Angleiron's Cellar

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Baldur's Gate
Wyrm's Crossing
South Span Checkpoint Angleiron's Cellar
Sword Coast Couriers

Angleiron's Cellar is a location in Rivington in Act Three. It can be entered via a cave entrance at X: 30 Y: 29, just north of and down some roots by the Sword Coast Couriers, or via a trap door in the Rivington General (this trap door is blocked from within until you pull a lever in the cellar).

The Ironhand Gnomes have taken up residence in the cellar and you can speak to them to learn of their hatred of the Steel Watch. Talking to Wulbren Bongle is one way to begin the Disable the Steel Watch Quest.

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Blocked entrance to the gnome cave.

If the Ironhand Gnomes are killed during their escape from Moonrise Towers, the entrance to the cave will be blocked by some rocks, preventing the player from entering this location.