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This page focuses on Sarevok Anchev's behavior during combat encounters.

This page is a list of information, rather than a guide. Please refer to separate pages for full combat guides.

Attacks and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Generic Death.webp
D10 Weapon.png 5d10 (5~50) Damage TypesWeapon damage
D10 Weapon.png 5d10 (5~50) Damage TypesWeapon damage

Unleash the Dread Lord's fury upon a target.

A Bhaalist worships murder - a Deathbringer embodies it.

 Melee: 1.5 m / 5  ft

Sarevok can use Deathbringer Assault Deathbringer Assault until the end of his next turn.
 Range: Self
Power Word Kill.webp

Compel an enemy with 100 Hit Points or fewer to die instantly. Limited to one use only.
 Range: 18 m / 60 ft

Honour Mode[edit | edit source]

Main Hand Attack.webp

Immediately strike back at an attacker. If Deathbringer's Legacy Deathbringer's Legacy is active, use Deathbringer's Assault Deathbringer's Assault instead.

Common[edit | edit source]

  • Jump
  • Opportunity Attack

Main Hand Attack

  • Sarevok seems to have access to at least two melee attacks per action. If he is affected by "Haste", this can mean Sarevok is capable of firing off four[Needs Verification] melee attacks in a single turn -- enough to allow his special ability on the next turn.

Conditions[edit | edit source]

Legendary Resistance: Incapacitation Legendary Resistance: IncapacitationTTactician

Murderous Strikes Murderous Strikes

  • This is a stacking condition. Sarevok gains 1 stack when he successfully deals damage to another character in Melee range.
  • Description reads: "After performing four attacks, Sarevok will have embodied Bhaal enough to use Deathbringer Assault."
  • This condition and all stacks are cleared when Sarevok gains the condition "Deathbringer's Legacy."

Deathbringer's Legacy Deathbringer's Legacy

  • Sarevok gains this condition for 1 turn, after reaching 4 stacks of Murderous Strikes.
  • Description reads: "Sarevok is able to use Deathbringer Assault until the end of his next turn."

From allies[edit | edit source]

The following conditions are commonly applied onto Sarevok, from allied characters such as Summons.

Immunities[edit | edit source]

Immunities include conditions that, cannot be afflicted onto this character. Conditions that are not explicit "Immune to" messages can still go in this section, but please provide more detail about what combat actions are prevented.

Sarevok cannot be affected by any or all of the following Conditions:

Vulnerabilities[edit | edit source]

Vulnerabilities include specific conditions that can be afflicted onto Sarevok, even if the chance of successfully afflicting this condition is very low.

Sarevok can be affected by all of the following conditions:

Allies[edit | edit source]

  • Echo of Abazigal (Only if Sarevok is attacked after the player has become the Unholy Assassin)
    • Upon death of this echo, Sarevok gains Absorbed Essence: Abazigal Absorbed Essence: Abazigal which causes Sarevok to deal maximum damage with all his attacks.
  • 12x Tribunal Ghost (Only if combat is initiated in the sacrifice chamber)

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Sarevok can be fought at the Murder Tribunal in the Lower City Sewers. He is joined by echoes of Sendai, Illasera, and Amelyssan, as well as other conditional allies.

If the player convinces Dolor to take up arms against the Murder Tribunal, Sarevok will cast Power Word Kill on Dolor, instantly killing him.[url 1]

This fight greatly revolves around the Echoes. Each Echo will contribute to the fight in one of three ways, depending on whether it and Sarevok are alive:

  • While Sarevok is alive, each living Echo uses spells to support him or hinder the party, but they do not directly attack the party.
  • When an Echo is killed, it grants a permanent "Absorbed Essense" buff to Sarevok.
  • When Sarevok is killed, any surviving Echoes gain Retributive Justice Retributive Justice and begin attacking the party directly.

Echo of Amelyssan's Warding Bond Warding Bond will often result in her dying first, but fortunately, her Absorbed Essence is relatively harmless. It is advisable to avoid killing Echo of Sendai and Echo of Illasera, since their Absorbed Essences effects make Sarevok much harder to kill and much more dangerous, respectively. They can instead be disabled through means such as Stunned Stunned or Silenced Silenced, or simply ignored by killing Sarevok before they can cause too much trouble. Even with Retributive Justice Retributive Justice, the Echoes by themselves are far less dangerous than Sarevok at full power.

This fight can also be "cheesed". Once the party has either presented the hand of a victim they killed or passed the DC 20 Deception check to convince Sarevok that they are worthy of becoming an Unholy Assassin, he will stand up to walk into the sacrificial chamber next door while the Echoes teleport to the room ahead of him. Attacking him at this moment leaves him extremely vulnerable because the Echoes will be too far to come to his aid.

References[edit | edit source]