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Minsc isn't the brightest but he is brave and loyal and has the cutest familiar - Boo

Greetings[edit | edit source]

Depending on their approval rating, Minsc may greet the player with:

Negative (<0):

  • "What."
  • "What is it you want?"

Neutral and above:

  • "What is it my friend?" (in camp)
  • "A little rest to brush the road from Boo's fur, and then back to our adventuring." (in camp)
  • "You come to speak of the last time Minsc stood watch? The snoring, it was Boo!" (in camp)
  • "You will grow to like Jaheira's incense in time. Like - chewing herbs and soap, yes?" (in camp)
  • "Make sure you are refreshed before we set out again, friend. The road to justice is paved with kicked buttocks." (in camp)
  • "Why do we stop, my friend? There is evil somewhere with its small-pants yet unsoiled." (traveling in party)
  • "What? Minsc has the itch that only a butt can scratch! A kicked butt, I mean." (traveling in party)
  • "Stop wriggling, Boo, and prick up your ears." (traveling in party)
  • "Yes, my friend?" (traveling in party)

Approval[edit | edit source]

The following story and dialogue choices will cause Minsc to gain approval.

Ico knownSpells lvl 03.png Act 3 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Act Three


Circus of the Last Days

  • Tell Dribbles his scarecrow joke is corny. Minsc approves +1
  • Volunteer him or another companion to Dribbles' show. Minsc approves +1
  • After volunteering Minthara to Dribbles' show, get her to tell her drider joke. Minsc approves +1
  • If going on stage with Dribbles yourself, say you're special because you treat the people around you with kindness. Minsc approves +1

Open Hand Temple

Wyrm's Crossing

  • Tell Naaber "Correct. But nobody likes Naaber", when he's pretending to be a dog. Minsc approves +1

Lower City

  • Tell Aradin to forget about turning in the Nightsong for a reward in front of Sorcerous Sundries. Minsc approves +1
  • X: -166 Y: -75 Play with the children.
  • Requires Perception Check DC 7, spot Cinnamon's "Spy Candy". Minsc approves +1
  • Allow Punkins to scan you. Minsc approves +1
  • Give gold to Sacrum outside of Crimson Draughts.
  • Choosing "We'll find a third way. Would you two like to kill the old man, Minsc, or shall I?" in the Murder Tribunal during Investigate the Murders. Minsc approves +5
  • As a bard, ask Thomas C. Quirkilious at the Chromatic Scale about worg hair instruments. Minsc approves +1
  • As a ranger, tell Dolor at Figaro Facemaker's Boutique that there's only one way to treat rabid animals.
  • After dispatching Dolor at Figaro's, tell Devella Fountainhead that you have a hand and that you'll investigate the Murder Tribunal.
  • Tell Auntie Ethel at the Blushing Mermaid to release Vanra immediately.
  • Say "That's it - cough her up, hag" to Auntie Ethel.
  • Choosing "Not in this lifetime." while speaking with Rion in Jaheira's house. Minsc approves +1
  • (Requires Jaheira) Tell Rion that "There are refugees outside. They'll need protection." when asked what to do. Minsc approves +1
  • Give the beggar in front of the Counting House a handful of coins.
  • When speaking to Rakath Glitterbeard about losing innocent people's money, intimidate him, "I'd listen to him. Before his hamster has to give him a head rub." Minsc approves +1
  • After defeating Viconia speak to her, then kill her. Minsc approves +1
  • Tell Toobin you will find a way to rescue the Gondian families.
  • Tell Havkelaag at the Society of Brilliance his experiment with the githyanki egg is barbaric and refuse to sell the egg.
  • Tell Blurg bravery is no bad thing and this research might be helpful after rescuing Omeluum.
  • When speaking to the Echo of Illasera at the Murder Tribunal tell her "Can't be that quick if someone cut you down." Minsc approves +1
  • Pay the Captain at the Grey Harbour Docks to keep the Brislen family together or Persuade him to bring the father along. Minsc approves +1
  • Say "Don't be rude to your dog. He's doing a great job running" when you speak with Albert at the western entrance to Bloomridge Park. Minsc approves +1
  • Tell Bhaal you would rather die than be his servant.


  • When talking to Roah Moonglow as the Zhentarim are trying to seize control of the guild, reply to her that "You're mistaken. Minsc of Rashamen always knows the right thing to do." Minsc approves +10
  • When talking to Minsc in Guildhall after resolving the Guildhall conflict, reply to him that "Everyone has the potential for good." or "I'm just trying not to die." Minsc approves +10
  • When talking to Minsc about the meaning of 'nydeshka', successfully persuade him. Minsc approves +10

Sorcerous Sundries

  • As a bard, tell Lorroakan that his plan to enslave the Nightsong is unoriginal.
  • Tell Lorroakan that you'll bring the Nightsong to rip him to shreds.
  • When Lorroakan attempts to turn you against Dame Aylin, tell him you came there to stop him.
  • Tell Lorroakan that the last person to try stealing the Nightsong's immortality is dead. Minsc approves +1
  • Tell Yafeu the Djinni to please release your companion. Minsc approves +1
  • After he tries to leave, yell Yafeu the Djinni to release your "companion" or die. Minsc approves +1

Elfsong Tavern

House of Hope

  • Tell Haarlep that you are there to kill him when he asks why you're there.
  • Free Hope.

Water Queen's House


  • Tell him that wychlaran to him is the same as a friend. Minsc approves +5

Disapproval[edit | edit source]

The following story and dialogue choices will cause Minsc to lose approval.

Ico knownSpells lvl 03.png Act 3 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Act Three

Circus of the Last Days

  • "Boo" at Dribbles the Clown's scarecrow joke. Minsc disapproves -1

Murder Tribunal

Grey Harbour Docks

  • Intimidate Big Huido at the Grey Harbour Docks into giving you both the Guild shipment as well as his money. Minsc disapproves -1

House of Hope