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Companions are playable characters who can join and fight alongside the player. Each has their own motivations, personalities, and affinity that increase or decrease according to the player's choices. At high approval levels, many companions can be romanced. Conversely, a companion may leave the party or even try to kill the player if their approval becomes too low.

The default class of companions can be changed. However, for story purposes, the game acts as if they still have their original class.

Origin companions[edit | edit source]

Origin companions are playable characters with rich backgrounds and ties to the world and the events of the game. Each Origin can be selected as a player character as an alternative to making a custom character. These origin companions can be recruited shortly after completing the Prologue.

Non-origin companions[edit | edit source]

Non-Origin companions may be recruited at various points later in the game, and each non-origin companion has specific recruitment scenarios that must be followed.

Temporary companions[edit | edit source]

There are also temporary companions during your adventure. These characters can be recruited into the player’s party during quests or through world interactions.

Unlike camp followers, temporary companions are able to join the player’s party and some can become a temporary playable character.

Ico knownSpells lvl 03.png Act 3 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Hirelings[edit | edit source]

There are 12 hirelings available to recruit – one for each class. Each has their own name, visuals, and race, and their abilities can be re-specced at any time.

Recruitment locations[edit | edit source]

Origin companions[edit | edit source]

  • Lae'zel: You'll first encounter her during the Prologue. Afterwards, she can be found trapped by Tieflings, south of the Emerald Grove. If she is not freed, or if she does not join you, Lae'zel can later be found confronting the Githyanki patrol as part of the Find the Githyanki Crèche quest. If you still do not recruit her, she can later be found, dead, in the Shadow-Cursed Lands. Her corpse is too damaged to be spoken to, but as a playable character she can be resurrected using Revivify or its scroll version.
  • Shadowheart: She'll join you if you free her during the Prologue, and will later be unconscious close to the place your player landed. If not freed from the Nautiloid, she'll be at the entrance of the Dank Crypt nearby. If not recruited on the Nautiloid or the Dank Crypt, she'll be found inside the Secluded Grove. If ignored again, you'll encounter her either at the Goblin Camp or at the Mountain Pass.
  • Wyll: Inside the Secluded Grove, training young Tieflings.
  • Karlach: North of the Owlbear Nest, south of the Tollhouse. Follow a trail of blood towards the river. If you have recruited Wyll, his companion quest will lead you to her.

Standard companions[edit | edit source]

Temporary companions[edit | edit source]

  • Sazza: Held prisoner in the Druid Grove. If the player helps her, she'll join the party while escaping.
  • Us: aboard the Nautiloid, take the elevator right after leaving the starting room. Will only join you for the Prologue... and potentially as a summonable at the end of Act 2.