edit source]

Lae'zel Approval.png Lae'zel and Astarion Astarion Approval.png[edit | edit source]

  • Astarion: So, you know about these parasites. Will we survive them?
  • Lae'zel: Only if my people extract them. The only other cure is the blade.
  • Astarion: Okay. Wonderful.

  • Astarion: You fight well, but you're so efficient. Why not have a little fun?
  • Lae'zel: Fun? I fight to win, not to make spectacles.
  • Astarion: What a waste.

  • Astarion: Shadowheart. Such a grim name for such a beautiful flower.

(If it is not known that Astarion is a vampire)

  • Shadowheart: I heard you mumbling that line to yourself earlier - it needs more work.
  • Lae'zel: Fortunate for his tongue he didn't say it to me.

(If it is known that Astarion is a vampire)

  • Shadowheart: Could you not stare so blatantly at my neck when you say that please?
  • Lae'zel: Oh, but do keep calling her 'flower'. She'll love that.

(If it is known that Astarion is a vampire)

  • Lae'zel: Feed if you must, Astarion.
  • Lae'zel: But give me so much as a hungry look, and I'll drive a stake through your heart.
  • Astarion: Ooh, I do so very like spicy food.

(If everyone knows about Astarion's scars)

  • Lae'zel: Poetry as torture - your master's quite clever, Astarion. Don't you agree?
  • Astarion: You and I have very different definitions of 'clever'.

(In the Underdark)

  • Astarion: Do we have to spend so long poking about down here?
  • Astarion: I'd much rather be outside, with the sun on my skin.
  • Lae'zel: You've only just come to tolerate sun, and you're already nostalgic?
  • Lae'zel: If you're going to complain the whole way, by all means, return topside. You could use the colour.

(At Crèche Y'llek)

  • Lae'zel: We are permitted to walk so freely. Such a lack of discipline would be punished severely in K'liir.
  • Astarion: Walk freely? This place is as tight as a patriar's purse.
  • Lae'zel: We should have been disarmed on entry. I'm pleased we weren't, but it's strange.
  • Astarion: No doubt they found me too intimidating.

(At Gauntlet of Shar)

  • Astarion: It's all very grand, but so austere.
  • Lae'zel: Did you expect anything else? This is how your gods project power.
  • Astarion: But why not project power with soft furnishings and roaring fires? Maybe then I'd worship them.

(At Reithwin Town)

  • Astarion: Just once, I'd like to find a village that hasn't been plundered and destroyed.
  • Lae'zel: Indeed. All the best weapons have already been scavenged.
  • Astarion: I was thinking about a warm fire and charming company, actually.
  • Lae'zel: I am perfectly charming, I'll have you know. On Crèche K'liir, I was known for my dazzling smile and charisma.
  • Astarion: Really?
  • Lae'zel: No.

(At The Waning Moon)

  • Astarion: Ah, beer. Not really my drink, you know.
  • Lae'zel: I know, Astarion. You prefer blood.
  • Astarion: Well - yes. It was a joke.
  • Lae'zel: I know that, too. It just wasn't funny.

(At Mason's Guild)

  • Lae'zel: 'Mason's Guild'. The githyanki would call this a or'mlar: an alliance of mlar.
  • Astarion: And what is a 'mlar', exactly?
  • Lae'zel: Builders, craftspeople - and the makers of the incomparable silver swords the kith'raki wield in battle.
  • Lae'zel: The mlar may not be warriors, but they are no less valuable to my people.

(At Moonrise Towers Docks)

  • Astarion: The boat's heading to Baldur's Gate. I'm almost tempted to stow away.
  • Lae'zel: Chk. Try to abandon us and it won't go well for you.
  • Astarion: Oh, I wouldn't actually leave. After all, where would you be without me?

(While assaulting Moonrise Towers)

  • Lae'zel: At last, we wash our weapons in Absolute blood.
  • Astarion: I like this bloodlust look on you. Very flattering.
  • Lae'zel: Even now, at the cusp, you waste your breath on prattle.

(At Mind Flayer Colony)

  • Lae'zel: We must be ready to confront the elder brain. One presides over every ghaik colony.
  • Astarion: No problem. And what does this old brain look like?
  • Lae'zel: A hovering mass of grey matter, sprouted with lethal tentacles and oozing cerebrospinal fluid.
  • Astarion: Right... Good. Glad I asked.

(At Rivington)

  • Astarion: I used to like this neighbourhood. It was quieter than inside the walls - darker too.
  • Lae'zel: A good hunting ground, then?
  • Astarion: Oh, yes - slimmer pickings, but safer targets. The perfect place to learn the craft.

(At The Blushing Mermaid)

  • Astarion: Ah. This place never changes.
  • Lae'zel: Perhaps it should. All I see are carousing fools.
  • Astarion: I know, isn't it wonderful? Endless opportunities for mischief.

(At Bhaal Temple)

  • Astarion: I expected a temple to murder would be more fun. A little joyous, even.
  • Lae'zel: There's no greater pleasure than battle. You face your enemy and conquer them, blade to blade, spell to spell.
  • Lae'zel: But to take a life unawares is no more to be celebrated than plunging a dagger into a trapped rat.
  • Astarion: Oh, I don't know - I've killed plenty of rats. I celebrated every time.

(At Steel Watch Foundry)

  • Lae'zel: These Steel Watchers are impressive achievements. Worthy opponents, even for githyanki.
  • Astarion: In that case, I'll leave fighting them to you. So I can observe your technique.
  • Lae'zel: I'm sure you'll find it instructive. Or do you simply want to avoid risking your pallid neck?
  • Astarion: Perish the thought - we're comrades in arms! I will be right behind you.

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Astarion: Would you believe, I've never been with a githyanki.
  • Lae'zel: If you cease your frivolous ways, keep your mouth closed, and learn to obey, perhaps we can attempt it.
  • Astarion: Haha! No, I think I will leave that honour to our esteemed friend.

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Astarion: So Lae'zel, things seem to be getting serious with you two. Do you have pet names for each other yet?
  • Lae'zel: 'Pet' names? As if we were domesticated animals?
  • Astarion: Gods, you have so much to learn. Repeat after me: honey muffin, sweetie pie, sugarplum.
  • Lae'zel: Honey muffin, sweetie pie - Astarion, do you see all your lovers as food?

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Lae'zel: You say you have had many lovers, Astarion. If that is true, where are they now?
  • Astarion: They weren't lovers... not in the way that you mean. They wanted me more than I wanted them.
  • Astarion: I used that to my advantage more times than I care to remember.

(If the player is romancing Astarion; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Lae'zel: Why have you not tried to lay with me, Astarion?
  • Lae'zel: It is in your nature to have tried. You have not.
  • Astarion: No, and you're so charming and alluring. It's baffling, really.
  • Astarion: I guess it shall remain a mystery, now and forevermore.

(If the player is romancing Astarion; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Lae'zel: The more I learn of this plane, Astarion, the more I believe 'love' is its greatest disease.
  • Astarion: Oh, I don't know. The screaming fever is pretty bad.

(If the player is romancing Astarion, and Astarion stayed a spawn)

  • Lae'zel: Astarion, I note you and your lover struggle to keep your hands off one another.
  • Lae'zel: It makes you less watchful. We're panting after battle, and already your maws are glued.
  • Astarion: We're having fun. I would say 'try it, it won't kill you', but in your case I'm not sure.

(If the player is romancing Astarion, and Astarion became an ascendant)

  • Lae'zel: You have shared your new power with your lover, Astarion. I'm surprised - I expected you to turn your back once you got what you wanted.
  • Astarion: Quite the opposite - I need someone I can trust. And now I know they'll never betray me.

Lae'zel Approval.png Lae'zel and Gale Gale Approval.png[edit | edit source]

  • Gale: Tell me, Lae'zel, when you say we might be 'purified' at your crèche, what does that mean exactly?
  • Lae'zel: A ghustil will affix the zaith'isk, the purifier, to our heads.
  • Lae'zel: Its magic will quell the parasite in an instant.

  • Gale: That zaith'isk you mentioned intrigues me. Care to tell me a bit more?
  • Lae'zel: An intricate device, crafted by mlar - our most gifted artisans. I am sworn to say no more.

  • Gale: Your prowess in battle is remarkable, as is your battle stance itself.
  • Lae'zel: Hrath ajak - a technique known to few outside K'liir. Shall I teach you?
  • Gale: I'll pass, thank you. I prefer Abjuration over acrobatics.

  • Lae'zel: You've a particular way with words, Gale. Perhaps oration suits you more than battle.
  • Gale: They're not mutually exclusive. The Weave is served best with a dash of eloquence.

  • Lae'zel: You strike me cleverer than most istiki, Gale. Multiple tutors, I should guess.
  • Gale: Many a wise man and woman indeed. Waterdeep is the home of myriad scholars.
  • Wyll: Ah, the City of Splendours. Spent a whole Fleetswake there with my father. What a delight.

  • Gale: Tell me, Lae'zel, what is it like on the Astral Plane? Your home realm intrigues me.
  • Lae'zel: Githyanki lay their eggs on other planes. They cannot mature in the Astral.
  • Lae'zel: I will only be welcomed once I obtain a mind flayer's head.

  • Lae'zel: Tell me, Gale: what is your interest in the Astral Plane?
  • Gale: Time. Or rather: the absence of it. In the Astral Plane, everything is eternal.
  • Lae'zel: It will be my home soon enough, should Vlaakith will it.

  • Wyll: Who's in charge of the mind flayers, Lae'zel? Is there a squid king or something?
  • Lae'zel: No. Each ghaik is servant to an elder brain. No king unites elders - only their collective tyranny.
  • Gale: A mind flayer monarch, imagine that. Such a thing could shatter worlds.

  • Gale: I was wondering about your queen, Vlaakith. What tales of her reach us are terrifying, but I suppose that's not how you would describe her.
  • Lae'zel: Vlaakith is unity: fear and beauty, life and unlife. Eyes like onyx, teeth like daggers. There is none more perfect.
  • Shadowheart: Sounds vile. I assume the meaning of 'perfect' was lost in translation...

  • Shadowheart: What if this crèche doesn't work out, Lae'zel? What if your kin fail you?
  • Lae'zel: If I can reach the crèche, my kin will provide - any failure will be mine alone.
  • Shadowheart: If you say so. Just don't expect me to put all my eggs in the same basket.
  • Gale: That expression must sound curious to a githyanki ear, given the way they're birthed.

(In Shadow-Cursed Lands)

  • Gale: I hoped Moonrise would give me answers, but at every twist of its corridors I find only more questions...
  • Lae'zel: Our goal is clear, is it not? We defeat the remaining Chosen and the elder brain they control.
  • Gale: Ambiguity does not come naturally to you, does it Lae'zel? Your life must be far simpler for it.

(At Shadow-Cursed Lands Forest)

  • Gale: No day, no night. It's as though time itself has abandoned this place.
  • Gale: Similar to the Astral Plane in some ways, wouldn't you say, Lae'zel?

(If you've been to the Astral Plane, and Lae'zel was with you)

  • Lae'zel: Hardly. The Astral Plane is threaded with light and silver, life-giving and wondrous in all directions.
  • Lae'zel: Nothing like this dismal abyss.


  • Lae'zel: Hardly. It is said that the Astral Plane is threaded with light and silver, life-giving and wondrous in all directions.
  • Lae'zel: I've never set eyes on it. But I promise it is nothing like this dismal abyss.

(At Ruined Battlefield)

  • Gale: Blast scars. Spell and sword alike were used to ravage this battlefield.
  • Lae'zel: Imagine the glorious din of it all - the streaming banners, the charging knights, the piles of severed limbs and heads.
  • Gale: I'd rather not, if it's all the same to you.

(At an abandoned house in Shadow-Cursed Lands)

  • Lae'zel: What is this...? This place makes me feel sad. Melancholy.
  • Gale: Ah, so you're susceptible to the tragedy of a broken home. Maybe you've more in common with us weaker beings than you thought...
  • Lae'zel: There's no call to be insulting.

(At Moonrise Towers)

  • Gale: Not to diminish our efforts, but it was rather simple getting here in the end, wasn't it?
  • Lae'zel: The obstacles ahead of us promise to be higher still -
  • Lae'zel: - which will make the pleasure of overcoming them all the more potent.

(At Moonrise Towers Oubliette)

  • Lae'zel: The right of these prisoners to die in mortal combat was stolen from them.
  • Gale: Hardly the worst atrocity the Absolute's committed.
  • Lae'zel: One of many, but by no means the least. To die properly is a matter of honour.

(At Mind Flayer Colony Tadpoling Centre)

  • Lae'zel: A tadpole nursery, as on the nautiloid. We must not leave it intact.
  • Gale: Quite right. So long as the attempt won't leave us similarly dismantled...
  • Lae'zel: Caution is commendable. Boldness is extraordinary. In this case, I recommend the latter.

(At Rivington)

  • Lae'zel: Cowards at every turn in this community. In githyanki society, they would be retrained - or culled.
  • Gale: Condoning the slaughter of the weak? Not the most charitable perspective to take.
  • Lae'zel: I am observing, not condoning. A meaningful difference.

(At Baldur's Mouth)

  • Lae'zel: Drink, dance, and song. Tu'narath's residents are known to partake in all three. Substantially.
  • Gale: Is that so? I assumed there to be little time for frivolity amongst all the fighting.
  • Lae'zel: Eternity is long, Gale. Long enough to pursue endeavours beyond combat.
  • Lae'zel: Githyanki write symphonies, craft liquors, paint frescos. When they aren't in fierce battle with ghaik, of course.

(At Bloomridge Park)

  • Lae'zel: These children and their pets lack discipline. Were they githyanki, I'd recommend further training.
  • Gale: Not everyone approaches the raising of their young with such militaristic vigour.
  • Lae'zel: That is the very purpose of training - to determine which children shall be warriors, and which are suited to other roles.
  • Lae'zel: As for the unruly animals - they would make for nutritious marching rations.
  • Gale: That's certainly one way to make them behave...

(At Felogyr's Fireworks)

  • Lae'zel: Fireworks - a particularly gnomish field of art, no?
  • Gale: Indeed. More than simple craft, it's a way of life for some of them.
  • Lae'zel: That may explain why most gnomes possess such short fuses.
  • Gale: Lae'zel! Was that a joke?
  • Lae'zel: Only if you found it funny.

(At Philgrave's Mansion)

  • Gale: There's magic here, but it's of a rancid, impure form. Nothing like the true Weave at all.
  • Lae'zel: This is why I appreciate a sharp blade to a ball of fire or a bolt of lightning. The Weave is inconsistent, unruly.
  • Gale: The Weave is constant, but its users? Anything but. We must be on our guard.
  • Lae'zel: A githyanki warrior hardly needs to be told that.

(At Harborview Park)

  • Lae'zel: These flowers are quite vivid - not to mention, pungent. Not to my liking.
  • Gale: Are there no flowers in Tu'narath?
  • Lae'zel: In the City of Death, the mlar cultivate the fruiting bodies that sprout from the corpses of the slain.
  • Gale: I'd rather get them from my florist in Waterdeep, if it's all the same to you.

(At Water Queen's House)

  • Lae'zel: Githyanki gish sail skiffs through the Astral Sea, an ocean far larger than Umberlee's.
  • Gale: Does the Astral Sea come with an equally irritable goddess?

(If Lae'zel no longer loyal to Vlaakith)

  • Lae'zel: Vlaakith holds dominion over the entire plane. And 'irritable' does not even begin to describe her.

(If Lae'zel is still loyal to Vlaakith)

  • Lae'zel: Vlaakith holds dominion over the entire plane. And she is not 'irritable' - she is ruthless.

(At Szarr Palace)

  • Gale: I always wondered what a vampire's lair would look like. Can't say I pictured it being quite this... theatrical.
  • Lae'zel: I find it surprisingly similar to Queen Vlaakith's aesthetic.
  • Gale: That makes sense. She does have a flair for the dramatic.

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Gale: I'm surprised you're permitted to choose a partner outside of your own people.
  • Gale: I can't imagine Mother Gith would approve. Doesn't she prefer us lesser species enslaved? Or eviscerated?
  • Lae'zel: We are to use and misuse each civilisation in the stars, in every way we know. I do not conquer by blade alone, Gale.

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Gale: I've been pondering something, Lae-zel. Why is it that githyanki have belly-buttons, when they hatch from eggs?
  • Lae'zel: I did not grant you permission to gaze upon my midriff.
  • Gale: I - I wasn't gazing, merely observing. Though that can hardly be said for a certain someone else...

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Gale: Tell me, Lae'zel, is it common for githyanki to fall in love?
  • Lae'zel: Love. Is that this feeling in me, then? This ... passion to peel every layer of one's heart to see what light and shadows lurk there?
  • Lae'zel: Githyanki have playmates. Thrill-partners. But I'd never heard anyone profess love, nor read of it in our slates.
  • Lae'zel: I doubt I am the first githyanki to... to feel this way. But few would ever declare it.

(If the player is romancing Gale; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Gale: Indulge me, Lae'zel. As someone unfettered by Faerûnian beauty standards, how would you appraise my appearance?
  • Lae'zel: Your beard looks like the hairy tufts upon the psurlon, the largest of wormkind that slither our skies.
  • Gale: I suppose that's a bad thing? No - don't answer that.

(If the player is romancing Gale; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Gale: So, Lae'zel - have you ever been tempted to use psionics in your, erm, romantic endeavours?
  • Lae'zel: Only once. Did you know, In low-gravity settings, githyanki can maintain aerial suspension for hours at a time?
  • Gale: Fascinating - I think the archmage Tasha described a spell with similar effect. I really must look that up...

(If the player is romancing Gale; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Lae'zel: Gale, I've heard you talking in your sleep. Your mate needs better rest for our journey.
  • Gale: And deprive them of the pleasure of hearing my nocturnal postulations? I'd never be so cruel.
  • Gale: The mind absorbs much while we believe ourselves dormant. To lie beside Gale of Waterdeep is positively educational.

Lae'zel Approval.png Lae'zel and Karlach Karlach Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(While in plains)

  • Karlach: Is this your first time on the Sword Coast, Lae'zel?
  • Lae'zel: Yes. It is much more... lively... than the githyanki slates led me to believe.
  • Karlach: Just wait till you see Baldur's Gate. You'll never want to leave.

(While in plains)

  • Lae'zel: Smell that? Blood. This whole plain reeks of it.
  • Karlach: That'll wake you up of a fine day, won't it.
  • Lae'zel: I do not need awakening. My senses are sharp as steel.

(At Forest)

  • Karlach: Ahh, smell that? Fresh forest air.
  • Lae'zel: I smell only fear - the fear of cowards lying in wait for an ambush.
  • Karlach: You can take a day off once in a while, Lae'zel.
  • Lae'zel: I do not take days off. I'd even forego sleep, if such a thing were feasible. The one advantage an elf holds over a githyanki.

(In the Underdark)

  • Karlach: Beautiful. Lethal. The Underdark is everything I thought it'd be.
  • Lae'zel: And I. This environ seems worthy of a githyanki warrior's estimation.
  • Karlach: Ah, to be deemed worthy by the great Lae'zel of Crèche K'liir.
  • Lae'zel: Continue as you have, Karlach, and you will achieve the same.

(At Rosymorn Monastery)

  • Karlach: What a sight. We should stop for a nice little lunch, take it all in.
  • Lae'zel: Is the worm gnawing at your grey matter? We must find a crèche and be purified.
  • Karlach: True. Fine. First, purify the tadpole, then a little lunch.

(On the road to Shadow-Cursed Lands)

  • Karlach: Lae'zel, do you want to talk about what happened at the crèche?
  • Lae'zel: Trust me. You'll know when I'm ready to discuss it.
  • Karlach: Fair enough. But if you change your mind...
  • Lae'zel: It is not a matter of mind. It is a matter of faith - and I have been put to the test.

(At Shadow-Cursed Lands Forest)

  • Karlach: Do I see light? Or am I delusional?
  • Lae'zel: Just a mirage. There's not a spot in sight that the gloom hasn't touched.
  • Karlach: Damn, you're right. The eyes see what the heart wants.

(At Ruined Battlefield)

  • Lae'zel: Bones. Rusted weapons. A great battle was fought here.
  • Karlach: An extra vicious one, I think. No one buried their dead.
  • Lae'zel: Exactly the sort of battle I live to fight. And the sort made even more thrilling with a hot-hearted tiefling at my side.

(At Mind Flayer Colony)

  • Karlach: Look at all this mucus. Wonder if our nautiloid came from down here.
  • Lae'zel: It's a possibility. This is no mere mind flayer colony, but an entire ghaik bastion.
  • Karlach: I'm ready for the goo.

(At Wyrm's Rock Fortress)

  • Lae'zel: A kith'rak's red dragon would have this place down around Gortash's ears in moments.
  • Karlach: I'd love to see that. I've always hated this place.
  • Lae'zel: It will be far more satisfying to plunge a blade into Gortash myself than to pick through his ashes.

(At Wyrm's Rock Fortress)

  • Karlach: You know, I've always kind of hated this place. Such ado about a damned bridge.
  • Lae'zel: It's just a bridge. Is it really worth all that ire?
  • Karlach: C'mon, isn't there something you hate for no good reason?
  • Lae'zel: Hm. I dislike owls. Their hyper-mobile necks are quite disconcerting.
  • Karlach: You know what, Lae? I couldn't agree more.

(At Lady Jannath's Estate)

  • Karlach: Phew! Wouldn't mind shacking up in a place like this.
  • Lae'zel: Yes - and quite an attractive target for githyanki raiders. They'd plunder the village and fly off with the spoils.
  • Karlach: What are you, pirates?
  • Lae'zel: To my people, all the planes are a vast garden to be weeded and picked.
  • Karlach: Well tell your mates to keep their hoes out of Baldur's Gate.

(At House of Hope)

  • Karlach: Damn. I swore I'd never come back to the Hells, and here I am.
  • Lae'zel: Fate has a way of pulling us along with or without our approval.
  • Karlach: Escaping fate happens to be my speciality.

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Karlach: So githyanki undergarments. Very fashionable.
  • Lae'zel: The under-harnesses are often used for strapping oneself onto a red dragon.
  • Karlach: Fashion and function. You lot really have it all figured out.

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Karlach: Lae'zel, you're actually glowing.
  • Lae'zel: It is the sheen of the soldier's sweat on my brow.
  • Karlach: The soldier's sweat? Or the lover's?
  • Lae'zel: Kain'cha... Speak on it no further.

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Karlach: It's good to see you smiling, Lae'zel.
  • Lae'zel: A momentary spasm of the jaw. But perhaps there is cause.
  • Lae'zel: Even in this dark hour, there are some things to take heart in.
  • Karlach: Couldn't have said it better myself.

(If the player is romancing Karlach; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Lae'zel: Your years in the Hells have made you a fierce warrior, Karlach.
  • Karlach: Fierce in battle, maybe a bit naive in... everything else.
  • Lae'zel: In that way, you are like many a young githyanki - wise to the ways of battle, if not to the wider world.
  • Karlach: Makes sense. And how are you getting on out here in the world?
  • Lae'zel: Mindfully and meticulously.

(If the player is romancing Karlach; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Lae'zel: Karlach, were there others of Zariel's warriors who bore the infernal engine?
  • Karlach: I was the first - not the last. But most didn't survive the process.
  • Karlach: The others were all devilkin. I think I was the only lucky winner from Faerûn.
  • Lae'zel: You were stronger than the others.
  • Karlach: Lucky me.

(If the player is romancing Karlach; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Lae'zel: A dinner date. At first your request confused me. But then, I became curious...
  • Karlach: Think you might like to try it for yourself some time?
  • Lae'zel: It sounds terribly understimulating.
  • Karlach: Depends on the company.
  • Lae'zel: Well. Good thing for us both I make for riveting company.

Lae'zel Approval.png Lae'zel and Shadowheart Shadowheart Approval.png[edit | edit source]

  • Shadowheart: So, gith. Aren't you worried your kind will punish you for consorting with us?
  • Lae'zel: My name is Lae'zel, k'chakhi.
  • Lae'zel: And my kin will understand my need for servants. They will help you, but only if I ask.

  • Shadowheart: Do you think your kin search for you, Lae'zel?
  • Lae'zel: I know they do not. It is my responsibility to cleanse myself.
  • Shadowheart: They pursued the nautiloid. Perhaps they were trying to free you.
  • Lae'zel: A vain notion. I am one of many and will not be a burden to my Queen.

  • Shadowheart: Lae'zel, how would you punish someone who wronged you?
  • Lae'zel: Wrong me how?
  • Shadowheart: Oh, say, murder. Or theft.
  • Lae'zel: Killing is good - it culls the weak. But theft would be paid for painfully, a thousand times over.
  • Shadowheart: Hmm. Good to know.

  • Lae'zel: Your sour face is tiring, Shadowheart. By all means leave, if I am so distasteful.
  • Shadowheart: I'd rather not turn my back on you, if it's all the same.

  • Shadowheart: I'll be keeping an eye on you, understand?
  • Lae'zel: If I choose to kill you, you will not even see it.

(After you've settled their fight over the artifact)

  • Lae'zel: I've been watching you fight, Shadowheart. Your skills are improving.
  • Shadowheart: My skills were just fine to begin with. You can save the compliments.
  • Lae'zel: I don't pay compliments. I make observations.

(After you've settled their fight over the artifact)

  • Shadowheart: So. Have we buried the hatchet, Lae'zel?
  • Lae'zel: No. Why would I bury a weapon? Is it broken?
  • Shadowheart: It's a metaphor.
  • Lae'zel: I do not know your metaphor. But if you need help digging, I will find a shovel.

  • Astarion: Shadowheart. Such a grim name for such a beautiful flower.

(If it is not known that Astarion is a vampire)

  • Shadowheart: I heard you mumbling that line to yourself earlier - it needs more work.
  • Lae'zel: Fortunate for his tongue he didn't say it to me.

(If it is known that Astarion is a vampire)

  • Shadowheart: Could you not stare so blatantly at my neck when you say that please?
  • Lae'zel: Oh, but do keep calling her 'flower'. She'll love that.

  • Gale: I was wondering about your queen, Vlaakith. What tales of her reach us are terrifying, but I suppose that's not how you would describe her.
  • Lae'zel: Vlaakith is unity: fear and beauty, life and unlife. Eyes like onyx, teeth like daggers. There is none more perfect.
  • Shadowheart: Sounds vile. I assume the meaning of 'perfect' was lost in translation...

  • Shadowheart: What if this crèche doesn't work out, Lae'zel? What if your kin fail you?
  • Lae'zel: If I can reach the crèche, my kin will provide - any failure will be mine alone.
  • Shadowheart: If you say so. Just don't expect me to put all my eggs in the same basket.
  • Gale: That expression must sound curious to a githyanki ear, given the way they're birthed.

(In the Underdark)

  • Shadowheart: Careful Lae'zel, it's dark around here. Would be a terrible shame to lose you forever.
  • Lae'zel: Yes, do keep your wits, Shadowheart. Should a dagger suddenly slice your neck, we may never know who's to blame.

(After the confrontation with the Githyanki at Mountain Pass)

  • Lae'zel: The traitor kith'rak takes great interest in this relic of yours, Shadowheart. Or should I say... weapon.
  • Lae'zel: What are you hiding?
  • Shadowheart: Nothing. I assume your kin are just as misguided as you are.

(Near Rosymorn Monastery)

  • Lae'zel: I believe we're approaching the crèche. Once we're inside, let me do the talking.
  • Shadowheart: Just to be clear - you're going to lead us into a nest of githyanki marauders, and we're supposed to trust that will end well for us?
  • Lae'zel: Is that a problem?
  • Shadowheart: More a sign of the times, I suppose.

(At Last Light Inn, if it's cursed)

  • Lae'zel: Last Light's defenders - slaughtered, every last one.
  • Shadowheart: They didn't deserve this.
  • Shadowheart: They were arrogant enough to try and withstand Lady Shar's power. This was always going to be the end result.

(Approaching Moonrise Towers)

  • Lae'zel: Moonrise Towers at last. Make no mistake - I will have answers about these ghaik tadpoles.
  • Shadowheart: Easy, Lae'zel - we need answers, yes, but you catch more flies with honey than vinegar...
  • Shadowheart: ... perhaps that doesn't translate. I don't know if githyanki have honey. Or vinegar. Or flies, even. Let's just show some restraint.
  • Lae'zel: I'm capable of restraint, just as you're capable of raw fury. I trust we'll find reason to exercise both here.

(At Moonrise Towers)

  • Lae'zel: I itch to draw my weapon and gut every last one of these cultists.
  • Shadowheart: You're keen. Just don't get carried away - some of those guts might be of more use to us unspilled, at least for a while.
  • Lae'zel: I know better than to indulge every craving, Shadowheart. But when the time is right, the Absolutists will feel the sting of my blade.

(At Moonrise Towers Prison)

  • Shadowheart: All those locked cells. A girl could cause all sorts of mischief with skilled fingers and a hairpin...
  • Lae'zel: You have done mischief enough with hairpins, if your tresses are an indication. The prisoners would be a hindrance.

(If Shadowheart was there when you saved Lae'zel from the cage, at the start of act 1)

  • Shadowheart: A hindrance, you say? Remind me, where did we fetch you from again? Oh that's right - a cage, caught by a couple of tieflings. Interesting.


  • Shadowheart: I'd rather an extra burden than extra enemies. Anyone the Absolute has captive is one tadpole away from taking up arms against us.

(At Morphic Pool)

  • Lae'zel: Ready your weapons. This will not be resolved by wits alone.
  • Shadowheart: You're right - though I like to think my wits are the best weapon I have.
  • Lae'zel: Your high regard for your own wits is no secret to anyone.
  • Shadowheart: Touché, Lae'zel! Perhaps wits are contagious.

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Shadowheart: I wouldn't have predicted the night you shared with our friend, Lae'zel. You didn't consider it beneath you?
  • Lae'zel: They were beneath me, at times. But also above me, And standing, at certain points.
  • Shadowheart: That's enough, I get the picture. Gods, do I get the picture...

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Shadowheart: I'm a tad surprised you change into more comfortable garb at camp, Lae'zel. You strike me as a 'sleeps in her armour' type.
  • Lae'zel: It would cause too much noise during my nighttime... exertions. I do not wish to alert foes of our location.
  • Shadowheart: Nighttime exertions...? Oh, I see. Well, considerate of you, I suppose.

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 3 romance scene)

(If Shadowheart is still loyal to Shar)

  • Shadowheart: I am fond of Baldur's Gate, in spite of it's failings. It's the perfect place for Lady Shar's faith to take hold.

(If Shadowheart no longer loyal to Shar)

  • Shadowheart: Baldur's Gate can be dirty, overcrowded, dangerous... but I do like it all the same. Found anything to admire in it, Lae'zel?
  • Shadowheart: How about you, Lae'zel? You're new to the city - found anything to admire in it?
  • Lae'zel: Admire it? As an overripe fruit ready for plucking, or a fattened calf awaiting the knife, perhaps.
  • Lae'zel: This place was constructed as if it wants a foreign power to pillage it.

(If the player is romancing Shadowheart; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Lae'zel: How do you maintain such an elaborate plait, Shadowheart? The craftsmanship is impressive.
  • Shadowheart: Now that you mention it, I can't remember who taught me. Another memory lost, perhaps.
  • Lae'zel: Still. If you let me watch your technique, I might learn it from you.
  • Shadowheart: Maybe. If you keep a respectable distance.

(If the player is romancing Shadowheart; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Lae'zel: You are debating allowing another into your heart.
  • Shadowheart: Quite the gossip, aren't you? Wouldn't have thought you cared.
  • Lae'zel: A formidable woman like yourself does herself no favours in revealing herself to be so erratic, so... uncertain.

(If the player is romancing Shadowheart, and Shadowheart chose Selune)

  • Lae'zel: I find the locals' fascination with 'the beach' is but a conspiracy for prudes to leer at each other unquestioned.
  • Lae'zel: Why does anyone bother wearing swim-garments at all?
  • Shadowheart: I'm not inclined to bother, myself, but I suppose it keeps the City Watch at bay.
  • Shadowheart: Some act as though displaying bare flesh is a more heinous crime than murder and robbery.

(If the player is romancing Shadowheart, and Shadowheart chose Shar)

  • Lae'zel: I heard a curious sound in night. What would you know about that, Shadowheart?
  • Shadowheart: Lady Shar permits me to plead ignorance.
  • Lae'zel: I ask not of Lady Shar - but of you and your paramour.
  • Shadowheart: I haven't the faintest idea what you mean. Perhaps a cat pounced on its prey?

Lae'zel Approval.png Lae'zel and Wyll Wyll Approval.png[edit | edit source]

  • Lae'zel: Every moment a new danger. I may have underestimated this Faerûn.
  • Wyll: You don't know the half of it. With a bit of luck, we'll meet a beholder.

  • Wyll: Lae'zel, have you ever done a good deed just for the sake of it?
  • Lae'zel: I have performed deeds well and efficiently. Is this what you mean?
  • Wyll: Not exactly. But you answered my question.

  • Wyll: Mm - Lae'zel, do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Lae'zel: I hardly believe in love at all.
  • Wyll: Oh.
  • Lae'zel: But I do believe in carnal pleasure.
  • Wyll: Oh!

  • Wyll: I've never met anyone like you, Lae'zel.
  • Lae'zel: Yes I've been told I'm quite scintillating.
  • Wyll: Have you really?
  • Lae'zel: No.

  • Wyll: Lae'zel, you've the most exquisite eyes - golden as the sands of the Calim.
  • Lae'zel: And you've a soft skull. A ghaik tentacle will have no issues pushing through it.
  • Wyll: Is that... a compliment?
  • Lae'zel: No, it is a fact. Life in this Faerûn is laughaby weak.

  • Lae'zel: The Blade of Frontiers, hm? Do you always need to be the centre of attention?
  • Wyll: Anything but. I don't fight to be flattered, Lae'zel. I fight to save lives.

  • Lae'zel: I've not heard of these 'Flaming Fist'. Enlighten me, Wyll.
  • Wyll: The Coast's chief militia, led by none other than Grand Duke Ulder Ravengard himself.

(If it is known that Wyll is the son of Ulder Ravengard)

  • Lae'zel: Your father, you mean?
  • Wyll: The very same.

(If it is known that Wyll has a contract with Mizora)

  • Lae'zel: If you wish to be rid of your devil, Wyll, we should just kill her and be done with it.
  • Wyll: And incur the wrath of the Hells? I might as well just leap straight into the fires.

  • Wyll: Can an illithid go solo, Lae'zel? You know - break free of their master?

(If you have met Omeluum)

  • Lae'zel: Renegades are rare, but not unheard of.

(If you have not met Omeluum)

  • Lae'zel: Renegades are rare, but not unheard of. Omeluum is one such creature.
  • Lae'zel: A ghaik gone astray is no less dangerous for it - and its head no less valuable.

  • Wyll: Who's in charge of the mind flayers, Lae'zel? Is there a squid king or something?
  • Lae'zel: No. Each ghaik is servant to an elder brain. No king unites elders - only their collective tyranny.
  • Gale: A mind flayer monarch, imagine that. Such a thing could shatter worlds.

(Near Rosymorn Monastery)

  • Wyll: Lae'zel, are you sure of the greeting we'll find at this crèche of yours?
  • Lae'zel: Of course I'll be welcomed. And if you behave, you may keep your head too.
  • Wyll: I can count on you to vouch for me, I hope.
  • Lae'zel: Don't worry. You're more useful to me alive.

(At Crèche Y'llek)

  • Lae'zel: How I have longed for these familiar sounds and sights.
  • Wyll: Well I'll be. So even the ferocious Lae'zel has a soft side.
  • Lae'zel: A possessive side. What is a warrior without something precious to protect?

(At Mind Flayer Colony)

  • Wyll: Lae'zel - did you ever fight illithid creatures in your training days?
  • Lae'zel: Never. The ghaik aboard the nautiloid was the first I ever witnessed in flesh.
  • Wyll: Really? I figured you would have joined your fellow gith in a colony raid.
  • Lae'zel: A young warrior is expected to fight their first ghaik with their cousins - kin hatched from the same clutch.
  • Lae'zel: The ones who triumph earn a place in githyanki society. The one's who don't, perish.

(At Rivington)

  • Wyll: When I was a child, father sent me to Sharess' Caress to deliver messages.
  • Wyll: How was I to know what went on behind its closed doors?
  • Lae'zel: Eating, sleeping, and sex acts of all manner, of course.
  • Wyll: Hm. What's plain to you wasn't so plain to mini-Wyll.
  • Lae'zel: 'Mini-Lae'zel' wasn't so sheltered. On Crèche K'liir, very little is hidden behind doors.

(At Eastern Docks)

  • Lae'zel: I smell danger on the wind. Keep your weapons ready.
  • Wyll: The only thing the wind's carrying is the smell of trout. Lae'zel. We're near the fish market.
  • Lae'zel: Discount my warning at your peril.
  • Wyll: I get it, Lae'zel - peril, danger, and so forth. All I can think of now is a nice fish dinner.

(At Lower City Sewers)

  • Lae'zel: Baldur's Gate's sewer system could use a few... improvements.
  • Wyll: The smell getting to you, Lae'zel?
  • Lae'zel: It isn't the smell that bothers me - it's the inefficiency. An entire underground wasted on waste that could simply be teleported to Wildspace.
  • Wyll: Hm. Once the Absolute's finished, I'll be sure to propose your idea to the Council.

(At Steel Watch Foundry)

  • Wyll: Labour is the lifeblood of every city. Baldur's Gate would perish without its workers.
  • Lae'zel: So it is with the githyanki. Without the mlar's swords and ships, and the gardens of our g'lathk, the empire couldn't thrive.
  • Wyll: Maybe githyanki and humans aren't so different after all.
  • Lae'zel: Let's not carried away, Wyll.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Lae'zel: Wyll, you are a man of great vigour. Why have you not sought a mate any of these nights we have camped?
  • Wyll: Ah, well, I admit I've had thoughts about it. In my own way.
  • Lae'zel: Do not think, Wyll. Act.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Lae'zel: Does your species release airborne pheromones upon beginning the courtship dance, Wyll?
  • Lae'zel: I've heard thus is the way with certain birds of paradise and prey. The chemical induces lowered inhibitions between the pair.
  • Wyll: No. I mean, I don't think so. Would you count a light spritz from a vial of jasmine dust as a pheromone?
  • Lae'zel: Indubitably.

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Lae'zel: To bind oneself to another forever seems a fool's vow.
  • Wyll: Then by all means, call me a fool.
  • Wyll: In the Gate especially, it's uncommon to marry your first love nowadays.
  • Wyll: But losing that early love is still the regret foremost of forgotten sorrows.

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Wyll: I really didn't expect the affair to last between the two of you, Lae'zel. Is it getting to be something more?
  • Lae'zel: We have spilled one another's blood. We have spent blows until utter exhaustion.
  • Wyll: Congratulations - I think.

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Wyll: I hope my home can be yours, if you don't go back to the skies.
  • Lae'zel: Chk. I have no intention of allowing myself to grow a third stomach and a withered arm in a ducal seat.
  • Wyll: I meant the Gate! But you're always welcome for tea.

Lae'zel Approval.png Lae'zel and Halsin Halsin Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(At The Counting House)

  • Halsin: Such hoarding of wealth. A tomb for riches that could be put to better use.
  • Lae'zel: I've heard the same said of bears - the kind you take the shape of. They hoard, gorge, and hibernate through hard times.
  • Halsin: True... but only until the thaw, then life goes on. This gold may never see daylight again, while others go cold and hungry.

(If the player is romancing Haslin in act 3)

  • Lae'zel: You've quite the appetite, Halsin. I'd wager you've bedded more of your foes than you've felled.
  • Halsin: Hmm. A challenging sum. The chimera has three heads... but does it still count as one?
  • Lae'zel: Must have been a challenging kill.
  • Halsin: Kill... yes.

Lae'zel Approval.png Lae'zel and Minthara Minthara Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(At Shadow-Cursed Lands Forest)

  • Lae'zel: Difficult terrain, cursed or not. Gith dragon-riders prefer flat land and open skies.
  • Minthara: Ketheric's undead legions carve paths through the foliage when they pass. It grows back stronger though.
  • Lae'zel: A tedious labour well suited to the undead.
  • Minthara: Tedious labour does not only suit the dead. Plenty of surface-dwellers are suitable for little else.

(At Last Light Inn, if it's protected)

  • Minthara: These people seem soldiers by their bearing. What say you, Lae'zel?
  • Lae'zel: The enforcers of order - unmistakable in their vigilant bearing. So it goes across all the planes and their peoples.
  • Minthara: On this plane, the story always ends the same way. Order collapses, and shadows take the light.

(At Mason's Guild Rebel Hideout)

  • Minthara: How curious. The shadow curse has not touched this place.
  • Lae'zel: And by the looks of it, its riches have gone unplundered.
  • Minthara: A faultless observation, Lae'zel. Are all githyanki so quick to come to the essential point?

(At House of Healing)

  • Lae'zel: A waste of space and resources. Gith triage methods obviate the need for such crude facilities.
  • Minthara: Tell me about these methods.
  • Lae'zel: A githyanki ghustil can summon Astral energy to heal most any wound.
  • Lae'zel: If a warrior's lacerations are beyond even their ability, the victim is beheaded.
  • Minthara: Efficient. We have much to learn from one another.

(At House of Healing Morgue)

  • Lae'zel: I have seen many a gruesome death, but even I can't fathom some of the horrors inflicted in this supposed 'House of Healing'.
  • Minthara: You're young, child. If you survive as long as I have, you will witness greater horrors than this.
  • Lae'zel: If you are fortunate, you may even inflict greater horrors in the name of your cause.

(At Mind Flayer Colony)

  • Lae'zel: A ghaik colony. Illithids are certainly the driving force behind this Absolute cult.
  • Minthara: The hierarchy of command is not yet clear, child. Can you be sure the illithids are in control?
  • Lae'zel: I know what I see - my mortal enemies. And I know what must be done about them.

(At Basilisk Gate)

  • Minthara: There is no true authority in this city. The guards are more degenerate than the criminals.
  • Lae'zel: True warriors among the city's Flaming Fist seem exceedingly rare. The worst are mere rats scurrying about their warren.
  • Minthara: And what do we do with rats, Lae'zel? We hang them by the tails, and burn their warrens.

(In the North Alleys)

  • Lae'zel: Ah - the smell of fresh blood spilled on stone. It reminds me of the tunnels within my home of K'liir.
  • Minthara: I would like to visit your home one day, Lae'zel. Where is K'liir?
  • Lae'zel: You may know it as Stardock. An asteroid, one of the Tears of Selûne. It's tunnels are home to all manner of creatures to hunt.
  • Lae'zel: Vicious, unrelenting. The sort of place I imagine you'd take to, Minthara.

(At The Lodge)

  • Minthara: The Society of Brilliance! These preposterous fools love to meddle in Underdark affairs - they are most amusing.
  • Lae'zel: Amusing? Wherein lies the humour?
  • Minthara: They seek to promote peace between species through mutual understanding. Ha.
  • Lae'zel: Even my people know the value of a carefully crafted coalition, Minthara. Is our own alliance not a case in point?

(At Guildhall)

  • Lae'zel: Two sides, each itching to draw blades against the other.
  • Minthara: The sensation is contagious. Which should we oppose?
  • Lae'zel: Either or both, so long as I get to spill blood.

(At Morphic Pool)

  • Minthara: We drow are sensitive to psionic power. And this place throbs with mental power such as I have never known.
  • Lae'zel: It threatens all of us, gith and mud worlder alike. But even the brightest blaze can be extinguished.
  • Minthara: Extinguish it? I intend to seize it. Power exists to be wielded.

(If the player is romancing Minthara; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Lae'zel: Our leader is a fool for love, Minthara. I'd never be compelled to conduct such a poorly-planned jailbreak.
  • Minthara: They did not do it for love. They did it for my prowess in combat, as well as coitus. I excel in both.
  • Lae'zel: As do I. Sometimes the acts are not dissimilar.

(If the player is romancing Minthara; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Lae'zel: At what age do you think it is right to set a child upon mortal combat?
  • Minthara: The moment it can hold a blade. It may even test its resilience against some common poisons while it is still in the womb.
  • Lae'zel: Tsk'va. We do not wilfully risk our young until they are of thirteen years. No point wasting battle-flesh before it's primed.

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Minthara: A few pointers, Lae'zel. I heard you and your lover locked in combat, but the test you set was not rigorous enough.
  • Minthara: Next time, tie them to the ground, and do not release them until you are both satisfied.
  • Lae'zel: Hmm. You have given me ideas...

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Minthara: You fight harder than ever now that you have a lover to protect from harm, Lae'zel.
  • Minthara: The githyanki should encourage relations between their soldiers. It is a proven tactic for morale.
  • Lae'zel: We need no boon for morale - I fight well when there is kin at my side. And now, I count one more among them.

Lae'zel Approval.png Lae'zel and Jaheira Jaheira Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(At Grey Harbour Docks)

  • Jaheira: Ugh. I have no love for the sea, but the city would not be what it is without these ships. That lends them a kind of beauty, I suppose.
  • Lae'zel: Indeed. There is no more impressive sight than a githyanki spelljammer with its astral sails unfurled.
  • Jaheira: A sweeter sight still, the world those ships might make if you plied them between the planes. Interplanar learning, trade...
  • Lae'zel: Trade? Why stoop to barter when you have the power to take what you need?

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Jaheira: Lae'zel. My brief time on the Astral Plane left quite the impression. You must miss it dearly.
  • Lae'zel: I don't hail from the Astral, Jaheira. My glimpse was as brief as yours, before we were cast back to the Material.
  • Lae'zel: If only I might have remained there. Oh, to soar the skies above Tu'narath atop a red dragon...

Lae'zel Approval.png Lae'zel and Minsc Minsc Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Minsc: Bah! Fine, Boo. Lae'zel - my hamster wishes me to tell you:
  • Minsc: You are the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.
  • Lae'zel: I'm afraid I can't return the sentiment - but I know of some githyanki who would find him quite... appealing. Mouth-watering, in fact.