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A collection of Wyll's remarks and overhead conversations with other characters.

Remarks[edit | edit source]

Selected[edit | edit source]

  • Sharp as ever.
  • Blade at the ready.
  • At the ready.
  • A hero at heart.
  • Where am I needed?
  • Defender of the people.
  • The pride of the Gate.

Selected (in combat)[edit | edit source]

  • Let's make it count.
  • The Blade will not bend!
  • On the victor's path.
  • Forever dauntless!
  • This is my time!
  • Battle favours the fearless.
  • No holding back!

Selected (sneaking)[edit | edit source]

  • On the prowl.
  • Strength in silence.
  • Keeping quiet.
  • Watching and waiting.
  • Eyes open, mouth shut.
  • Out of sight, out of mind.

Selection spam[edit | edit source]

  • Could do for a brew.
  • Where there's a 'Wyll', there's a 'y'.
  • Ever get the sense that someone's watching?
  • So two halflings walk under a bar...

Selection spam (in combat)[edit | edit source]

  • Can't hear myself think!
  • Wear your scars proudly.
  • As my father once told me: 'Can we get on with it?'
  • I find moderation is key.

Selection spam (sneaking)[edit | edit source]

  • Bad time for an itch.
  • Could do for a brew.
  • So two halflings walk under a bar...
  • Shush. No, really. Shush.

Moving[edit | edit source]

  • Ever onward.
  • Checking things out.
  • Keeping pace.
  • Two steps at a time.
  • One move ahead.
  • Best foot forward.
  • Heading out.
  • And I'm off.

Moving (in combat)[edit | edit source]

  • Coming through!
  • Finding my way.
  • Fleet of foot.
  • Two steps at a time!
  • Making my move!
  • No time to waste.

Moving (sneaking)[edit | edit source]

  • Careful...
  • Quiet as a moonbeam.
  • Every step counts.
  • Not a peep.

Hiding[edit | edit source]

  • They won't see me coming.
  • Silence is golden.
  • Toning things down.
  • Going on the sly.

Hiding (in combat)[edit | edit source]

  • Going quiet.
  • Under cover.
  • Out of sight.
  • Laying low.

At low health[edit | edit source]

  • I could use some healing.
  • Hells. My time's running out.
  • Ugh. This isn't good.
  • I should get these wounds taken care of.

Can't fit in a small hole[edit | edit source]

  • A big man does not fit in a small hole.

Can't fit in a tiny hole[edit | edit source]

  • I am way too big for a hole that tiny.

Can't use an item[edit | edit source]

  • That's getting me nowhere.
  • Forget it.
  • Something's not right.
  • Try later, maybe?

Can't use an item while in combat[edit | edit source]

  • Is this really the best time?
  • That'll have to wait 'til later.
  • Little too busy for that.
  • No. Just no.

Finding a locked item[edit | edit source]

  • Hm. Must be unlocked from elsewhere.
  • Nothing doing. I should take a look around, find a way to open this thing.
  • Shut tight. There must be some way to open it.
  • Doesn't open from here.

Picking a lock[edit | edit source]

  • I'll see what I can do.
  • The magic touch.
  • As one does.
  • No trouble at all.

Looking at a globe[edit | edit source]

  • So many adventures yet to have. So many monsters yet to kill.

Looking at an astrolabe[edit | edit source]

  • Incredible, to think how many worlds exist beyond this tiny speck within a speck I call home.
  • So many stars, so many mysteries yet to be discovered.
  • So much we don't know, lingering in the furthest reaches of existence.

Looking into a mirror[edit | edit source]

(Before transformation)

  • That's me, all right.
  • Not too worse for the wear.
  • A bruise here, a scratch there. Nothing a good night's sleep couldn't cure.

(After transformation)

  • The horns aren't so bad, I guess. Maybe a bit of wax could spruce them up.
  • Hm. It's still me, I guess. Sort of.
  • A man looks in, a devil looks back. I might never get used to it.

Looking into a telescope[edit | edit source]

  • Loved these things as a kid. I imagined so many stories in the spaces between stars.

Succeeded Perception roll (trap)[edit | edit source]

  • A trap - watch it!
  • A trap? So much for a warm welcome.
  • Watch yourself - I spy a trap.
  • Careful. There are traps about.

Succeeded Investigation roll[edit | edit source]

  • Hey now - what's that?
  • Spotted something.
  • What have we here?
  • Check it out.
  • What's that there?

Succeeded Investigation roll (trap)[edit | edit source]

  • Watch it - trap ahead.
  • Trap. Watch your step.
  • Slow up - I've spotted a trap.
  • Trap! Be careful...

Identified a mimic[edit | edit source]

  • A monster masquerading as furniture. Clever.

Surprised by mimic[edit | edit source]

  • Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, and - wait, how's it go, again?
  • A mimic? Damn - should've seen it coming.

After a short rest[edit | edit source]

  • That'll have to do.
  • Freshened up and ready to fight.
  • Aaaaaand here I go.
  • Awake and alert.

On character death[edit | edit source]


  • By Balduran's bones, no!

Player (Dark Urge):

  • Not now, not after all you've been through!


  • Hells. Lae'zel...


  • Shadowheart? It can't be...


  • Karlach... no no no...


  • By the gods - Jaheira!


  • Gale! This isn't the end!


  • Minthara - no!


  • Ah hells, Minsc has fallen...


  • Damn it - Astarion!


  • Halsin... no...

Throwing Scratch's ball after he is dismissed[edit | edit source]

  • Scratch needs a snooze. The games can wait.
  • All tuckered out? Me too, Scratch. Me too.
  • No point in that. Good ol' Scratch is snoozing away.
  • Poor Scratch is tired. I should let him rest.

Throwing Scratch's ball after his death[edit | edit source]

  • I miss you, Scratch.
  • Fetch isn't much of a solo game.
  • Damn. I miss the furry fellow.
  • For old times' sake.

Location Remarks[edit | edit source]

Act One[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 01.png Act 1 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

(Sitting on the Stool of Hill Giant Strength)

  • Holy... I feel powerful. Nice chair indeed.
  • And poof - the power's gone.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 02.png Act 2 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

(Entering Act Two from Grymforge)

  • This place is darker than dark, as if the shadows could cast shadows.
  • We've got to push through. Unless a passing griffon offers a ride, it's the only way to Moonrise Towers.

(Upon releasing Dolly Dolly Dolly

  • She's as cute as a bug - and not much bigger.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 03.png Act 3 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Party Banter[edit | edit source]

Wyll Approval.png Wyll and Astarion Astarion Approval.png[edit | edit source]

  • Astarion: A question for our master monster hunter: how would you approach killing a vampire?

(If it is not known that Astarion is a vampire)

  • Wyll: To start? Lure it into the sun, drive a stake through its heart. Why?
  • Astarion: Just curious.

(If it is known that Astarion is a vampire)

  • Wyll: A full-on vamp, you mean? Lure it into the sun, drive a stake through its heart.
  • Wyll: And that's not the end of it. The suckers are wily. No offence.
  • Astarion: None taken. Wiliness keeps me alive. More or less.

  • Astarion: Ever heard of a vampire called Cazador, Wyll?

(If it is known that Astarion is a vampire)

  • Wyll: I don't think so. Why? Friend of yours?

(If it is not known that Astarion is a vampire)

  • Wyll: Doesn't ring a bell. Why?
  • Gale: He's patriarch of the Szarr family. Nasty fellow, if the histories are accurate.
  • Astarion: I imagine they are.

(If it is known that Astarion is a vampire)

  • Wyll: Killed a few giant bats in my day, Astarion - but never hunted a vampire.
  • Astarion: Just to remind you, I'm merely a spawn. It won't count.
  • Astarion: But if you want a true vampire, I'm happy to recommend one.

(If it is known that Astarion is a vampire)

  • Shadowheart: So. A vampire spawn and a monster hunter in the same group. We're not going to have trouble, are we?
  • Astarion: Excuse me? Since this tadpole, I'm barely a monster at all.
  • Astarion: I just want to survive, same as you.
  • Wyll: I don't see a problem, as long as mister fang there keeps his appetite in check.

(If it is known that Astarion is a vampire)

  • Wyll: Astarion, how is the rat diet going?
  • Astarion: It may soon come to an end if you don't shut your mouth.

(If it is known that Astarion is a vampire)

  • Wyll: I'm feeling a bit parched and peckish.
  • Astarion: Me too. Keep an eye out for any passing vagrants.
  • Wyll: I'm afraid you'll have to content yourself with vagrant chickens.

(At Forest)

  • Astarion: Well, it's no Baldur's Gate, but at least it's some kind of civilisation.
  • Wyll: I do miss the Gate, though. The Elfsong Tavern! Sunset over Grey Harbour! Fried fish at the docks!
  • Astarion: Drunk young patriars, naked in the fountains! Ah, civilisation...

(At Forest)

  • Wyll: As much love as I hold for Baldur's Gate, these frontiers delight me as much as any bustling street.
  • Astarion: You can't be serious? This is a howling wasteland!
  • Astarion: I haven't even had a bath since the abduction. I must reek of illithid slime.
  • Wyll: Sure, but think of the stories you'll be able to tell.

(After encountering Auntie Ethel)

  • Wyll: Ethel mentioned Netherese magic. What in blazes does that mean?
  • Gale: Magic from the fallen empire of Netheril. Ancient, exceedingly dangerous, and quite unrivalled.
  • Astarion: Wonderful! I'd hate to be destroyed by any common old magic.

(In the Underdark)

  • Astarion: Spent much time in the Underdark?

(If it is not known that Astarion is a vampire)

  • Wyll: I've slayed a death dog or six, crossed a few duergar.
  • Wyll: I never was scared of the shadows.

(If it is known that Astarion is a vampire)

  • Wyll: Some. And you? Seems a perfect hunting ground for... you know.
  • Astarion: Perfect? You try drinking an earth elemental's blood.

(On the road to Shadow-Cursed Lands)

  • Astarion: I used to be agog at everything when I first walked in the sun. Perhaps I'm adjusting to this new life.
  • Wyll: It's when you use words like 'agog' that I remember you're actually two centuries old.
  • Astarion: And it's when you think 'agog' is an impressive word that I remember you're just a child.

(At Shadow-Cursed Lands Fisherman's Hut)

  • Wyll: To think how vibrant this place must have once been. Children playing, merchants hawking. Real people living real lives.
  • Astarion: I know, can you imagine the noise? This is much more peaceful.
  • Wyll: Come, Astarion. I know you're not really as heartless as all that.
  • Astarion: Of course not, I'm a pussycat really. Just ask anyone who's seen my claws.

(Approaching Moonrise Towers)

  • Wyll: Finally, we're approaching Moonrise Towers.
  • Astarion: Nothing escapes the Blade of Frontiers' keen senses, I see.
  • Wyll: Mock me all you want, Astarion. We could use a little comic relief.
  • Astarion: Yes, that's why I'm mocking you - to keep our spirits up. No other reason...

(At Moonrise Towers Oubliette)

  • Astarion: Admittedly, I don't care for most people, but this is a terrible waste.
  • Wyll: Because their lives were cut brutally short, you mean.
  • Astarion: I - ... yes, that. That's clearly what I was referring to.

(At Wyrm's Rock Fortress)

  • Wyll: The city fell under Gortash's charms without him casting nary a spell.
  • Astarion: Well, most people are idiots, Wyll. You can lure them into a dragon's maw if you promise a bag of sweets.
  • Wyll: The people aren't stupid, Astarion - they're scared. Gortash provoked a damned war, and then promised them safety.
  • Astarion: Safety, sweets - it's the same principle.

(At Wyrmway)

  • Astarion: I lived two centuries in this city, but it can still surprise me.
  • Wyll: Baldur's Gate harbours many a secret. Even the longest-lived explorers have yet to uncover them all.
  • Wyll: Speaking of - what were you getting up to all those years?
  • Astarion: Let's not get into the details. If Baldur's Gate can have its secrets, so can I.

(At Bloomridge Park)

  • Astarion: You know, I've never seen this place in the daylight before.
  • Wyll: I always loved this park. Spent a lot of time here as a boy battling imaginary monsters.
  • Astarion: Oh, I was going to say it looks wretched. The dark hid all the kitschy details.

(At The Blushing Mermaid)

  • Wyll: Ah - the memories. The Blushing Mermaid's where fifteen-year-old Wyll snuck his first kiss.
  • Astarion: You didn't kiss anyone until you were fifteen? Gods, what a tragic, sheltered life...
  • Wyll: Sheltered? Not at all. I was exposed to all manner of riot and revelry. Hells, my father even urged me on once or twice.
  • Wyll: But I've always been a bit old-fashioned on these matters. I find more pleasure in a courtly dance than a loveless fling.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Astarion: I hardly saw you at the party. Did the honest and true Blade sneak off for a little fun?
  • Wyll: No! Nothing like that at all.
  • Astarion: Oh, but you protest too much. Now I know you were practicing your swordplay.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Wyll: I'm surprised I never saw you lurking in the shadows at any Baldurian balls, Astarion.
  • Astarion: The city's elite was not my target audience, alas.
  • Astarion: People ask questions when members of the nobility disappear, and the last thing Cazador wanted was people asking questions.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Astarion: Marriage, Wyll? I thought you'd have learned not to get trapped by devious contracts.
  • Wyll: I was planning to invite you to the ceremony, but I'm having second thoughts.
  • Astarion: I'd love to come! As long as I can sit with someone fun. Mizora, perhaps?

(If the player is romancing Astarion; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Wyll: I'd watch yourself, my friend. I don't know if our pale rogue has anything good in his heart, or even a scrap of it left for you.
  • Astarion: Excuse me? That's just mean - we're all adults here.
  • Wyll: Your heart's cold as ice, Astarion. I'm just making sure no one slips and gets hurt.

(If the player is romancing Astarion; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Wyll: Astarion, I just want to say - I judged you wrongly. I'm sorry.
  • Astarion: Really? And how - specifically - have you misjudged my fine character?
  • Wyll: You aren't actually insufferably randy. You're just insufferable.

(If the player is romancing Astarion, and Astarion stayed a spawn)

  • Wyll: Astarion, I was wrong about you. Truly wrong about you.
  • Astarion: Let me guess - you thought I'd suck blood, but actually I just suck? Was that your witty jab?
  • Wyll: No, I mean it. There's little between us we share. But you've fallen in love and stood by your lover. That is something this dreamer's heart can appreciate.

(If the player is romancing Astarion, and Astarion became an ascendant)

  • Wyll: The two of you are the unholiest union I can bloody imagine.
  • Astarion: It's funny - I don't recall asking your opinion, Wyll.
  • Wyll: You had the most precious thing - someone who would do everything for you - and you damn well took everything. 'Degenerate' doesn't half cut it.

Wyll Approval.png Wyll and Gale Gale Approval.png[edit | edit source]

  • Wyll: Was a time I tussled with hill giants without breaking a sweat.
  • Wyll: Now, a mere werebear could swat me halfway to Amn.
  • Gale: Strange things are happening to us. What festers in our minds may well impel our bodies.

  • Wyll: You're an impressive fighter, Gale. You should consider a new name.
  • Gale: I take it you have some suggestions?
  • Wyll: 'The Wizard Wonder!' Or how about, 'The Master of the Weave'?
  • Gale: Tempting. But I think we might already have the maximum number of theatrical titles.

  • Lae'zel: You strike me cleverer than most istiki, Gale. Multiple tutors, I should guess.
  • Gale: Many a wise man and woman indeed. Waterdeep is the home of myriad scholars.
  • Wyll: Ah, the City of Splendours. Spent a whole Fleetswake there with my father. What a delight.

(If it is known that Gale is imbued with the orb)

  • Wyll: I admire your courage, Gale.
  • Gale: Thank you. Any particular reason?
  • Wyll: Between the orb and the bug, you've got more than your fair share of unwelcome passengers.
  • Gale: What can I say? Mother always taught me to be a gracious host.

(After encountering Auntie Ethel)

  • Wyll: Ethel mentioned Netherese magic. What in blazes does that mean?
  • Gale: Magic from the fallen empire of Netheril. Ancient, exceedingly dangerous, and quite unrivalled.
  • Astarion: Wonderful! I'd hate to be destroyed by any common old magic.

(Near Rosymorn Monastery)

  • Gale: These cragged hillls make for weary soles. I see why most headed inland prefer the smooth sailing of the Chionthar.
  • Wyll: More importantly, the land west of here suffers under a terrible curse.
  • Gale: You've seen it for yourself?
  • Wyll: I've glimpsed that doom during my travels, but never dared get close.
  • Wyll: If we continue this way, we may get too close for comfort.

(At Shadow-Cursed Lands Forest)

  • Wyll: What a dismal forest. Monsters could be lurking behind any and every tree.
  • Gale: We'd be wise to fear the trees themselves. It feels like the forest itself longs for our destruction.
  • Wyll: Frustrating, that.
  • Wyll: Monsters, I can fight. But I can no more sever these shadows than I could the wind or the sun.

(At Reithwin Town)

  • Wyll: I've known goblin raiders to slaughter entire villages and strip them for loot - but I've never seen one ravaged like this.
  • Gale: It's hard to imagine anyone who'd willingly inflict such devastation, be they zealots, marauders, invading armies... A sign of far worse to come, I fear.

(At Reithwin Tollhouse)

  • Gale: A tollhouse like this would only be merited in the most prosperous of settlements. This was once a thriving trade route.
  • Wyll: Should it be any wonder? The Chionthar's waters carry merchant vessels from as far east as Berdusk.
  • Wyll: And they wouldn't have brought just trade goods, but song, dance, and custom. Riches of the mind and the spirit.
  • Wyll: So much was lost when the darkness fell.

(At Mason's Guild)

  • Gale: The masons here thought they were building something to last. How wrong they were.
  • Wyll: Perhaps it's a blessing that none of them survived to see it fall to the shadows.
  • Gale: No need for such a grim assumption. Halsin helped many to escape these shadows before the town was consumed.
  • Wyll: Then some masons were more blessed still, if they could put their talents to use elsewhere.
  • Wyll: Perhaps some of their work even graces Baldur's Gate.

(At House of Healing)

  • Wyll: This was a hospital? Feels more like a prison.
  • Gale: A common enough interpretation. Sickness has a nasty habit of making you feel trapped, if only within the confines of your own body.
  • Gale: I once spent weeks convalescing in the Hospice of St Laupsenn after a nasty bout of ruddy pox. For all their kindness, leaving that place behind felt like freedom to me.
  • Wyll: I've always relied on the kindness of the healers and menders of the Coast. Better a cleric's healing touch than a chirurgeon's scalpel.

(Approaching Moonrise Towers)

  • Gale: Moonrise Towers lies ahead. We're nearing the Heart of the Absolute, I'm certain of it.
  • Wyll: Then let us push forward, heads high, weapons in hand, and turn this tower to rubble.
  • Gale: Your confidence is encouraging but a little premature. Let's keep our eyes on the task ahead. Or eye, as the case may be.

(At Moonrise Towers)

  • Wyll: This is no aimless horde - the Absolute's forces are organised. What do you make of it, Gale?
  • Gale: All enemies have some chink in their armour, no matter how much they like to believe themselves invulnerable. That's what we must find.
  • Wyll: And if we don't find any clear weakness?
  • Gale: Then we hope our mutual strengths are enough to dominate them. Or, we die nobly in the attempt.

(At Moonrise Towers Prison)

(If you rescued Mizora)

  • Wyll: Of course Mizora was Zariel's captured asset. How did I not see it coming?
  • Gale: It's in a devil's nature to conceal the truth - you can't fault yourself for that.
  • Wyll: I've been pacted for seven years on, Gale. I should be able to read between Mizora's lines by now, no matter how narrow the gap.

(If Mizora isn't there)

  • Gale: Not a devil in sight. How disappointing.
  • Wyll: I doubt a few iron bars are sufficient to hold one of Zariel's.
  • Gale: True enough. But an illithid pod? That would probably do the trick.
  • Wyll: I wager you're right. Ah, Gale - what a pleasure to see a genius' mind at work.


  • Gale: How long have you been pacted to Mizora, Wyll?
  • Wyll: Seven years. Seven years of hunting the monsters of the Sword Coast - and seven years of Mizora's tight leash.
  • Wyll: And seven years of wondering if I'd ever rid myself of her - or if I even should.

(While assaulting Moonrise Towers)

  • Wyll: This is it, Gale - today, we annihilate the heart of the Absolute's power. The bards will sing of our victory here.
  • Gale: Entirely unnecessary. Though if they are so inclined, I might be convinced to share a stanza or two of my own for inspiration.

(At Baldur's Mouth)

  • Gale: The history of the city itself is captured in the archives here - a fascinating resource.
  • Wyll: I wonder what those archives will reveal about us a hundred years hence.
  • Gale: Only the most excellent and complimentary things. With some encouragement from us, of course.

(At Guildhall)

  • Wyll: It might seem a bit ramshackle, but this place has a boastworthy bar.
  • Gale: A bar is only as good as its cellars. Which vintages can we expect to find on their racks?
  • Wyll: Here, a bottle is judged more by its ability to crack heads than the quality of its contents.
  • Gale: Ah. If that's the main criteria then I shall reset my expectations accordingly. Water it is.

(At Morphic Pool)

  • Gale: Whatever the outcome of what's just ahead, it will be the stuff of legends.
  • Wyll: In that case, someone needs to survive to tell the story.
  • Gale: My money's on you, Wyll.
  • Wyll: I'm betting on all of us.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Gale: If your natural charm isn't quite up to scratch, Wyll, there are magical means of adding a little flourish of charisma.
  • Wyll: A kind offer, but I think I'd rather pursue things the old fashioned way.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Gale: I knew you were a graceful man, Wyll, but I hear you're quite the dancer too.
  • Gale: I've been known to trip the light fantastic myself. Mine was a popular hand at the annual Blackstaff's Ball.
  • Wyll: I'd have love to have witnessed it, Gale. I wager you are as elegant on the dance floor as you are on the battlefield.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Wyll: I'm probably going to regret this, but Gale - if I'm to be wed, would you like to make a speech?
  • Gale: You've asked the right wizard. My oratory skills have left many a wedding guest weeping in their seat.
  • Wyll: Promise it will last less than half an hour?
  • Gale: I can promise it will feel like less than half an hour...

(If the player is romancing Gale; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Gale: Have you noticed any attachments of the more, erm, romantic variety flourishing in our camp, Wyll?
  • Wyll: I think I'm not the right person to be asking.
  • Wyll: I can recognise a troll's silhouette on a far horizon, but I wouldn't know a flirtation if you whacked me alongside the head with it.

(If the player is romancing Gale; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Gale: I've heard that in Baldur's Gate, 'wizard' is also a term used for one who eschews their more, ahem, carnal desires. Is that true, Wyll?
  • Wyll: Where are we going with this, Gale?
  • Gale: Oh, nowhere. I just think it a rather cruel misnomer. Not at all reflective of the glamour wizarding life affords.

(If the player is romancing Gale; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Wyll: I used to believe the beauty of first love was unable to be surpassed.
  • Wyll: But Gale - you are so much more tolerable now you've found your second.
  • Gale: I'll take that comment with the sincerity and good will I assume it was intended.

Wyll Approval.png Wyll and Karlach Karlach Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(At Last Light Inn, if it's protected)

  • Karlach: Think the bar is open?
  • Wyll: I intend to find out. But we should scout around first, see who's in need of help.
  • Karlach: You're good at staying in character, I'll give you that.

(At Grand Mausoleum)

  • Karlach: No shadow curse here. Wonder why.
  • Wyll: Couldn't say. Maybe because an entirely different curse has befallen the tomb.
  • Karlach: Always something, isn't it.

(At Gauntlet of Shar)

  • Karlach: You know, even devils like a good joke. Why are Sharrans so... dour?
  • Wyll: Their belief is grounded in loss. Hardly a laughing matter.
  • Karlach: The loss of all joy. Sad business.

(At Rivington riverbank)

  • Karlach: Care for a dip, Wyll?
  • Wyll: It would be my pleasure, Karlach - once the Absolute's been crushed for good.
  • Karlach: Heroics don't leave half enough time for messing.

(In the North Alleys)

  • Karlach: Do I hear... music?
  • Wyll: I reckon there wasn't much merry-making in the Hells.
  • Karlach: You reckon right. Maybe for the best though. My singing is worse than demonic screeching.
  • Wyll: Hm - perhaps your talent lies in dancing, instead?

(At Southern Docks)

  • Wyll: Smell that, Karlach?
  • Karlach: Uh... fish?
  • Wyll: Well, yes. But also trouble.
  • Karlach: Your nose is better than mine, pal.

(At The Counting House)

  • Karlach: Feel that? Guards are giving us the stink-eye.
  • Karlach: Think they recognise you?
  • Wyll: Possibly. But I wager there's something deeper at work here.
  • Karlach: Then let's go digging.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Karlach: Couldn't find you for a while at the party. Was hoping we could regale our friends with a nice three-horned duet.
  • Wyll: Ah, I just needed a moment of quiet, to think, that's all.
  • Karlach: What about?
  • Wyll: Wouldn't you like to know?
  • Karlach: Well yeah! One thing I'll say for the Hells, the gossip is excellent. Faerûn's a funeral parlour by comparison.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Karlach: Used to your new look yet, Wyll? I for one think you look smashing.
  • Wyll: You know, I think I am. It certainly didn't put off my - er- dance partner.
  • Karlach: Ah, dance, the true language of love.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Karlach: Seeing you happy is pretty wonderful, Wyll.
  • Karlach: Two of my real friends, finding real happiness? Together? Beautiful.
  • Wyll: Thank you, Karlach.
  • Karlach: If you get married, I'm your celebrant. Got it?
  • Wyll: As if could ever refuse you.

(If the player is romancing Karlach; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Wyll: Did Zariel know you'd be unable to touch anyone when she crammed that awful thing into your chest?
  • Karlach: Thing is, I can touch devils and the like, back in Avernus. I never did, cause I'm not a masochist. But I could have.
  • Wyll: Gods. I'm glad you got out of there.
  • Karlach: With my new best friend on my tail the whole time. Who knew.

(If the player is romancing Karlach; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Wyll: Karlach... I know I say this every day, but I'm so glad you're here.
  • Karlach: Me too!
  • Wyll: And seeing you've got someone to care about now, after ten bloody years, what would you say? 'Good for you, mate.'?
  • Karlach: Exactly so, your majesty.

(If the player is romancing Karlach; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Wyll: The fact one of your first dates is going to be one of your last... it's just not fair, Karlach.
  • Karlach: I don't want to think about that. I just want to enjoy whatever comes my way.
  • Wyll: You're worth more respect than every last rogue in this city. I hope you know that.

Wyll Approval.png Wyll and Lae'zel Lae'zel Approval.png[edit | edit source]

  • Lae'zel: Every moment a new danger. I may have underestimated this Faerûn.
  • Wyll: You don't know the half of it. With a bit of luck, we'll meet a beholder.

  • Wyll: Lae'zel, have you ever done a good deed just for the sake of it?
  • Lae'zel: I have performed deeds well and efficiently. Is this what you mean?
  • Wyll: Not exactly. But you answered my question.

  • Wyll: Mm - Lae'zel, do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Lae'zel: I hardly believe in love at all.
  • Wyll: Oh.
  • Lae'zel: But I do believe in carnal pleasure.
  • Wyll: Oh!

  • Wyll: I've never met anyone like you, Lae'zel.
  • Lae'zel: Yes I've been told I'm quite scintillating.
  • Wyll: Have you really?
  • Lae'zel: No.

  • Wyll: Lae'zel, you've the most exquisite eyes - golden as the sands of the Calim.
  • Lae'zel: And you've a soft skull. A ghaik tentacle will have no issues pushing through it.
  • Wyll: Is that... a compliment?
  • Lae'zel: No, it is a fact. Life in this Faerûn is laughaby weak.

  • Lae'zel: The Blade of Frontiers, hm? Do you always need to be the centre of attention?
  • Wyll: Anything but. I don't fight to be flattered, Lae'zel. I fight to save lives.

  • Lae'zel: I've not heard of these 'Flaming Fist'. Enlighten me, Wyll.
  • Wyll: The Coast's chief militia, led by none other than Grand Duke Ulder Ravengard himself.

(If it is known that Wyll is the son of Ulder Ravengard)

  • Lae'zel: Your father, you mean?
  • Wyll: The very same.

(If it is known that Wyll has a contract with Mizora)

  • Lae'zel: If you wish to be rid of your devil, Wyll, we should just kill her and be done with it.
  • Wyll: And incur the wrath of the Hells? I might as well just leap straight into the fires.

  • Wyll: Can an illithid go solo, Lae'zel? You know - break free of their master?

(If you have met Omeluum)

  • Lae'zel: Renegades are rare, but not unheard of.

(If you have not met Omeluum)

  • Lae'zel: Renegades are rare, but not unheard of. Omeluum is one such creature.
  • Lae'zel: A ghaik gone astray is no less dangerous for it - and its head no less valuable.

  • Wyll: Who's in charge of the mind flayers, Lae'zel? Is there a squid king or something?
  • Lae'zel: No. Each ghaik is servant to an elder brain. No king unites elders - only their collective tyranny.
  • Gale: A mind flayer monarch, imagine that. Such a thing could shatter worlds.

(Near Rosymorn Monastery)

  • Wyll: Lae'zel, are you sure of the greeting we'll find at this crèche of yours?
  • Lae'zel: Of course I'll be welcomed. And if you behave, you may keep your head too.
  • Wyll: I can count on you to vouch for me, I hope.
  • Lae'zel: Don't worry. You're more useful to me alive.

(At Crèche Y'llek)

  • Lae'zel: How I have longed for these familiar sounds and sights.
  • Wyll: Well I'll be. So even the ferocious Lae'zel has a soft side.
  • Lae'zel: A possessive side. What is a warrior without something precious to protect?

(At Mind Flayer Colony)

  • Wyll: Lae'zel - did you ever fight illithid creatures in your training days?
  • Lae'zel: Never. The ghaik aboard the nautiloid was the first I ever witnessed in flesh.
  • Wyll: Really? I figured you would have joined your fellow gith in a colony raid.
  • Lae'zel: A young warrior is expected to fight their first ghaik with their cousins - kin hatched from the same clutch.
  • Lae'zel: The ones who triumph earn a place in githyanki society. The one's who don't, perish.

(At Rivington)

  • Wyll: When I was a child, father sent me to Sharess' Caress to deliver messages.
  • Wyll: How was I to know what went on behind its closed doors?
  • Lae'zel: Eating, sleeping, and sex acts of all manner, of course.
  • Wyll: Hm. What's plain to you wasn't so plain to mini-Wyll.
  • Lae'zel: 'Mini-Lae'zel' wasn't so sheltered. On Crèche K'liir, very little is hidden behind doors.

(At Eastern Docks)

  • Lae'zel: I smell danger on the wind. Keep your weapons ready.
  • Wyll: The only thing the wind's carrying is the smell of trout. Lae'zel. We're near the fish market.
  • Lae'zel: Discount my warning at your peril.
  • Wyll: I get it, Lae'zel - peril, danger, and so forth. All I can think of now is a nice fish dinner.

(At Lower City Sewers)

  • Lae'zel: Baldur's Gate's sewer system could use a few... improvements.
  • Wyll: The smell getting to you, Lae'zel?
  • Lae'zel: It isn't the smell that bothers me - it's the inefficiency. An entire underground wasted on waste that could simply be teleported to Wildspace.
  • Wyll: Hm. Once the Absolute's finished, I'll be sure to propose your idea to the Council.

(At Steel Watch Foundry)

  • Wyll: Labour is the lifeblood of every city. Baldur's Gate would perish without its workers.
  • Lae'zel: So it is with the githyanki. Without the mlar's swords and ships, and the gardens of our g'lathk, the empire couldn't thrive.
  • Wyll: Maybe githyanki and humans aren't so different after all.
  • Lae'zel: Let's not carried away, Wyll.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Lae'zel: Wyll, you are a man of great vigour. Why have you not sought a mate any of these nights we have camped?
  • Wyll: Ah, well, I admit I've had thoughts about it. In my own way.
  • Lae'zel: Do not think, Wyll. Act.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Lae'zel: Does your species release airborne pheromones upon beginning the courtship dance, Wyll?
  • Lae'zel: I've heard thus is the way with certain birds of paradise and prey. The chemical induces lowered inhibitions between the pair.
  • Wyll: No. I mean, I don't think so. Would you count a light spritz from a vial of jasmine dust as a pheromone?
  • Lae'zel: Indubitably.

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Lae'zel: To bind oneself to another forever seems a fool's vow.
  • Wyll: Then by all means, call me a fool.
  • Wyll: In the Gate especially, it's uncommon to marry your first love nowadays.
  • Wyll: But losing that early love is still the regret foremost of forgotten sorrows.

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Wyll: I really didn't expect the affair to last between the two of you, Lae'zel. Is it getting to be something more?
  • Lae'zel: We have spilled one another's blood. We have spent blows until utter exhaustion.
  • Wyll: Congratulations - I think.

(If the player is romancing Lae'zel; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Wyll: I hope my home can be yours, if you don't go back to the skies.
  • Lae'zel: Chk. I have no intention of allowing myself to grow a third stomach and a withered arm in a ducal seat.
  • Wyll: I meant the Gate! But you're always welcome for tea.

Wyll Approval.png Wyll and Shadowheart Shadowheart Approval.png[edit | edit source]

  • Shadowheart: So. Wyll with a 'y' - why?
  • Wyll: 'Y', that's right.
  • Shadowheart: But why?
  • Wyll: Why 'y'? A great-uncle's name, my father said. But I just figured he couldn't spell.

  • Shadowheart: I saw you training those children. You were so gentle! That's... not how I was taught.
  • Wyll: Cruel words strengthen neither heads nor hearts, Shadowheart.
  • Shadowheart: I wouldn't quite say that - I learned the lesson, after all.
  • Wyll: And came to resent your tutor, I bet. I taught them to fight - not to hate.

  • Shadowheart: So Wyll, what was the Blade of Frontiers' toughest kill?
  • Wyll: Ah - it was a great scrap. A hungry minotaur with a hankering for human flesh.
  • Wyll: An axe-bearing mountain of fur, she was. Gave me a nasty scar.
  • Shadowheart: I hope you don't mind if I don't ask to see it.

(If it is known that Shadowheart is a follower of Shar)

  • Wyll: What's your gripe with Selûne anyway, Shadowheart?
  • Shadowheart: She betrayed her sister and ruined the balance of things.
  • Shadowheart: Imagine turning on those who love you for you own glory...

(If it is known that Astarion is a vampire)

  • Shadowheart: So. A vampire spawn and a monster hunter in the same group. We're not going to have trouble, are we?
  • Astarion: Excuse me? Since this tadpole, I'm barely a monster at all.
  • Astarion: I just want to survive, same as you.
  • Wyll: I don't see a problem, as long as mister fang there keeps his appetite in check.

(If Mizora turned Wyll into a devil)

  • Shadowheart: Have you wondered what people will say, Wyll? When they find out the monster hunter is becoming a monster.
  • Wyll: I've faced countless perils and conquered them all. This will be no different.
  • Shadowheart: I've always had a soft spot for the confident ones...
  • Shadowheart: They always disappoint though.

  • Shadowheart: Fiend worship... I'm not trying to pick a fight, Wyll. But it really seems like a blatantly ill-advised idea.
  • Wyll: It's the furthest thing from my mind. Besides, Shadowheart - not all fiends are cut from the same scorched cloth.
  • Shadowheart: How do they differ, then? The number of horns? The exact timbre of their evil laugh?
  • Wyll: Could be most anything. Their willingness to torment their travel partners with wisecracks, for example.

  • Wyll: Ah, Shadowheart - how blessed I am to be so near.
  • Shadowheart: I heard you with Lae'zel - don't think I'll play second fiddle to the likes of her.
  • Shadowheart: Go try your charms on someone who's out of earshot.

(At Rosymorn Monastery)

  • Wyll: 'The Mysteries of the Monastery'. 'The Secret of the Crags'.
  • Shadowheart: What was that? I really can't abide mumbling, Wyll.
  • Wyll: I'm trying to decide on a title for this chapter of the Blade's adventures.
  • Shadowheart: Haven't you ever heard 'don't catch your chickens before they hatch'?
  • Shadowheart: Or perhaps 'Don't count your adventurers before they survive a arduous, danger-filled journey'?

(At Last Light Inn Graveyard)

  • Wyll: Tombstones. I'd half-expect to get a glimpse of Withers here.
  • Shadowheart: Don't even joke about it. Bad enough that he's haunting our camp, with his cryptic asides and his... overall mustiness...
  • Wyll: He's useful, as the not-so-alive, not-quite-dead go.
  • Shadowheart: 'Death is the Blade's companion' - isn't that what they say? I think I preferred it as a metaphor.

(At Mason's Guild)

  • Shadowheart: All this stonework has me thinking - would you ever want a statue of yourself, Wyll?
  • Wyll: It seems a rather... vain notion to me. But I can't say I haven't thought about it. How about you?
  • Shadowheart: I suppose it might be nice to be remembered - though I'd be less keen on having birds perching on my head for evermore.
  • Wyll: Think of the... er... mess they'd make. Well - better your statue's head than your own.

(At Moonrise Towers Docks)

  • Wyll: We're not taking a boat to Baldur's Gate, surely.
  • Shadowheart: A nice, leisurely voyage? The idea seems pleasant enough... but knowing our luck, we'd probably end up as easy targets the whole away.
  • Wyll: Exactly. Not that I'm one to refuse the scenic route, but I think we need to hike it.

(After defeating Ketheric Thorm)

  • Shadowheart: Sobering, to think that we've got even tougher battles yet to come.
  • Wyll: We've chipped away a piece of the Absolute. It will take all our might, all our will, to fully shatter it.
  • Shadowheart: I'm not despairing. Far from it. I just hope we're afforded a little breathing room before the next onslaught.

(While south of Wyrm's Crossing)

  • Shadowheart: You know, I'm starting to remember that Wyrm's Crossing has a bit of a reputation, doesn't it? A tad mercenary, a tad sordid. Anything and anyone for a price...
  • Wyll: Ah, but to little harm. Shouldn't we all be allowed to stoke a few fires from time to time?
  • Shadowheart: You sound like you're speaking from experience, Wyll. Perhaps you'll have to give me a tour - refresh my memory.
  • Wyll: Heh - I'm afraid you'd find my own stories rather tight-laced, Shadowheart. I was never one to sow my wild oats.

(At Basilisk Gate)

  • Shadowheart: A gallows? Nooses are for amateurs - that's what I was taught in the Grotto. Do you know how badly those things can go wrong?
  • Wyll: I'd rather not think of it, Shadowheart...
  • Shadowheart: You could strangle them by accident, use too much rope and break their legs... and if it goes really badly, you could wrench their heads right off.
  • Wyll: What a picture you pain. Quite detailed, quite colourful. Quite unnecessary.

(At Abandoned Cistern in the Lower City Sewers)

  • Shadowheart: You know what would be nice, just for a change? Venturing through a sun-dappled vineyard, or a gleaming palace.
  • Shadowheart: You know what would be nice, just for a change? Venturing through a mysterious bazaar, or a lush, dark wood, scented with lavender.
  • Wyll: Not so fond of the sewers, then?
  • Shadowheart: They have their purpose. I'd just rather we didn't have to wade through their purpose.

(At Flymm Cargo)

  • Wyll: I'm reminded of a book father kept hidden in a drawer. 'The Salty Mermaid'. Do you know of it, Shadowheart?
  • Shadowheart: 'Fabian ran his calloused fingers along Allura's scales. Her tail quivered in response...'
  • Wyll: ' 'Taste me', Allura pleaded. Fabian smashed his lips against hers and their tongues twisted together like two eels in the Sword Sea.'

(If Ulder Ravengard died)

  • Shadowheart: The pinnacle of good trash - even I can't forget that one too easily. Your father was a man of fine taste.

(If Ulder Ravengard is still alive)

  • Shadowheart: The pinnacle of good trash - even I can't forget that one too easily. Your father is man of fine taste.

(At Bloomridge Park)

  • Wyll: Spent a lot of time in this park as a boy battling imaginary monsters.
  • Shadowheart: So before you were Blade of the Frontiers, you were Pointy Stick of the Park? How did the imaginary monsters compare with the real thing?
  • Wyll: The monsters of my play-fights were strong, vicious. Trolls with hulking muscles, werewolves with sharpened fangs.
  • Wyll: But the greatest villains I've faced as the Blade? They look more like you and me than they do the beasts of my fantasies.

(At Harborview Park)

  • Shadowheart: Amazing how the city can seem almost peaceful at times, knowing all that goes on out there.
  • Wyll: 'All that goes on'?

(If Shadowheart is still loyal to Shar)

  • Shadowheart: Consider the numbers. Someone out there must be having the worst day of their life. Being robbed, evicted, widowed, who knows? Then, easy prey for Lady Shar.

(If Shadowheart no longer loyal to Shar)

  • Shadowheart: Consider the numbers. Someone out there must be having the worst day of their life. Robbed, evicted, widowed, who knows? No wonder Shar thrives, with such misery...
  • Wyll: If that's true, then so must be the opposite: there are people out there celebrating their lives' best moment.
  • Wyll: A wedding to their betrothed, a new baby, a windfall... the taste of an exquisite pudding...

(At Water Queen's House)

  • Shadowheart: Umberlee - a brutal goddess, from what I understand. Without even the slightest touch of subtlety to her.
  • Wyll: Subtlety isn't exactly your forte, given how you've strolled about wearing a circlet inset with Shar's symbol.

(If Shadowheart is still loyal to Shar)

  • Shadowheart: That's different. You'd be surprised how easily Lady Shar can hide in plain sight. People go around blinkered, caught up in their own lives.
  • Shadowheart: Besides... it suits me.

(If Shadowheart no longer loyal to Shar)

  • Shadowheart: You'd be surprised how people can miss what's in plain sight. I missed the fact that Shar was deceiving me. Besides, I have a new look now. Suits me, I think.
  • Wyll: On that matter, you'll hear no argument from me.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Shadowheart: Someone of your... social stature, Wyll. Are they typically allowed to pursue their heart's whims as they like?
  • Wyll: I don't have to ask for permission, if that's what you mean.
  • Shadowheart: Really? I'm surprised. I thought dowries, alliances and old blueblood feuds might have to be balanced against your desires.
  • Wyll: I'm my own man, Shadowheart... in this sense, at least.

(If the player is romancing Shadowheart; after act 1 romance scene)

  • Wyll: Shadowheart - the way you paint around your eyes, they look permanently cloaked in shadow.

(If it is known that Shadowheart is a follower of Shar)

  • Shadowheart: It brings me closer to Lady Shar. One day, all of our eyes will feast on her endless darkness.

(If it is not known that Shadowheart is a follower of Shar)

  • Shadowheart: No harm in a little mystery...
  • Shadowheart: Besides, I think it suits my bone structure.
  • Wyll: And yet your bed-pillow bears barely a smudge. You are a woman of many talents.

(If the player is romancing Shadowheart; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Wyll: I saw you pressing a bunch of flowers the other day in a book.
  • Wyll: Not like you to keep something forever.
  • Shadowheart: They'll crumble away in time... but no harm in appreciating their beauty until then.

(If the player is romancing Shadowheart, and Shadowheart chose Selune)

  • Wyll: Even if you and our friend ended up having werewolf cubs, they'd be so adorable.
  • Shadowheart: Ahem. I've shown no signs of lycanthropy, thank you very much... but should that change, I'll take it you're volunteering to be child-minder.
  • Wyll: Hm. Buy me some protective gloves, and I'm all for it.

(If the player is romancing Shadowheart, and Shadowheart chose Shar)

  • Wyll: I think it's a true shame, that your goddess doesn't allow for love.
  • Wyll: Do you regret it?
  • Shadowheart: I could never regret fulfilling my life's purpose. Besides, Lady Shar may afford me a little... wiggle room.

Wyll Approval.png Wyll and Halsin Halsin Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(At Ruined Battlefield)

  • Wyll: My boyhood texts claimed bodies from this battle drifted downriver for a week.
  • Halsin: Many who deserved an honourable burial had to be abandoned. The shadow curse inspired great haste.
  • Wyll: That's right - you were there, weren't you?
  • Halsin: I was. Part of my spirit was shorn away from me here, and never left.

(At Last Light Inn - Cellar Shrine)

  • Halsin: A shrine of Selûne, tucked away like an unsprouted seed.
  • Wyll: Another nature metaphor? I admire your consistency, Halsin.
  • Halsin: When you care about something deeply enough, it consumes every thought and word.

(At The Waning Moon)

  • Halsin: The scent of hops and barley is most persistent here, even after all this time.
  • Wyll: Enough to make me thirsty, even. I've always preferred wine to whiskey and ale, but I certainly wouldn't turn away a full flagon right about now.
  • Halsin: After the shadow curse, I became overly fond of honey mead and melancholy evenings by myself. Now I rarely imbibe - only on the most special of occasions.
  • Wyll: I say we put an end to your dry spell. Once Ketheric falls, the first round's on me.

(At Grand Mausoleum)

  • Wyll: No signs of life - but the spirits of the past still linger here.
  • Halsin: Do I note some trepidation? Spirits are but echoes of nature's cycle. Most give no cause to elicit fear... most, but not all.
  • Wyll: When I was very young, father told me the dear ones we lose are quiet - but ever watchful.
  • Wyll: I think he meant to comfort me. But I shivered for weeks, thinking I was being hounded by wide-eyed spirits.

(At Gauntlet of Shar)

  • Wyll: The statuary in here is so triumphal. Even the worst of us can see ourselves as heroes.
  • Halsin: That is a truth that can evade minds far older than yours, Wyll. You are wise beyond your years.
  • Wyll: Not wise enough to avoid Sharran sanctums, apparently.

(At Moonrise Towers Prison)

  • Halsin: I am loathe to see anyone behind bars. It reminds me of my time as a guest of the goblins.
  • Wyll: That reminds me - how in the Nine Hells could goblins capture a chap as well-muscled as you?
  • Halsin: Poor choice of companions, for one thing - gladly rectified, since then.
  • Halsin: Besides, a large-enough pack of scavengers can take down even the strongest of bears.

(At Mind Flayer Colony Tadpoling Centre)

  • Halsin: So many unfortunates must have been infected in this place. Imagine the horrors...
  • Wyll: I don't need to imagine. I've got the souvenir in my skull to prove it.
  • Halsin: Of couse, thoughtless of me, my apologies. But at least you cannot be infected twice... or at least, I hope not.

(At Philgrave's Mansion)

  • Wyll: Father always shooed me away from this place. 'More rats than a Waterdeep dungeon.'
  • Halsin: It is most unfair to pour such scorn on rats - they have their place in nature, same as you or I.
  • Wyll: And I don't get the sense that my father was being literal.

(If the player is romancing Haslin in act 3)

  • Wyll: Halsin, tell me about the man behind the hulking wall of muscle.
  • Wyll: Do you actually do anything besides meditate, counsel, fight, train, and make love?
  • Halsin: Is such an existence lacking?
  • Wyll: Hm. Good question.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Halsin: Very quick to say 'forever' to your newly betrothed, weren't you, Blade?
  • Wyll: Forever could be tomorrow. Better to promise to do your utmost, as long as you have the moments left to share.
  • Halsin: Scant few times I've seen youthful partnerships end well, but if anyone was formed to thrive in one, I think it may be you.

Wyll Approval.png Wyll and Minthara Minthara Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(If the player is romancing Minthara; after act 2 romance scene)

  • Wyll: I really hope you're being careful with our friend, Minthara. I wouldn't want you to break each other.
  • Minthara: If I break them, it will be in the pursuit of pleasure, and they will die smiling.

(If the player is romancing Minthara; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Wyll: Amorous passions usually make people more considerate, Minthara. Kinder. Sympathetic. Better at cooperating.
  • Minthara: They can also make people more protective, guarded, paranoid, and jealous.
  • Wyll: Never mind.

(If the player is romancing Wyll, and Wyll broke the contract)

  • Minthara: You confound me, Wyll. You have all the illustrious iniquities of a warlock, and you choose to impress your partner with dancing?
  • Wyll: Well I'm hardly going to say 'oh come here, have a hug in the arms of Hadar'.

(If the player is romancing Wyll, and Wyll is agreed to the new contract)

  • Minthara: Your devilish patron is a delight, Wyll. Have you ever lain with her?
  • Wyll: I'm really not that kind of man.
  • Minthara: She will see her failure to seduce you as a stain on her honour. I know I would.

Wyll Approval.png Wyll and Jaheira Jaheira Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(At Basilisk Gate)

  • Wyll: Mercenary they may be, but father always demanded discipline from the Flaming Fist. Seems some grew unruly in his absence.
  • Jaheira: Your father made a fine job of polishing them up some - but a sellsword is still a sellsword. They are just following their nature.
  • Wyll: And you think the Harpers are more dutiful?
  • Jaheira: I should hope so - they certainly don't get paid half so well.

(At the entrance to the Guildhall)

  • Wyll: Odd - I'd expect a Flaming Fist or four to be stationed nearby.
  • Jaheira: They stick to sunnier streets. Heavens forbid they disrupt any of that Guild business they're so well-paid to ignore, hm?
  • Wyll: The Fist aren't what they used to be.
  • Jaheira: I grieve to tell you, Wyll, they never were.

(At Undercity Ruins)

  • Wyll: My first visit to the undercity. A haven for undead, or so my tutors said.
  • Jaheira: Shadow people roaming shadow streets. There's little more to learn down here but some depressing ways to die.

(At The Counting House)

  • Wyll: I was barely eight years of age when I heard the Counting House held mythical treasure.
  • Wyll: So curious little Wyll tried to slip in. The guard spotted me straight away and dragged me by the collar back to my father.
  • Jaheira: A talking-to from the Grand Marshal himself. Quite the introduction to a life of crime - what did he say?
  • Wyll: Oh, he pretended to be cross. But there was no hiding the sly grin that crept on his face.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Jaheira: So, Wyll - you have your mind set on marriage.
  • Wyll: Why not? If this adventure has taught me anything, it's that life is fragile, and we should seize joy when we can. You think I'm being rash?
  • Jaheira: Not at all. The world does not wait around for us, so take your moment while you may. Damn what anyone else thinks.
  • Jaheira: So long as you serve a proper meal at the wedding. None of this finger-picking nonsense, yes?

Wyll Approval.png Wyll and Minsc Minsc Approval.png[edit | edit source]

(At Danthelon's Dancing Axe)

  • Minsc: Danthelon's Dancing Axe...? Minsc would sooner fight with a sword - even an annoying one, which talks out of turn.
  • Wyll: I'm surprised you're so fond of swords. A battleaxe would seem more suitable for a man of your... stature.
  • Minsc: The sword is simpler - only one point, so you know which end the evil goes on! But I suppose a warrior must wield whatever weapon he can.
  • Minsc: Sword, axe, boot... Minsc once choked an ogre with its own loincloth. The smell might be the closest I have come to tasting of death myself.

(At The Lodge)

  • Minsc: Who is this large man of sternness and stone? Boo mislikes his look - as if he is knowing things that Minsc is not.

(If our guardian's true identity is known)

  • Wyll: It's Balduran. Our city's valorant founder - and now, the illithid we carry in that gods-forsaken prism.
  • Minsc: Ah. Then Minsc and Boo prefer him this way. Better stern than smug.

(If our guardian's true identity is not known)

  • Wyll: Relax, the both of you - it's Balduran, our city's valorant founder.
  • Minsc: Ahh, this makes more sense! Some relation to the Baldur who owns the gate perhaps, Boo?

(At Bonecloak's Basement)

  • Minsc: Who adorned these walls? Better to have hung a mirror, and taken a good long look at themselves.
  • Wyll: A bloody display of murderous power. Bhaal means to stoke fear, make us cower.
  • Minsc: All it does is make Minsc wonder if Boo has already eaten this villain's eyes.

(At Morphic Pool)

  • Wyll: Our great adventure nears its climax. If I should fall, I want you all to know it's been an honour to fight beside you.
  • Minsc: You will not fall, warlock. And if you do, Minsc shall simply pick you up again. What - do you doubt us in this final hour?
  • Wyll: Yeah, but you... you're Minsc.
  • Minsc: And you are Wyll of the Pale Eye. Now hush, and turn your mind towards our many, many many enemies.

(If the player is romancing Wyll; after act 3 romance scene)

  • Minsc: Minsc has felt Boo's heart is fluttering faster than usual... for our friend the Blade is betrothed.
  • Wyll: Ah, my thanks. Perhaps we might even marry, if fate wills it.
  • Minsc: If you cannot find a bear to be the bearer of your ring, Boo would like you to know that he is available.