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Benryn is a high half-elf that is stuck below some debris at the burning inn at Waukeen's Rest. He will be shouting for help, which starts Rescue the Trapped Man. If the door to the room he's in is broken by the Player, an explosion will occur and the fire will spread.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Act One[edit | edit source]

Upstairs in the rooms of the burning inn, Benryn and Counselor Florrick will be in need of help on opposites sides. Breaking the door of the room Benryn is in results in an explosion that spreads the fire and makes the rescue more difficult. If Speak with Dead is first used on Mirileth, located in the adjacent building south of the burning room, she will ask for his rescue and indicate a nearby door that is closer to him.

After a successful rescue, he will run to Mirileth's body and start mourning. Using Speak with Dead on her will prompt him to ask about a dowry, progressing the quest. She will then reveal that the dowry is at the barn behind the inn. After finding it, the Player can keep it or return it to Benryn, completing Rescue the Trapped Man. He will stay beside her body after the quest is finished.

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