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In-game approval / disapproval popups.

In Baldur's Gate 3, every companion has an approval rating towards the player character. Players gain approval or disapproval based on the choices they make in dialogue, quests, combat, etc.

Approval and disapproval is most often indicated in the top-left corner of the screen while in dialogue. Approval changes outside of dialogue are displayed in a box similar to those shown for inspiration gains or quest updates. Rarely, a character's approval may change 'invisibly', with no message displayed.

Dialogue with companions will change based on current approval rating, and might also affect the Difficulty Class required to persuade them. Romanceable companions have different thresholds required in order to begin or continue the romance.

Approval can be viewed on the character sheet in two places:

  • At the bottom of the Summary page, displayed as a coloured bar with the player character's portrait on it.
  • At the bottom of the Detailed View page, between Saving Throw Bonuses and Tags. This will show the actual numerical value of their approval.

In either location, hovering over the approval rating will display a short description, as seen in the table below.

In a single player session, performing actions characters would normally approve/disapprove of with that character will not affect the player's approval rating. (This is not always possible, depending on the action.) Performing those actions with other non-player companion characters will, however.

In a multiplayer session, each companion will have a separate approval rating towards each avatar.

Low Approval[edit | edit source]

If a companion's approval drops to -50 or lower, they will leave the party permanently, taking with them anything they had equipped. The contents of their inventory including story items will be returned to the player character in a backpack.

Companions will give two warnings (once at -25 and once at -40) before deciding to leave.

Casting Friends on companions will lower their approval by 10 when the effect ends, regardless of game difficulty.

Approval Thresholds[edit | edit source]

Value Approval Description
-49-40 Very Low Relationship is in danger. Character is likely to leave party if they disagree with another decision.
-39-20 Low Relationship is bad. Character may leave party if approval gets worse.
-1920 Neutral Relationship is neutral. Character has no strong feelings towards avatar.
2140 Medium Relationship is fair. Character's trust in avatar is variable.
4160 High Relationship is good. Character approves of avatar.
6180 Very High Relationship is very good. Character is happy with and easily convinced by avatar.
81100 Exceptional Relationship is exceptional. Character is thrilled with and very easily convinced by avatar.

Approval by character[edit | edit source]

Approval by act[edit | edit source]