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Halsin dislikes any decisions that might involve hurting the natural world or supporting the existence and corruption of the shadow lands.

The actions and choices listed on this page will raise or lower Halsin's Approval.

For more information about the approval system, see Approval.

Greetings[edit | edit source]

Depending on their approval rating, Halsin may greet the player with:

Negative (<0):

  • "What do you want?"
  • "You wish to speak? Fine."
  • "Oak father grant me patience... what do you want?"

Neutral and above:

  • "Oak father preserve you."

If spoken to by someone other than the player character:

  • "I'm afraid there's not much I can say - I've sworn confidence to someone else already."

Romance[edit | edit source]

Partnered - Halsin is primary partner:

  • "My heart soars just to look upon you. What do you need?
  • "Speak to me, lover."
  • "All of nature's bounty pales next to you. Do you need something?"
  • "You wish to speak? I am here for you."

Partnered - Halsin is secondary partner:

  • "What word, my love?"
  • "You truly are a feast for my eyes - nature outdid itself with you. Did you wish to speak?"
  • "I have longed to hear your voice. Speak to me."
  • "Nature has been most kind to let me share in your heart. What do you need?"

Approval[edit | edit source]

As a Companion character, the interactions listed below will cause Halsin to gain approval.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 02.png Act 2 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Ruined Battlefield

  • Tell Oliver you know who he really is Halsin approves +1

Reithwin Town

  • Let Halsin persuade Oliver. Halsin approves +10
  • Reunite Oliver with Thaniel Halsin approves +40
  • Tell Arabella you'll find her parents. Halsin approves +1
  • Invite Arabella to stay at your camp. Halsin approves +1

Reithwin Tollhouse

The Waning Moon

Gauntlet of Shar

  • Agree to peace with the rats after interacting with the broken effigy. Halsin approves +5
  • Respond to Reconstitued Duellist as Shadowheart with answer as a believer of deity Shar.
  • After finding-out that Yurgir uses a charm to manipulate his Displacer Beast, go confront him about it and tell him that it's wrong. Halsin approves +1

Moonrise Towers

Moonrise Towers Rooftop

  • After passing the persuasion check, and a second set of dialogue, tell Ketheric Thorm either:
    • That you can help him if he lets you.
    • That it isn't too late and his story doesn't end here.
    • To come quietly and he'll be spared.
  • Tell Aylin to stand down, Ketheric has surrendered.

Mind Flayer Colony

  • Use the Neural Apparatus to release everyone in the Tadpoling Centre Halsin approves +5
  • When interrogating the "Fresh Mind" with Gortash's invention, tell the kid to "Go back to sleep" Halsin approves +1
  • Tell Jaheira she's welcome in your camp. Halsin approves +1


  • Say you wished he joined earlier when asking about what happens after the shadow curse lifted. Halsin approves +1
  • Say you are sorry for his loss when asking about his family. Halsin approves +1
  • Thank him for sharing with you. Halsin approves +1
  • Tell him you are afraid of krakens. Halsin approves +1
  • Give the Githyanki reply when asked about yourself.
  • Say "It hurts, I know it does." when talking to Arabella in camp
  • Tell Arabella her parents would be proud of her.
  • When "Ketheric Thorm is no more", talk to Thaniel. Halsin approves +20

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 03.png Act 3 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

  • When Yenna approaches you for the first time
    • As a Ranger, offer to track down Yenna's mother.
    • Give Yenna coins. Halsin approves +1
    • Offer to find a guard for her. Halsin approves +1
    • After selecting a different option, give her gold (giving food will not gain approval) Halsin approves +1
  • As the Dark Urge, tell Gyldro Angleiron that you do all you can to keep your loved ones safe from your blade. Halsin approves +1
  • Tell Fist Rowan "They're innocent people. You can't just kill them!" Halsin approves +1
  • Telling Mattis to watch himself when he remarks how big Baldur's Gate is. Halsin approves +1
  • Donate 500 gold for refugees to Manip Nestor. Halsin approves +1
  • As a Baldurian, tell Saer Grotpoll that his accent sounds more Rivington than Baldur's Gate Halsin approves +1
  • Compliment the pig within the requisitioned barn. Halsin approves +1
  • Tell Biscotti he's a good dog the first time you meet him. Halsin approves +1
  • As a Ranger, tell Fortuno to relax for Biscotti.
  • Tell Tinker Nayzeem that the way people treat refugees is terrible. Halsin approves +1
  • Persuade or Intimidate Angry Mar'hyah into letting you keep Scratch. Halsin approves +1
  • Deceive or Intimidate Angry Mar'hyah into leaving her job. Halsin approves +1
  • Try to help the Dying Stone Lord Thug Halsin approves +1
  • Tell Wulbren you'll visit the Gondians and maybe they'll see reason. Halsin approves +1
  • Tell Wulbren that you'll only do it your way and refuse to take the Runepowder Bomb. Halsin approves +1
  • (Requires Speak with Animals) After convincing Tara to stop eating pigeons, tell Commander Lightfeather that you found the enemy and that his pigeons fought bravely against it.
  • Consent to arrest when the Steel Watcher at the South Span checkpoint. Halsin approves +1

Circus of the Last Days

  • Reassure Halsin after choosing him to go on stage with Dribbles the Clown ("Go on, Halsin!"). Halsin approves +1
  • Break the lock of the displacer beast's cage. Halsin approves +1

Wyrm's Crossing

  • Agree with Adventurer Drim at the Fraygo's Flophouse that people don't respect adventurers anymore.
  • Reject the Deal with the Gnomes quest from Manip Falcäo Halsin approves +1
  • Get into Wyrm's Rock via the gate by either: showing the Admission Pass, getting Investigator Valeria's permission, passing a persuasion check and bribing the guard, or passing certain class-related checks. Halsin approves +1

Sharess' Caress

  • Invite Halsin to join an orgy with the Drow twins Halsin approves +1

Open Hand Temple

Wyrm's Rock Fortress

  • Convince the Flaming Fist quartermaster Arkleia Oloril to trade with you. Halsin approves +1
  • Say that you should not trust the Steel Watchers because they will turn on everyone while talking to Lord Amber's Bodyguard, Lady Durinbold's Attendant and Lord Shattershield's Attendant. Halsin approves +1
  • Pass the Steel Watcher that confronts you at the coronation. Halsin approves +1
  • Agree to slay Orin and become allies with Gortash
  • Use the Baldurian option when talking to Duke Ravengard right after Gortash's inauguration, wondering what has befallen the city's great hero.
  • Give Fist Reynash 300 gold to flee Halsin approves +1

Lower City

  • Pay or persuade the Captain at the Grey Harbour Docks to keep the Brislen family together
  • Offer a prayer to Flood Tide Allandra Grey at Holli's funderal
  • (Requires Jaheira) Tell Rion that "There are refugees outside. They'll need protection." when asked what to do. Halsin approves +1
  • X: -166 Y: -75 Play with the children.
  • Requires Perception Check DC 7, spot Cinnamon's "Spy Candy". Halsin approves +1
  • Allow Punkins to scan you. Halsin approves +1
  • Say "Don't be rude to your dog. He's doing a great job running" when you speak with Albert at the western entrance to Bloomridge Park. Halsin approves +1
  • Tell Havkelaag at the Society of Brilliance his experiment with the githyanki egg is barbaric and refuse to sell the egg. Halsin approves +1
  • When rencountering Araj, ask Astarion if he wishes to leave Halsin approves +1
  • Tell Araj "Forget it. I saw how you made Astarion feel. I'm done with you." Halsin approves +1


  • When talking with Nine-Fingers Keene with Minsc in the party, Minsc will see her as an enemy and attack, succeed any check (Insight/Intimidation/Persuasion) to convince Minsc that she isn't an enemy. Halsin approves +1

The Counting House

  • Give Rags Deelarma begging outside the entrance a handful of coins. Halsin approves +1

Sorcerous Sundries

  • Tell Aradin what the Nightsong really is, then avoid revealing her location (or lie) Halsin approves +1
  • Tell Lorroakan you'll tell the Nightsong to come so she can rip him to shreds. Halsin approves +1


  • Tell Isobel that you will help Aylin take down Lorroakan Halsin approves +1
  • Let Lae'zel speak against Vlaakith when the Githyanki lich-queen projects herself in the camp when long-resting.
  • Agree with Halsin that there is a rot in the city with how Baldur's Gate treats its vulnerable and the refugees.
  • Tell Scratch you're glad he's back where he belongs after saving him from Angry Mar'hyah Halsin approves +1

Disapproval[edit | edit source]

As a Companion character, the interactions listed below will cause Halsin to lose approval. This list is most likely incomplete.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 02.png Act 2 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Last Light Inn
  • Call Wulbren a prick when talking to him and Barcus at Last Light Inn.

House in Deep Shadows

  • Playing Hide and seek with Oliver

Moonrise Towers

  • Free the goblins when Z'rell prompts you to kill them.
  • When entering Moonrise Towers, tell the guards you infiltrated Last Light Inn.

Gauntlet of Shar

  • Lick the spider carcass
  • With Mother Dearest in your inventory, ask "What happened to your mother?"
    • Say "Actually, I have your mother."
      • Say "No, I think I'll keep her." (Disapproves even if not in the party). Halsin disapproves -1

Mind Flayer Colony


  • At camp, when asked if you have anything to share about yourself in return, tell him, "I really don't know very much about myself to tell."
  • As the Dark Urge at camp, when asked if you have anything to share about yourself in return, tell him, "Nothing half as charming as that...it's all crimson and rot."

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 03.png Act 3 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.


  • Tell Wulbren you'll take the bomb but only use it as a last resort. Halsin disapproves -1
  • Ready yourself to fight when challenged by the Steel Watcher at the South Span Checkpoint Halsin disapproves -1

Circus of the Last Days

  • Boo Dribbles the Clown.
  • After passing the Animal Handling check, tell the displacer beast, "Kill them all, kitty."

Wyrm's Crossing

Cazador's Dungeon

  • Help Astarion become a Vampire Ascendant

Sorcerous Sundries

  • When speaking to Yafeu after a different companion got trapped in his lamp, ask for gold. Halsin disapproves -1

Devil's Fee

  • Intimidate Helsik to keep the gauntlets Halsin disapproves -1