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ApplyToDead is a status property.

List of conditions with ApplyToDead[edit source]

Condition Effects

A Most Bloody Inheritance (Condition) A Most Bloody Inheritance

Anointed in Splendour (Condition) Anointed in Splendour

Arcane Hunger (Condition) Arcane Hunger

Ascended Fiend (Condition) Ascended Fiend

  • Raphael has gorged on souls and enhanced his fiendish powers, granting him an even deadlier array of spells and abilities. In this form, Soul Overcharge will not prevent him from using Souls to cast spells.

Astral Gravity (Condition) Astral Gravity

  • Gravity on the Astral Plane is different than on Faerûn.
  • The affected entity is Immune to Falling damage and its Jump distance is tripled.
  • Carrying capacity is tripled.

Atrophied (Condition) Atrophied

  • One of the affected entity's Abilities has been reduced to 0, causing it to die instantly.

Aura of Hate (Condition) Aura of Hate

  • The Paladin and all nearby fiends and undead deal additional damage with melee weapons, equal to the Charisma modifier of the Paladin.

Banished (Condition) Banished

Breathless Lungs (Condition) Breathless Lungs

  • Mystic Carrion can't be Silenced Silenced while his lungs are still intact.

Castigated By Divinity (Condition) Castigated By Divinity

  • Affected entity is cursed by transgressed and irritable gods. When it falls unconscious, it immediately dies. Moreover, when it dies, a terrible envoy of the offended deity is conjured from the entity's corpse.

Cat's Grace (Condition) Cat's Grace

Curdled Liver (Condition) Curdled Liver

  • Mystic Carrion is not Vulnerable to Firevulnerable to fire damage while his liver is intact.

Disintegrating Corpse (Condition) Disintegrating Corpse

This corpse is not long for this world.

  • The affected entity's corpse disintegrates into a pile of ash upon death.

Duel: Murder's Chosen (Condition) Duel: Murder's Chosen

  • The Dark Urge is compelled to fight Orin alone. The duellists cannot be forcefully moved, and any interference from other parties will be punished.

Fetcher's Favour (Condition) Fetcher's Favour

  • Equipped with Mol's tricks of the trade, affected entities can cast Rays of Fire Rays of Fire, reduce all Fire damage by 5 and gain an additional 1d4 to Charisma Checks and Saving Throws.

Fungal Resurrection (Condition) Fungal Resurrection

  • The hag will be resurrected by nearby Pearlspore Bells at the start of their next turn.

God of Ambition (Condition) God of Ambition

  • Mere mortals whisper petitions to the newly divine Gale Dekarios as The Once-Wizard, High Aspirant, The Lord of Zeal - but none have yet been granted an audience with the God of Ambition. Until tonight, that is.

Greater Arcane Hunger (Condition) Greater Arcane Hunger

Green Bed Regeneration (Condition) Green Bed Regeneration

Half-Orcish Fury (Condition) Half-Orcish Fury

  • The next time the affected entity is Downed Downed, it instead drops to 1 hit point thanks to the relentless will roiling in its veins.

Harm (Condition) Harm

  • Affected entity's maximum Hit Points have been reduced by the damage inflicted by the Harm spell
  • This condition is a Disease

Her Voice: Commanding (Condition) Her Voice: Commanding

D6 Psychic.png 1d6 (1~6) Damage TypesPsychic damage
  • Affected entity's brain is being tortured at the whim of the Absolute. It receives a -1 penalty to Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma Abilities and takes 1d6Damage TypesPsychic damage at the end of its turn.

Incubating (Condition) Incubating

Skeletal involucre will explode on its next turn, dealing 6~27Damage TypesNecrotic damage and birthing a necromite.

Infested (Condition) Infested

  • Crawling with tiny spiders that deal 1d4 Piercing damage and 1d4 Poison damage each turn.
  • When hit with a melee attack, the infestation spreads to the attacker. Upon death, the infestation spreads to all nearby creatures.
  • Removed by fire or acid.
  • Doesn't harm ettercaps or spiders.
  • At the start of your turn, you can make a new Saving Throw to try and remove the infection.

Martial Exertion (Condition) Martial Exertion

  • Affected entity has pushed past its physical limits, taking 6d6Damage TypesPiercing damage per turn to perform an additional attack per turn and to double its movement speed.

Mind Sanctuary: Depleted (Condition) Mind Sanctuary: Depleted

  • You cannot benefit more from Mind Sanctuary this turn.

Mortally Wounded (Condition) Mortally Wounded

  • Can't be resurrected.

Oath Broken (Condition) Oath Broken

  • You have broken your sacred Oath and betrayed your beliefs. You can no longer use Channel Oath Charges.
  • You should go to camp and contemplate what happened and what comes next.

Onus of Battle (Condition) Onus of Battle

Affected entity can immediately use a Reaction to make a weapon attack.

Permanent Mind Sanctuary (Condition) Permanent Mind Sanctuary

  • While in combat, Mind Flayers can use actions and bonus actions interchangeably.

Reconfigured: Undead (Condition) Reconfigured: Undead

  • The foulest stench is in the air...

Resonating Ki (Condition) Resonating Ki

  • The ki within the affected entity is resonating with a monk's. The monk can use Ki Resonation: Blast Ki Resonation: Blast to make it explode.

Sapping Curse (Condition) Sapping Curse

This cursed energy drains vitality of anyone who dares get closer.

  • Any creature within range of the affected entity gains the condition Vitality Drain Vitality Drain, and takes 4d6+4Damage TypesNecrotic per turn. Take half damage on succeeding DC Wisdom saving throw.
  • Target is cursed.

Severe Arcane Hunger (Condition) Severe Arcane Hunger

Severed Soul (Condition) Severed Soul

Shadow Possession (Condition) Shadow Possession

  • Affected entity is possessed by frenzied shadows and will attack the nearest creature. Its weapon attacks deal an additional 1d4Damage TypesNecrotic damage.

Shadow-Cursed Undead (Condition) Shadow-Cursed Undead

Silenced (Condition) Silenced

  • Creature can't speak or cast spells with a verbal component, and is immune to Damage TypesThunder damage.

Soul Caged (Condition) Soul Caged

  • A Soul Cage binds the Nightsong as an engine for Ketheric's Immunity to all damage.
  • The Nightsong can be Helped Helped out of the Soul Cage.

Soul Echo (Condition) Soul Echo

  • While this companion's body is gone, their soul lingers on and can be used to resurrect them.

Spirit of the Land (Condition) Spirit of the Land

  • The reunited soul Thaniel provides a +1 to all Ability Scores and an additional 2m movement speed to all affected entitites.

Spore Servant (Condition) Spore Servant

  • The animating spores of a myconid sovereign have taken over this dead creature's body, moving it according to the sovereign's will.

Tharchiate Withering (Condition) Tharchiate Withering

Thoughtless Brain (Condition) Thoughtless Brain

  • Mystic Carrion's spells have a +3 bonus to their Difficulty Class and he can't be Surprised Surprised while his brain is intact.

Unbeating Heart (Condition) Unbeating Heart

  • Carrion's undying life force is stored outside of his body - if killed while his heart is intact, he will rise again the next day.

Unrelenting Storm (Condition) Unrelenting Storm

Volo's Guide to Monsters (Condition) Volo's Guide to Monsters

  • With steadfast application of knowledge from Volo's preeminent work, affected entitites gain +2 to Attack Rolls, Saving Throws and Ability Checks.

Weavewalker (Condition) Weavewalker