Carrying capacity

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Carrying capacity is the measurement of how much weight a character can carry.

  • Nearing this value applies penalties to movement and other abilities;
    • Exceeding 80% of this value will cause Encumbered Encumbered.
    • Exceeding 93.33% (repeating, of course) of this value will cause Heavily Encumbered Heavily Encumbered.
    • Exceeding 100% of this value (without reducing the limit) is not generally intended, though it is sometimes possible with Containers.
  • Initially calculated as 40 + (Strength x 10)kg or 80 + (Strength x 20)lbs, and will update accordingly whenever Strength changes.
    • This value can then be multiplied by the single highest modifier in the table below; multiple effects do not stack.
Effect Modifier Source Duration
Reduced Reduced x0.75 Oil of DiminutionConsumables Icon.png Duration: 2 turns
Sethan (Sethan: Reduce Sethan: Reduce) Duration: 5 turns
Reduce Reduce Duration: 10 turns
Enlarged Enlarged x1.25 Enlarge Enlarge Duration: 10 turns
Duergars' Enlarge Enlarge
Bigboy's Chew Toy (Whossa Large Fellow? Whossa Large Fellow?)
Elixir of The Colossus Elixir of The Colossus Elixir of the ColossusConsumables Icon.png Duration: Until Long rest
Human Versatility Human Versatility Human Passive Racial feature. Permanent
Bull's Strength Bull's Strength x2.00 Enhance Ability: Bull's Strength Enhance Ability: Bull's Strength Duration: Until Long rest
The Mighty Cloth While Equipped
Aspect of the Beast (Bear) Aspect of the Beast (Bear) Wildheart Barbarian Animal Aspect choice. While Selected