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Wyll likes acts of heroism and defending the innocent or defenseless.

Wyll dislikes villainous acts like killing the innocent or defenseless.

The actions and choices listed on this page will raise or lower Wyll's Approval.

For more information about the approval system, see Approval.

Greetings[edit | edit source]

Depending on their approval rating, Wyll may greet the player with:

Negative (<0):

  • "You've got something to say?"
  • "Go ahead."

Neutral (0 - 29):

  • "Well met."

Medium and up (30+) - After Gortash coronation in Act Three

  • "Let's talk."
  • "Always good to talk, my friend."

When spoken to by someone other than the player character:

  • "I'm all chatted out, I'm afraid - though I may have a word with the chief."

Romance[edit | edit source]


  • "I'm here for you, always."

Approval[edit | edit source]

As a Companion character, the interactions listed below will cause Wyll to gain approval.

Act One[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 01.png Act 1 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Ravaged Beach

  • When talking to the corpse of the Abducted Nobleman in the Crashed Nautiloid ship via Speak with Dead:
    • Playing as a Bard, ask if he wants you to write his story Wyll approves +1
    • Playing as a Cleric or Paladin, ask if he would like rites to be performed on his body Wyll approves +1
    • Playing as a Ranger or Druid ask if he wants to be buried Wyll approves +1
  • Demand more than apologies from Astarion after the spawn attacks you Wyll approves +1
  • Use Animal Handling to calm the Scared Boar found near Astarion's pod OR tell it that you won't hurt it via Speak with Animals Wyll approves +1 (any option)
  • Recruit Gale Wyll approves +1

Roadside Cliffs

Emerald Grove/The Hollow

After resolving Arabella's fate

  • Tell Kagha that she killed a child in cold blood OR call her a monster (Wyll approves +1 any option)
  • Playing as a Drow, say you don't threaten/kill children Wyll approves +1
  • Persuade Kagha to fight against the Shadow Druids (if uncovered her conspiring with them) Wyll approves +1
    • OR Choose to attack Kagha instead of persuading her Wyll approves +1
  • Tell Silver the wolf you just wanted to give them your scent (using Speak with Animals) Wyll approves +1
  • Tell Zevlor you'll kill the goblin's leaders Wyll approves +5
  • After being confronted about stealing the Idol of Silvanus, return the idol and apologise Karlach approves +1
  • Help Alfira finish her song Wyll approves +1
  • In the confrontation with Barth about the locket, stand for Meli Wyll approves +1
  • If you are confronted about stealing the Idol of Silvanus return the idol and apologise Wyll approves +1

While the Emerald Grove is preparing for the goblin attack

  • Convince Memnos to join the fight against the goblins Wyll approves +1
  • Tell Lakrissa to buy you a drink Wyll approves +1
  • Refuse to open the gate for Minthara Wyll approves +5


Owlbear Nest

Sunlit Wetlands

Blighted Village

  • Gain entrance to the village by intimidating the the goblin booyahg at the southern gate Wyll approves +1
  • Attack Fezzerk and his gang Wyll approves +5
  • Deliver the final blow to Fezzerk when confronting him near the windmill Wyll approves +5
    • Untie Barcus Wroot off the windmill wing and tell him that he owes you nothing Wyll approves +1
  • Drop and prepare to destroy the Necromancy of Thay in the Apothecary's Cellar Wyll approves +1

Goblin Camp
At the front gate:

  • Fling dung at Sentinel Olak (hidden behind other dialogue options; triggers a fight with gate guards)

At the outer camp:

  • Make Crusher kneel and kiss your foot. Wyll approves +1
    • OR Make Crusher kiss your foot after defeating him in a fight. Wyll approves +1
    • Continue to attack Crusher after he is defeated, if he attacks you Wyll approves +1Makes the whole camp hostile
  • Successfully pass a check to take the Owlbear Cub from Goblin Krolla

In the Shattered Sanctum:

  • Pick a fight with Priestess Gut in the throne room Wyll approves +1 OR in her chambers Wyll approves +5
  • Tell Minthara that Sazza was too stupid to understand you prior Wyll approves +1
  • Tell Minthara that the prisoner escaped and pass an Intelligence check to withhold the grove's location
  • Convince the spiders in the pit that goblins taste better than you

At Worg Pens:

  • Stop the goblin children from throwing stones at the bear
  • After freeing Halsin, agree to Defeat the Goblins and ask Halsin to help you in a bear form.
    • OR Tell Halsin to wait in the pens

The Risen Road

Waukeen's Rest

Zhentarim Hideout:

  • Successfully intimidate Salazon to let you go through the hatch to the Zhentarim Hideout
  • Intimidate, persuade or pay Brem to give you the artist in the Zhentarim Basement Wyll approves +1
    • Get Brem to lower the price Wyll approves +1
  • Agree to pay the extra 200 gold to the artist after you free him



  • When first speaking to Ward Magmar in front of the elevator choose either:
    • "Enslaving the meek? I see you live up to your cruel reputation." (Dwarf only) Wyll approves +1
    • "You disgust me, slaver. How do you live with yourself." Wyll approves +1
  • Agree to do what you can to find Philomeen and her explosives
  • Bow your head in respect to the fallen deep gnomes
  • Tell True Soul Nere that no more innocents will die today
  • Attack True Soul Nere by siding with mercenaries against absolutists
  • Convince Elder Brithvar or Kirgrath to free the deep gnomes after the fight with True Soul Nere
  • Wish Barcus Wroot luck with his search for his friend
  • After killing Nere and you ask Kirgrath about the slaves, Reply with either "[INTIMIDATION] Set them free, or I will thrash you like I thrashed Nere. " or " [PERSUASION] Let the gnomes go. They'll just slow you down." Wyll approves +1

Crèche Y'llek

  • Ask the Inquisitor how he knows so much about the player character


  • When discussing the tadpole and its lack of side-effects, choose any option besides the "poison mushroom" one Wyll approves +3
  • Tell Lae'zel that "No one is dying tonight. We still have time." Wyll approves +5
  • Ask him if he's worried about his father's abduction Wyll approves +3
  • When asking what it's like being the duke's son, say "Good wine? I'll toast to that"
  • Tell Wyll you should rescue Duke Ravengard Wyll approves +3
  • Pet ScratchWyll approves +1
  • Feed the Owlbear Cub when it arrives at Camp
  • Successfully heal the Owlbear Cub when it appears at Camp
  • At camp, promise Barcus Wroot that you will find his friend Wulbren at Moonrise Towers Wyll approves +1

Raphael's Deal

  • When Raphael briefly takes you to the House of Hope, tell the devil:
    • "You're mad if you think I'll make a deal with a devil." Wyll approves +5
    • OR "Then fix it. Or die by my hand!" Wyll approves +1
  • Talking to Wyll afterwards, say you are not taking Raphael's deal Wyll approves +1

Personal quest

  • Ask him how he came to be the Blade of Frontiers Wyll approves +5
    • Tell him that he must have been proud of saving a little boy from goblins Wyll approves +2
  • Say "Hail to the Blade"/"Hail to us" during the '!' conversation after killing Karlach Wyll approves +2

Dialogue with Mizora, if Karlach was spared.

  • Tell Mizora not to lay a finger on Karlach during her first appearance Wyll approves +5
  • Ask him how it feels to be a devil Wyll approves +3
    • Tell him he looks like a handsome devil or that you see the Blade of Frontiers Wyll approves +3

Pact Dialogue

  • Ask him how he ended up making a pact Wyll approves +5
  • Encourage him to get of out his pact with Mizora Wyll approves +5
    • Encourage him further by saying you two can figure it out if you put your worms together Wyll approves +3

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 02.png Act 2 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Ruined Battlefield

Last Light Inn

House in Deep Shadows

  • Agree to play hide-and-seek with Oliver

Reithwin Town

The Waning Moon

  • Drink with Thisobald Thorm up to three times Wyll approves +1
  • Tell him your stories up to two times. Wyll approves +1

Moonrise Towers

  • Tell Mizora you'll help her if she releases Wyll from his pact (Perception check required)
  • Pass any skill check in response to Mizora asking why she should let her pet go
  • Tell Araj Oblodra that Astarion is his own person

Mind Flayer Colony


  • After talking to Mol and Raphael at Last Light Inn, say you need to warn her away from Raphael Wyll approves +3
  • After talking to Counsellor Florrick at Last Light Inn, say you can't let the Absolute take Grand Duke Ravengard
  • Smile and bow when he invites you to dance with him Wyll approves +5
  • Wish Wyll a good night or ask if he wants to spend the night together with you Wyll approves +10
  • Invite Halsin to join your party

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 03.png Act 3 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Wyrm's Crossing

Open Hand Temple


  • Say that Baldur's Gate has a responsibility to people in need. Wyll approves +3
  • Accept Mizora's offer for a night of lust but then change your mind and don't completely follow through with it. Wyll approves +10

Disapproval[edit | edit source]

As a Companion character, the interactions listed below will cause Wyll to lose approval. This list is most likely incomplete.

Act One[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 01.png Act 1 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Ravaged Beach

  • Accept Astarion's apology when you meet him and say you would have done the same OR likewise wanted to see Astarion's innards on the ground Wyll disapproves -1
  • As the Dark Urge, tear off Gale's hand Wyll disapproves -1

Emerald Grove/The Hollow

  • Take a swing at Zevlor during his argument with Aradin Wyll disapproves -1
  • Refuse to help Zevlor persuade Kagha to let the Tieflings stay Wyll disapproves -1
  • Tell Arron "Seems like most are tieflings. They'll be fine. They have devilish powers" Wyll disapproves -1
  • Tell the Tielfling kids trained by Asharak that they are going to die Wyll disapproves -1
  • Scold Elegis for being scared of a few goblins OR tell her to get to digging their own graves Wyll disapproves -1
  • Kick Timber the squirrel Wyll disapproves -1.
    • If you miss, try to kick her again Wyll disapproves -1
    • As Dark Urge, when you are confronted by a companion about kicking Timber, say she came right at you OR that your instincts are sharp and to stay out of the way Wyll disapproves -1
  • As a Barbarian, tell Pandirna to hush or you will snap her neck Wyll disapproves -1
  • Use Persuasion/Intimidation or Detect Thoughts to convince Arka to not shoot Sazza Wyll disapproves -1
  • Tell Sazza that you will free her from her cage Wyll disapproves -1
  • Free Sazza from her cage and tell her to follow you Wyll disapproves -1
  • In the cave, refuse to help take out the goblin leaders when Zevlor asks Wyll disapproves -1
  • Threaten Mol when first meeting her in the Tiefling Hideout Wyll disapproves -1
  • After agreeing to steal the Idol of Silvanus for Mol and obtaining it, tell her you will be keeping it Wyll disapproves -1
  • During Meli and Barth's confrontation about the stolen locket
    • Choose not to get involved Wyll disapproves -1
    • Tell Meli to hand over the locket and when he says he doesn't have it, tell him he's on his own Wyll disapproves -1
    • If Arabella has died, tell Meli "Better do what he says, boy. There's already one thief to bury today." Wyll disapproves -1
    • If you get his locket back from Meli, have Barth pay you for handing over the locket Wyll disapproves -1
  • Grab Silfy after you notice her stealing from you Wyll disapproves -1
  • Prod Nettie's bird twice Wyll disapproves -1
  • After saving Mirkon from the harpies, tell him to stop sniveling or the harpies will return Wyll disapproves -1
  • As a Rogue, pick Mirkon's pockets while he is distracted by the harpies Wyll disapproves -1
  • Steal Alfira's extra lute Wyll disapproves -1
  • Take Alfira's lute out of her hands and smash it Wyll disapproves -1
  • Tell Alfira she should give up on her song Wyll disapproves -1
  • As the Dark Urge, do nothing when Kagha is threatening Arabella Wyll disapproves -1
  • When speaking to Kagha after Arabella is freed or died
    • Tell Kagha that you would have killed Arabella outright Wyll disapproves -5
    • Tell her you just wanted to see what would happen Wyll disapproves -5
    • Tell her that it was quite a show Wyll disapproves -5
    • Say you're protecting your own/protected your own Wyll disapproves -1

While the Druid Grove is preparing for the goblin attack

  • As the Dark Urge, tell Zevlor the goblin horde is yours Wyll disapproves -1
  • Tell Zevlor (or Asharak if Zevlor is dead) that you are here to take the grove for the goblins/are here with the goblins Wyll disapproves -10
  • Tell Mirkon you are not here to save them Wyll disapproves -1
  • Betray the Grove after blowing the horn Wyll disapproves -10


  • While using Speak with Animals to talk with Scratch, start shouting at the corpse to prove Gomwick is dead. Wyll disapproves -1
  • While talking to Aradin on the bridge, say you don't waste your time with devil spawn Wyll disapproves -1
    • Say a prayer over the corpses as a cleric of Bhaal, Bane, Myrkul or Shar Wyll disapproves -1

Riverside Teahouse

  • When Auntie Ethel's true form surrenders, accept the deal to let her keep Mayrina Wyll disapproves -5
  • Let Auntie Ethel do her magic on your eye
  • Roar at Lorin Wyll disapproves -1

Blighted Village

  • Request to be compensated by Barcus Wroot after saving him Wyll disapproves -1
  • Interrupt the bugbear and ogre lovers in the barn Wyll disapproves -1
  • Pay Fezzerk a lot of gold to let you pass Wyll disapproves -1

Goblin Camp

  • Tell Tracker Grikka that you will "get answers for them" when discussing their prisoners. Wyll disapproves -1
  • Convince Minthara to spare Sazza Wyll disapproves -1
  • Kiss Crusher's foot Wyll disapproves -1
  • Help up Crusher after defeating him in a fight Wyll disapproves -1
  • Using speak with animals, instruct the chicken to ran to the posts during chicken chasing.
  • Tell Torturer Spike that you will torture the prisoner. Wyll disapproves -1

Waukeen's Rest



  • When first speaking to Ward Magmar in front of the elevator, ask how you might get your own captive. Wyll disapproves -1


  • Be dismissive of him saving a little boy from goblins Wyll disapproves -2
  • When Wyll with other companions finds out that Astarion is a vampire:
    • Say you think he won't hurt any of you Wyll disapproves -1
    • OR Tell them that if they don't like it, they can leave. Wyll disapproves -1,
  • When discussing the tadpole and its lack of side-effects, choose tell him you "could probably dig up some poison mushrooms" Wyll disapproves -1
  • After it is revealed he is Duke Ravengard's son, tell him you don't care about his lineage Wyll disapproves -3
  • As the Dark Urge: Confess to murdering the bard Wyll disapproves -1
  • (Sorcerer) When asking him if his stone eye is a sending stone, pass a Wisdom check.Wyll disapproves -5

Raphael's deal

  • "I'll do anything to get rid of the tadpole." Wyll disapproves -1
  • Say you are considering Raphael's deal Wyll disapproves -1

Pact with Mizora

If Karlach was spared:
  • Flirt with Mizora Wyll disapproves -1
  • Ask Mizora if she will leave if you turn on Karlach Wyll disapproves -1
  • While asking what it is like to be a devil, tell him he looks like a freak Wyll disapproves -3

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 02.png Act 2 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Ruined Battlefield

  • Tell Madeline to "keep going" when she stops stabbing herself Wyll disapproves -3

Moonrise Towers

  • Kill Fezzerk without combat after Ketheric Thorm tells you to
  • When speaking with Minthara after the battle, propose to take the place of Orin once she's dead. Wyll disapproves -1
    • When Minthara says we could claim their Netherstones, reply "I'm with you". Wyll disapproves -1

Gauntlet of Shar

  • Lick the spider meat

Mind Flayer Colony

  • Choosing to consume the Waking Mind
  • When speaking to the Fresh Mind, tell them that they will never wake again.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 03.png Act 3 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.


Sharess' Caress

  • Agree to try the special from Hoots Hooligan Wyll disapproves -1
  • Hire one of the drow twins Wyll disapproves -1
  • Sign Raphael's contract Wyll disapproves -2

Wyrm's Rock Fortress

  • Blackmail or intimidate Fist Reynash in the barracks into giving you gold. Wyll disapproves -1
  • Tell Lord Amber's Bodyguard about the Steel watch that you couldn't feel safer Wyll disapproves -1 or (Drow or Half-Orc) Safer than with some Wyll disapproves -1

Lower City


  • Tell Gothric Rillyn being buried alive "sounds like apt punishment for thievery" Wyll disapproves -1


  • Successfully persuade Wyll that there are better ways to help the Sword Coast than hunting Mizora Wyll disapproves -10
  • Have sex with Mizora Wyll disapproves -5

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • As of Patch #5, Wyll will use his neutral greetings regardless of approval.[Needs Verification]