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A collection of Jaheira's remarks and overhead conversations with other characters.

Remarks[edit | edit source]

Selected[edit | edit source]

  • Work to be done.[1]
  • At your command.[1]
  • Yes?[1]
  • This ought to be good.
  • Nature's servant awaits.[1]
  • Whatever it takes.
  • Such authority...
  • Always nice to be wanted.
  • Do what must be done.
  • How high?
  • Mm?
  • Call, and I answer.
  • Ready and waiting. Well, certainly waiting.
  • The work is never done.
  • Wherever we go, ye gods let there be something green.
  • Let me guess - you need something.
  • Let us show them how it's done.
  • Watch your elders and learn.

Selected (in combat)[edit | edit source]

  • Ready.[1]
  • For the fallen.[1]
  • Do you know, I think we have given offence.
  • No better moment.
  • Red in tooth and claw.
  • Consider my hackles raised.
  • Orders?
  • Onward.
  • Still standing, no matter what you heard.
  • You have still have time to surrender.
  • Always the same old song.
  • And I thought we were going to be friends.
  • Death greets us all - but not today.
  • Naught but another harvest.
  • What must be done.
  • This is the easy part.
  • War is an old woman's game.
  • I think I could go another round.

Selected (sneaking)[edit | edit source]

  • Best not to draw attention.
  • Ask, then - but quietly.
  • Steps light as falling leaves...
  • Speak. Up.
  • Ssssshhh.
  • Turn your gaze, lest I turn it for you...
  • Work to be done.
  • Nature's servant awaits.[1]
  • Always nice to be wanted.
  • Swiftly, if you please. These knees do not bend easily.
  • Nature's servant, still waiting.
  • Oh my, you found me.
  • Did I snap a twig, or a toe?
  • Another step on the path.
  • Yes?[1]
  • Ever-ready.
  • Only ask.
  • Always more to be done.

Selection spam[edit | edit source]

  • Oh, calm down. I'm happy to see you too.
  • I would poke you back, but I fear that's what you want.
  • My, such strong wrists.
  • Well you certainly have the 'omnipresent' part down, don't you?
  • Please go poke the ranger instead.

Selection spam (in combat)[edit | edit source]

  • You have my attention - now do something with it.
  • What? What do you want!?
  • Do you know, I begin to wish they had never brought me back.
  • Yes, yes, have your fun. It isn't you they're trying to kill.

Selection spam (sneaking)[edit | edit source]

  • Dry those sweaty palms and let us try this again, shall we?
  • Argh, my knees! Oh. It was a twig.
  • Would that I could hide from you, too.
  • Careful, or I will take your toy away from you.

Moving[edit | edit source]

  • No rest, be you wicked or wise.
  • At your command.
  • I go where I'm told...
  • Going, going.
  • Lead the way.
  • Just a little further.
  • Always another step to go.
  • Oakfather ease the road.
  • Someday, I will sit down.
  • Work to be done.
  • Saer, yes saer.
  • Someday, I will sit down. I mean it.
  • Haven't sprouted roots just yet.
  • Shake off the dust.
  • There.
  • Moving.
  • A little further.
  • Still some way to go.
  • Onward.
  • Boots worn through.
  • On my way.
  • Go.

Moving (in combat)[edit | edit source]

  • Blades bared.
  • Into battle.
  • The straight path.
  • On the hunt.
  • Enough circling.
  • No rest, be you wicked or wise.
  • I can still move fast, when I need to.
  • I go hunting.
  • Quickly.
  • Understood.
  • Stalking.
  • Oakfather, ease my way.
  • Into position.
  • By your command.
  • Bring me into battle.
  • Forward.
  • Not pinned down just yet.

Moving (sneaking)[edit | edit source]

  • On the trail.
  • Stalking.
  • Be we predator or prey?
  • No rest, be you wicked or wise.
  • As I'm told.
  • Cannot always go in plain sight.
  • Quietly as I can.
  • Lest my old bones creak.
  • Going.
  • Hunting.
  • None shall see.
  • Aye.

Hiding[edit | edit source]

  • Unseen.
  • Silvanus soften my steps.
  • Pay me no mind...
  • No one hides like a Harper.
  • Eyes to yourselves.
  • Quick and quiet.

Hiding (in combat)[edit | edit source]

  • Take them unawares.
  • A moment to plan.
  • Silvanus soften my steps.
  • Watch for the hidden hand.
  • Out of sight.
  • Cast your arrows elsewhere...
  • No one hides like a Harper.
  • Be a dear and look elsewhere, would you?

At low health[edit | edit source]

  • Agh! I think... this one is slowing me down...
  • A rest... a potion... and all... will be well...
  • Healing, cub. Lest I sit down for a rest and not rise again.

Can't fit in a small hole[edit | edit source]

  • Even in my youth, I was not quite so slight as this.

Can't fit in a tiny hole[edit | edit source]

  • No way through - in this form, at least.

Can't use an item[edit | edit source]

  • Can't be done now.

Can't use an item while in combat[edit | edit source]

  • Later!
  • Perhaps when we are not fighting for our lives, hm?
  • Hands a little full here.
  • We have slightly more pressing matters to attend to.

Finding a locked item[edit | edit source]

  • Nothing. There must be another way to unseal it.
  • Can't be opened - not from here, at least.
  • Sealed. Best look around for a way to open it.
  • No movement. Perhaps we must unlock it somewhere else?

Looking at a globe[edit | edit source]

  • So many places to be... and I chose Baldur's Gate.

Looking at an astrolabe[edit | edit source]

  • Planets beyond our own, and planes beyond those. I have headaches enough on this little patch of earth, thank you.

Looking into a mirror[edit | edit source]

  • I can fawn over my face later.
  • What good all this ethereal eladrin blood if I can still get pimples?
  • This body can take a little more punishment yet.

Looking into a telescope[edit | edit source]

  • As if there were not dark and light enough down here to gaze at.

Surprised by mimic[edit | edit source]

  • Must we beat every stick of furniture into submission?
  • At least you had the decency not to disguise yourself as a tree.

After a Short Rest[edit | edit source]

  • Enough to keep us going, for now.
  • *Grunt.*
  • Agh. Is it the earth beneath that crunches, or the bones within?
  • Come, laggards. There is still enough to be done this day.

On character death[edit | edit source]


  • Up! Your work is not done!

Player (Dark Urge):

  • No!


  • Lae'zel! No - this is not where you fall, child of Gith.


  • Shadowheart! Don't you dare die here.


  • Karlach - no! Not yet!


  • Gale - no!


  • No! Up, Wyll - you've taken worse wounds than this!


  • Stand, drow!


  • No, you great big fool - no!


  • Astarion - get up!


  • Rise, archdruid - your work is not done!

Throwing Scratch's ball after he is dismissed[edit | edit source]

  • Would you prefer I wild-shape and fight you for it?
  • Take your rest then, Scratch. Eldath knows you've probably earned it more than us.
  • Lazy pup. Must I fetch it myself?
  • Well, Scratch? Do you scratch yourself somewhere?

Throwing Scratchs' ball after his death[edit | edit source]

  • You deserved better, boy.
  • Gods, but you'd miss the fuss. the noise. Gods above, even the smell.
  • Pointless, without a pup to chase it.
  • Enough. This isn't helping anyone.

Location Remarks[edit | edit source]

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 02.png Act 2 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 03.png Act 3 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Party Banter[edit | edit source]

Jaheira Approval.png Jaheira and Astarion Astarion Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(In the North Alleys)

  • Jaheira: Never mind the shining squares - I am more comfortable on streets such as this. A peek at the true face behind the mask.
  • Astarion: Yet another thing we have in common. We're two peas in a pod.
  • Jaheira: I said a peek behind the city's mask, Astarion - not a look up its skirts.
  • Astarion: Jaheira! What do you think of me?

(In the Lower City)

  • Astarion: Cazazdor always warned us to stay clear of this neighbourhood. Never said why, though.
  • Jaheira: The last spawn who tried was sunk into the cobblestones and left for the sun to find. I had an unfortunate taste for theatrics, in my youth.
  • Astarion: Ah. Yes, that was probably it.

(In the Lower City)

  • Astarion: Beyond that gate is the Upper City, housing the great and the good of Baldur's Gate.
  • Jaheira: You yearn for a better class of company, Astarion?
  • Astarion: Gods no - who'd want to spend time with anyone great or good?

(If the player is romancing Astarion, and Astarion stayed a spawn)

  • Jaheira: I am glad it is your non-vampiric charms our friend has fallen for, Astarion. It is, isn't it?
  • Astarion: Of course! Is it so unbelievable that they would simply like me?
  • Astarion: If you insist on prying, perhaps you'd care to join us and see how much we enjoy one another?
  • Jaheira: Why? Do you require some instruction on how the deed is done?
  • Astarion: I'm sure even I could learn some new tricks from an old veteran such as yourself.

(If the player is romancing Astarion, and Astarion became an ascendant)

  • Jaheira: You consumed all the spawn in your service, lord Astarion. You shall have to fend for yourself a while.
  • Astarion: Oh, I've never had trouble attracting foolish, pretty people.
  • Jaheira: Nor did Cazador, it seems.
  • Astarion: Jaheira! ... You think I'm pretty?

Jaheira Approval.png Jaheira and Gale Gale Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(At Bhaal Temple)

  • Gale: Gods, who knew such a vile abcess lurked in the bedrock of the city. The very stone reeks of misery and despair.
  • Jaheira: A sad shrine kept by the lunatic and the lost. The last time I was here, I promised myself I would die beneath open sky. I have not changed my mind.
  • Gale: Nor should you. Far better to feel a cool breeze on your skin than whatever foul expirations blow through these halls.

(If the player is romancing Gale; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Jaheira: So you wish to be a god, Gale? You know the wizard Irenicus attempted the same thing, by leeching divine blood from a Bhaalspawn.
  • Gale: Aha, transfusion! An interesting strategy. Hard to get hold of a god's blood, of course, but if one could...
  • Jaheira: He managed it. After murdering my husband, and torturing my friends and I for half a year.
  • Gale: Did I say interesting? I meant terrible, of course. A terrible strategy...

Jaheira Approval.png Jaheira and Karlach Karlach Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(At Steel Watch Foundry)

  • Karlach: These Steel Watchers are big as hell.
  • Jaheira: All the more cracks and crevices for a wild-shape to ferret into - gum up the works a little.
  • Karlach: I'd give my other horn to watch that.

(At Bonecloak's Basement)

  • Karlach: So, erm, Jaheira. Do you like to... that is, what do you like to do?
  • Jaheira: As in... hobbies? Oh. Well... I like to play music, I suppose?
  • Karlach: I'm just picturing you strumming on a harp so hard the strings snap and trying not to shriek. What do you play?
  • Jaheira: Eh. Mostly the same children's rhyme, on a battered whistle of tin. I do not get a lot of time to practise.
  • Jaheira: Oh spare me the sad eyes, girl! Not every daily deed is worthy of song! Certainly none I can play.

(At Water Queen's House)

  • Karlach: This place is so peaceful. Maybe I should convert.
  • Jaheira: I've done my share of praying to her, though not for the cause of peace. My faith was suddenly found on choppy seas.
  • Karlach: I don't know what that means.

(If the player is romancing Karlach; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Jaheira: You've a love-struck look about you, Karlach. Just do not let it distract you from the task ahead.
  • Karlach: But what if I really enjoy being distracted from the task ahead?
  • Jaheira: Bah, where is the barbarian rage? I have been learning so many colourful phrases from you, I was hoping to inspire a few more.
  • Karlach: Ma'am, you've been inspiring me since I was yea high.

Jaheira Approval.png Jaheira and Lae'zel Lae'zel Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(At Grey Harbour Docks)

  • Jaheira: Ugh. I have no love for the sea, but the city would not be what it is without these ships. That lends them a kind of beauty, I suppose.
  • Lae'zel: Indeed. There is no more impressive sight than a githyanki spelljammer with its astral sails unfurled.
  • Jaheira: A sweeter sight still, the world those ships might make if you plied them between the planes. Interplanar learning, trade...
  • Lae'zel: Trade? Why stoop to barter when you have the power to take what you need?

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Jaheira: Lae'zel. My brief time on the Astral Plane left quite the impression. You must miss it dearly.
  • Lae'zel: I don't hail from the Astral, Jaheira. My glimpse was as brief as yours, before we were cast back to the Material.
  • Lae'zel: If only I might have remained there. Oh, to soar the skies above Tu'narath atop a red dragon...

Jaheira Approval.png Jaheira and Shadowheart Shadowheart Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(While south of Wyrm's Crossing)

  • Jaheira: Wyrm's Crossing. This place has been a haven, when Harpers were less than welcome in the city proper.

(If Shadowheart is still loyal to Shar)

  • Shadowheart: It is always wise to have another redoubt, another escape route. Though I assumed your lot's antics would have secured you the love of the masses.
  • Jaheira: Oh, a Harper does not go in for public acclaim. We work in shadow and secrecy, tragically unacknowledged by the ungrateful herd.
  • Shadowheart: Lady Shar's children toil similarly... but we know there is no need to seek the favour of others. Our lady's love is all we need.

(If Shadowheart no longer loyal to Shar)

  • Shadowheart: Seems hard to imagine your efforts haven't always been appreciated.
  • Jaheira: Oh, a Harper does not go in for public acclaim. We work in shadow and secrecy, tragically unacknowledged by the ungrateful herd.
  • Shadowheart: Hmph, sounds familiar.

(At Morphic Pool)

  • Jaheira: And now another 'final' battle. This small band has gone further than any army could have in its place.
  • Shadowheart: You didn't seek to gather the Harpers for one last charge? Fodder for heroic ballads yet to be written, perhaps.
  • Jaheira: Not at all - Harpers fight dirty. A well-timed strike, with the knowledge of just where to place it, and suddenly superior numbers count for nothing.

(If Shadowheart is still loyal to Shar)

  • Shadowheart: You must have been following the example of Lady Shar's children then - they do say imitation is a form of flattery.

(If Shadowheart no longer loyal to Shar)

  • Shadowheart: Sounds much like the Sharrans - hopefully that's where the similarities end.

(If the player is romancing Shadowheart, and Shadowheart chose Selune)

  • Jaheira: Shadowheart. You should know - Viconia was not half so heartless as she liked to appear.
  • Shadowheart: I knew her well enough. You might have travelled with her for a time, but she trained me. What's your point?
  • Jaheira: Only that I find it hard to believe that she could have raised you, and felt nothing for you.
  • Shadowheart: Perhaps she took some pride in her work, forming me to Shar's liking. She certainly relished wielding the rod..
  • Shadowheart: ... but who knows. Perhaps someone else made her that way, as she tried to do to me.

(If the player is romancing Shadowheart, and Shadowheart chose Shar)

  • Jaheira: Tell me, Shadowheart - how does Shar's favour feel? Does it fill you up, bring you joy?
  • Shadowheart: A nice vintage or a comfortable bed bring me joy. This is much more than that. This brings me purpose.
  • Jaheira: So humbly spoken. Perhaps you are a different breed than the last Mother Superior.
  • Shadowheart: Time shall tell. At the very least, I can learn from her mistakes.

Jaheira Approval.png Jaheira and Wyll Wyll Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(At Basilisk Gate)

  • Wyll: Mercenary they may be, but father always demanded discipline from the Flaming Fist. Seems some grew unruly in his absence.
  • Jaheira: Your father made a fine job of polishing them up some - but a sellsword is still a sellsword. They are just following their nature.
  • Wyll: And you think the Harpers are more dutiful?
  • Jaheira: I should hope so - they certainly don't get paid half so well.

(At the entrance to the Guildhall)

  • Wyll: Odd - I'd expect a Flaming Fist or four to be stationed nearby.
  • Jaheira: They stick to sunnier streets. Heavens forbid they disrupt any of that Guild business they're so well-paid to ignore, hm?
  • Wyll: The Fist aren't what they used to be.
  • Jaheira: I grieve to tell you, Wyll, they never were.

(At Undercity Ruins)

  • Wyll: My first visit to the undercity. A haven for undead, or so my tutors said.
  • Jaheira: Shadow people roaming shadow streets. There's little more to learn down here but some depressing ways to die.

(At The Counting House)

  • Wyll: I was barely eight years of age when I heard the Counting House held mythical treasure.
  • Wyll: So curious little Wyll tried to slip in. The guard spotted me straight away and dragged me by the collar back to my father.
  • Jaheira: A talking-to from the Grand Marshal himself. Quite the introduction to a life of crime - what did he say?
  • Wyll: Oh, he pretended to be cross. But there was no hiding the sly grin that crept on his face.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Jaheira: So, Wyll - you have your mind set on marriage.
  • Wyll: Why not? If this adventure has taught me anything, it's that life is fragile, and we should seize joy when we can. You think I'm being rash?
  • Jaheira: Not at all. The world does not wait around for us, so take your moment while you may. Damn what anyone else thinks.
  • Jaheira: So long as you serve a proper meal at the wedding. None of this finger-picking nonsense, yes?

Jaheira Approval.png Jaheira and Halsin Halsin Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(At Bloomridge Park)

  • Halsin: Ah, a glimpse of nature. Like a sip of water to parched lips, eh, Jaheira?
  • Jaheira: Baldurians think all druids to be hay-haired idlers, Halsin. Perhaps we ought not speak of nature - but high art, or politics?
  • Halsin: I think on them also. But nothing matches the splendour of an ancient tree.
  • Jaheira: It is so. And, should one favour bear-form, that tree in particular makes for excellent back-scratching...

(If the player is romancing Haslin in act 3)

  • Jaheira: Archdruid. You appear to gather a rather fanatic following wherever you go. A noble thing, to serve nature so tirelessly.
  • Halsin: I welcome all of nature's blessings, whether they come to me one at a time, or in multitudes. There is no shame in it.
  • Jaheira: Consider me put in my place. Clearly, I have been spending too much time among the city-folk.

Jaheira Approval.png Jaheira and Minsc Minsc Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(At Lower City Sewers)

  • Minsc: AH! The smell of adventure, in the very heart of the city!
  • Jaheira: The city's lower intestine, perhaps.
  • Minsc: Better yet! What swifter way to strike at evil's butt than to crawl through its innards?

(At Guildhall)

  • Jaheira: If Nine-Fingers survived the fray, she will be right back to work in there. We ought to speak to her.
  • Minsc: She has you in her thrall, Jaheira. Minsc will still her serpent tongue, before it has a chance to twine around your thoughts!
  • Jaheira: That, she will definitely have something to say about.

(At Bloomridge Park)

  • Minsc: All of these statues - could they, too, be heroes all? Frozen in stone until the city has need of them?
  • Jaheira: The Harpers keep records of those who fought for the city - I think I would recall mention of a bare-assed little cherub in all our story and song.
  • Minsc: Well. Boo would also think you would have noticed when Minsc himself was frozen for over a century.
  • Jaheira: ... do you know, I had forgotten just how catty your hamster can be.

(At The Blushing Mermaid)

  • Minsc: Jaheira, Minsc's memory of his last time in this taproom is a little... fuzzy. Did he...?
  • Jaheira: Fear not, Rashemaar. It has never been your way to over-indulge.
  • Jaheira: But you did offend one of my contacts by letting Boo paddle around in her tankard. Pewter, I believe - she cracked it over your head.
  • Minsc: Oh, praise the Three! Minsc was afraid he had shamed myself. I will, eh, leave a penny at the bar.
  • Jaheira: Best leave two. I cracked her with my own, afterward. She was drinking grog - Boo's backside could only have improved it.

(At Szarr Palace)

  • Minsc: If Minsc had any hairs on his head, this place would set them all a-standing. And look how Boo's bunches his hackles!
  • Jaheira: We three have come through darker places than this together, Minsc.
  • Jaheira: And hamsters don't have hackles.
  • Minsc: Does Jaheira not set your heart at ease, Boo? It is comforting, to know that one so wise can be so wrong.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 These lines are direct references to the same lines she had in previous Baldur's Gate games. Some of they are word for word, the others slightly differ but are spoke in the same manner.