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Sarevok Anchev is a legendary Bhaalspawn. He was the main antagonist of Baldur's Gate and a possible companion in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal.

Sarevok can be found in the Murder Tribunal under Candulhallow's Tombstones as part of the Investigate the Murders and Impress the Murder Tribunal quests.


Our lord does not care for beauty. Bhaal cares only for death. Death in numbers. Death in droves.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Backstory[edit | edit source]

See Sarevok Anchev for a more complete backstory.

Over a century ago, when Sarevok was a young boy, he was kidnapped by Bhaal Bhaal's cultist to be sacrificed with other bhaalspawn children. He was saved from death by a group of Harpers, but unlike other children who were adopted, Sarevok was left behind.

He was living on the streets as an urchin until he was adopted by Richtar (who later adopted alias Rieltar Anchev), the Arm of the Iron Throne. Rieltar had his foster mother strangled in front of him, which had a great impact on the young boy's psyche.

Over time, he developed an interest in his bhaalspawn heritage and wanted to make a worthy sacrifice to Bhaal. To achieve this, he designed a plan to manipulate the Iron Throne into starting a war between Baldur's Gate and the nation of Amn.

He convinced his father that his plan would bring them immense wealth and influence. They sabotaged the iron ore production by Nashkel Mines and blamed it on Amn. When his sibling, another bhaalspawn -- Gorion's Ward (the main protagonist of the first Baldur's Gate games) -- learned of his plan, he killed the Iron Throne leaders, including Rieltar, and framed Gorion's Ward for it.

Terrified with the possibility of coming war, the people of Baldur's Gate nominated Sarevok as one of the new Grand Dukes of Baldur's Gate. During his coronation, Sarevok was confronted by his sibling and was exposed in front of Baldurian nobility. Having fled to the Undercity to the Temple of Bhaal they fought a final battle between the Ward's and Sarevok's respective groups which ended in Sarevok's defeat and death.

In death Sarevok lost his bhaalspawn divine spark. Some time later, Sarevok's essence manifested in the pocket plane of Bhaal's Throne of Blood. He offered Gorion's Ward vital information in exchange for a part of their divine soul so that he may live again. This time Sarevok traveled alongside his sibling as an ally.

Recent events[edit | edit source]

Eventually Sarevok returned to Baldur's Gate and started a new cult of Bhaal. He became a judge of the Murder Tribunal, assisted by echoes of Bhaal's other servants -- Echo of Illasera Illasera , Echo of Sendai Sendai , and Echo of Amelyssan Amelyssan .

He had a daughter named Helena Anchev and a granddaughter, Orin Orin .

Involvement[edit | edit source]

The party can meet Sarevok in the Murder Tribunal, along with the Echo of Amelyssan, Echo of Sendai, and Echo of Illasera.

If the party wishes to Impress the Murder Tribunal, Sarevok states that there is no better mirror in which to see the true nature of a killer than his victim. Thus, he summons the image of one of the murder victims. The spectre cannot speak, as the murderer stole its voice. Thus, the party must speak for it. Sarevok asks how the pitiful creature was slain.

  • The deed is done - the details don't matter.
  • In combat. Honourably.
  • [DECEPTION] First, I ended its sorry existence. Then I cut the hand from its corpse.
  • [DECEPTION] Slowly and painfully. I savoured every scream.
  • [DECEPTION] With a smile on my face, and pleasure in my heart.
  • I didn't kill this person. But I will kill you.

If the soul was actually slain by the party, then no deception checks are needed. Choosing the first two options or the last option make Sarevok and the echoes hostile. Otherwise, Sarevok leads the party to the Dread Lord's Abattoir, for the next challenge. Inside the abattoir is the hollyphant investigator, Valeria Valeria . The party must either choose to kill Valeria, becoming an unholy assassin of Bhaal, or slay Sarevok.

An additional scene plays if either Minsc Minsc or Jaheira Jaheira is in the party during the tribunal. Sarevok instantly recognizes them and declares them traitors. The party can respond by stating they are sacrifices offered up to Bhaal and kill them, or go through Intimidation or Performance checks to having Jaheira/Minsc kneel before the Tribunal. Doing the latter satisfies Sarevok enough to allow the Tribunal to continue and both Minsc and Jaheira can be baptised as unholy assassins. The party also gains an option to initiate combat by asking Jaheira and Minsc whether either of them would like to kill Sarevok again; they defer to the player character, saying they do not need to repeat the experience.

If the party chooses to slay Valeria, Sarevok will congratulate them and reward them with the Map to Bhaal Temple as well as the Amulet of Bhaal which can unlock the path to Orin.

If the party returns to Sarevok after killing Orin, he will become hostile and attack them.

Combat[edit | edit source]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]


Sarevok once fancied himself Bhaal's Chosen, until we put him in his place. Feel no shame for forgetting him - history shall do the same.
Jaheira at the Tribunal


Sarevok once had his chance to taste of goodness - but he spat it back out. Now he may taste the boot-leather instead.
Minsc at the Tribunal

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