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Araj Oblodra is a drow trader and blood-focused alchemist who can be found in Moonrise Towers and the Lower City of Baldur's Gate. Other than the items she sells, she also offers unique potions in exchange for samples of blood, and will ask to speak with Astarion.

If no characters donate blood to Araj at Moonrise Towers, she will not appear at Lower City.

History[edit | edit source]

It is said all House Oblodra perished when our estate was cast into the Clawrift. I am its last living daughter. Now the abyssal gulch in the heart of Menzoberranzan where our House was thrown is but an amusement.

Araj Oblodra was a daughter of the now-defunct House Oblodra. Over a century ago, an alliance of rival drow in the city of Menzoberranzan destroyed her House, due to their association with psionics and illithids before and during the Time of Troubles.

Few survived the House's destruction, and Araj believes herself to be the last remaining daughter of Oblodra. Araj yearns to reinstate the House to its former glory.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Act Two[edit | edit source]

In Act Two, Araj Oblodra can be found hard at work found inside Moonrise Towers, poring over alchemical equipment.

Blood-draw elixirs[edit | edit source]

Araj will brew unique elixirs as payment for drawing blood from the True Souls in the party for her research. Each character may give blood only once, incurring 1d3 damage in the process. The effects of these potions are generally themed on the race, and, in the case of dragonborns, subrace of the character giving blood.

Unlike normal elixirs, Araj's blood-draw elixir effects are not replaced when a character consumes a second elixir.

However, after consuming a blood-draw elixir and taking a long rest, the character will receive the condition Blood-draw Sickness, which causes a -1 to all dice rolls until another long rest.

With a DC 14 History check, knowledge of House Oblodra will allow the party to realise that Araj doesn't want True Soul blood, but Illithid blood specifically – an especially illicit subject for a drow to research. If this insight is shared with Araj, she will pay 200 gold for each subsequent blood donation, alongside the normal elixir.

Race Elixir
Black Dragonborn, Copper Dragonborn Elixir of Dragonborn Prowess: Acid
Blue Dragonborn, Bronze Dragonborn Elixir of Dragonborn Prowess: Lightning
Brass Dragonborn, Gold Dragonborn Elixir of Dragonborn Prowess: Fire
Green Dragonborn Elixir of Dragonborn Prowess: Poison
Silver Dragonborn, White Dragonborn Elixir of Dragonborn Prowess: Frost
Drow, Elf Elixir of Elven Elegance
Dwarf Elixir of Dwarven Resilience
Githyanki Elixir of Githyanki Providence
Gnome Elixir of Gnomish Ingenuity
Half-elf Elixir of Half-Elven Healing
Half-orc Elixir of Half-Orcish Fury
Halfling Elixir of Halfling Luck
Human Elixir of Human Versatility
Tiefling Elixir of Tiefling Vice

Interaction with Astarion[edit | edit source]

Araj deeply wishes to speak with Astarion. If Astarion is left at camp during her first interaction, Araj will politely ask that the vampire spawn be brought next.

When Araj speaks with Astarion, she excitedly asks that he bite her, so that she may study the effects of vampire bites up close. She offers the pricelessPotion of Everlasting Vigour in exchange, which permanently increases the Strength of the one drinking it by 2.

If Astarion is not the player's Origin character, he will be loath to do so, privately noting to the player character that there is something deeply wrong with Araj's blood.

If told to do so anyway, despite his objections, Astarion will go through with Araj's desires. Astarion will feel used, and the -3 disapproval from this may impact a romance between him and the player character if one exists.

There are no other consequences of Astarion obliging the request, despite how foul Araj's blood seems to be.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

If blood was donated in Act 2, Araj can be found again in the Lower City of Baldur's Gate in Act 3. As the party approaches her shop, Crimson Draughts, just east of The Blushing Mermaid, a series of explosions will trigger and Araj will come running out on fire, yet thrilled. She praises the character for their donated blood, as it has given her a breakthrough in her research of such magnitude, she believes the drow Grand Matriach will have no choice but to restore her house, House Oblodra.

If Astarion did not bite Araj in Act 2, she'll flirtatiously offer it once more. Astarion has now steeled his resolve and will forcefully refuse.

Araj is a trader in Act 3 as well, primarily retaining her inventory from Act 2.

If Araj was killed in Act 2, or no character donated their blood, Araj will be missing from her store and the explosions will not trigger on approach.

Mysterious Potion[edit | edit source]

After following Araj into her bombed-out shop, she'll breathlessly encourage the character to finish the research, and drink her new formula: Formula Gruna. The entire party urges them not to drink it.

Drinking the offeredMysterious Potion will deal 1d4 Slashing damage to the character and triggers a small explosion around them. The character then gains the permanent Unstable Blood Unstable Blood feature, causing them to bleed out Unstable Blood surfaces when hurt. When these surfaces are exposed to flame, they explode, and turn into Fire surfaces.

When spoken to next, Araj will be first thrilled to see they've survived, and then just as excited at the results. She giddily deems the character the "world's first detonative exsanguinator." In parting, and with no qualms at having so risked the character's life, she'll offer to provide another explosive in exchange for a nominal fee: another blood donation.

Agreeing to donate blood again will cause the character to take 2 damage, but gain a Sanguine Explosive. Refusing to hand over any more blood will turn her permanently hostile.

Thereafter, Araj will accept blood donations once per long rest, gaining two Sanguine Explosives in her trader inventory each time.

Crimson Draughts[edit | edit source]

Main article: Crimson Draughts
Crimson Draughts is Araj Oblodra's apothecary in Lower City – seemingly for some time before the events of the game. Araj has been operating what appears to be a legitimate business selling potions to infirm citizens. However, a note found inside Crimson Draughts' mailbox reveals that the insane drow alchemist has been swapping some orders with her own tinctures, causing horrific injury.

Downstairs, untouched by the explosions, her journal reveals the true purpose of her research. She intends to resurrect an army of the dead and reinstate the defunct House Oblodra; and if rebuffed, to use explosives to kill all in the Drow city of Menzoberranzan, and rule as queen over an undead populace.

Whether through lockpicking or using the key nearby, venturing into the shop's basement reveals Araj's small laboratory. Makeshift cells contain the less-voluntary participants, with humans and beasts chained to the wall or mutilated. The butchered corpse of a Spectator can be found near her research table.

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

If the player character donated blood in Act 2, and in Act 3 drank the Mysterious Potion and donated blood again, Araj will have left a note in the Chest of Grateful Words during the Epilogue. She reveals that she has begun the process of, literally, "resurrecting the glorious House Oblodra."

Notable items sold[edit | edit source]

Corresponds to MOO_InfernalTrader_Trade.

Companion approval[edit | edit source]

Act II, Moonrise Towers[edit | edit source]

(When Astarion is brought before Araj Oblondra)
  • Araj Oblodra: And he's yours to command... My envy is palpable.
    • Player character: Excuse me? He's his own person. Astarion approves +5
    • Player character: He does what I tell him, if that's what you mean. Astarion disapproves -2
    • Player character: Yes. All mine.
  • Araj Obolndra: Can't you talk some sense into your obstinate charge?
    • Player character: He said no. There's nothing more to discuss. Astarion approves +5
    • Player character: I am surprised, Astarion. I thought you'd jump at a chance like this. or Just bite her - the potion sounds useful.
      • Astarion: I'm sorry, but could you excuse us for a moment?
        • Player chracter: What do you mean? What's wrong with her blood?
          • Araj Obolndra: I don't have all day, True Soul.
            • Player character: Don't do anything you don't want to. Astarion approves +5
            • Player character: It's up to you, but we could really use that potion. Astarion disapproves -3
            • Player character: Just suck it up and bite her already. Astarion disapproves -3
        • Player character: A potion that powerful could change our fates. Isn't that worth a bad taste in your mouth? Astarion disapproves -3
        • Player charcater: This is your choice - do what you want. Astarion approves +5
        • Player character: Don't be dramatic, it's just one bite. One nip and you're done. Astarion disapproves -3
    • (End of dialogue)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Related literature[edit | edit source]

  • HELP, an urgent plea from a hapless customer of Crimson Draughts suffering from Araj's care
  • Open Investigation, a notice from the Flaming Fist warning Araj that her business is under investigation after complaints

Notes by Araj Oblodra[edit | edit source]

Books by Araj Oblodra[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Araj is referred to as an "Infernal Merchant" and demon in the games files.
  • Hirelings may exchange blood for elixirs, suggesting that they have illithid blood.
  • As of Hotfix 21, in Moonrise Towers, Araj does not seem to become hostile if she catches the player pickpocketing.
  • Donating blood in Act 2 awards the "Blood, Sweat, and the Other Thing" Inspiration to all characters with the Guild Artisan background.
  • Donating blood in both Act 2 and 3 awards the "Innovations in Volatility" Inspiration to all characters with the Soldier background.