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Novice of the Absolute
Grat the Trader
Grat the Trader.jpg
Level 1












Bg3 content hr.png
Creature Race Icon.png  Race Goblin
Creature Type Icon.png  Type Humanoid
HP Icon.png  HP 9
Creature AC Icon.png  AC 13
Creature Speed Icon.png  Movement Speed 9m / 30ft
Creature Size Icon.png  Size Small
Weight Icon.png  Weight 35kg / 70lbs
Proficiency Icon.png  Proficiency Bonus +2
Initiative Icon.png  Initiative 1
Passive features
Character information
Location Goblin Camp
Faction Cult of the Absolute
Grat Model.png

Grat the Trader is a Goblin trader in Chapter One of Baldur's Gate 3. He is found tending his makeshift shop in the Goblin Camp, which is located in the main area of the camp.

Grat participated in a goblin raid on Waukeen's Rest and is trying to sell the things he collected from the dead.

Notable Items Sold[edit | edit source]

Store[edit | edit source]

Corresponds to GOB_Festivities_Trader.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Grat's always has this stuff, if you got coin.

Item Quantity Chance
Doom Hammer Doom Hammer 1 Always
Boots of Aid and Comfort Boots of Aid and Comfort 1 Always
Gloves of Archery Gloves of Archery 1 Always
Returning Pike Returning Pike 1 Always
Swiresy Shoes Swiresy Shoes 1 Always
Hide Armour +2 Hide Armour +2 1 Always
Longbow +1 Longbow +1 1 Always
Greatsword +1 Greatsword +1 1 Always
Greatclub +1 Greatclub +1 1 Always
War Pick +1 War Pick +1 1 Always
Potion of Healing Potion of Healing 3-5 Always
Potion of Greater Healing Potion of Greater Healing 2 Always
Scroll of Revivify Scroll of Revivify 3 Always
Torch Torch 3 Always
Shovel (item) Shovel (item) 1 Always
Dye Table Dye Table 7 Always
Dye Remover Dye Remover 10 Always
Supply Pack Supply Pack 2-3 Always
Gold Gold [1] 200 - 1350 Always
  1. Gold for a normal trader from levels 1 to 6

Goblin weapons[edit | edit source]

Rolls 4-6 times on the following table.

Item Quantity Chance
Ritual Staff Ritual Staff 1 2/10
Goblin Scimitar Goblin Scimitar 1 2/10
Goblin Bow Goblin Bow 1 2/10
File:Makeshift Spear Unfaded Icon.png Makeshift Spear 1 2/10
Crude Mace Crude Mace 1 2/10

Loot[edit | edit source]

Rolls once on the Music Instrument Subtable. Consists of one roll each on the Common Music Instrument Subtable and Rare Music Instrument Subtable.

Item Quantity Chance
Hand Drum Hand Drum 1 1/3
Lute Lute 1 1/3
Flute Flute 1 1/3
Item Quantity Chance
Lyre Lyre 1 1/3
Lute Lute [1] 1 1/3
Violin Violin 1 1/3
  1. Identical to Lute but with a different icon.



Supplies[edit | edit source]

Rolls one or two times on the Tiny Supply Table. Worth 5.0 Camp Supplies on average.

Chance 3/52/5
Item Quantity Chance
Food Supply Table 2 Food Supply Table 2 1 1/5
Food Supply Table 3 Food Supply Table 3 1 2/5
Food Supply Table 4 Food Supply Table 4 1 2/5

Rolls 2-3 times on Supplies_Food_10, Supply_Alcohol

Conditions[edit | edit source]

Slightly DrunkSlightly DrunkJust drunk enough for everyone to notice. Strength increased by 2, Disadvantage Icon.png Disadvantage on Charisma and Dexterity checks.

Location[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

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