Rescue the Trapped Man

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Benryn is trapped in the burning inn.

Rescue the Trapped Man is a quest in Act One of Baldur's Gate 3. It is initiated once the party comes across the trapped Benryn at the top floor of the burning inn at Waukeen's Rest, during the events of the quest Rescue the Grand Duke.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Free the Trapped Man.
  • We found a man trapped under a beam in Waukeen's Rest.
Get Benryn to safety.
  • We freed Benryn and promised to guide him out of the tavern.
Speak with Benryn.
  • Benryn got out of the tavern safely.
Find Miri.
  • Benryn is searching for his wife Miri. She has brown hair and was wearing a green blouse
Tell Benryn where Miri is.
  • We found a dead woman that matches Miri's description.
Speak with Benryn.
  • Benryn was faced with the dead body of his wife. He must be devastated.
Find the dowry.
  • Miri told us about her sister's dowry, which she hid before the fire started. It's in a barn somewhere near the tavern.
  • Benryn mentioned a dowry for him and his wife. It's worth searching for it.
Return to Benryn.
  • The dowry turned out to be a ring. It's probably worth a tidy sum. Benryn will want it back.
Quest Complete
  • We returned the ring to Benryn.
  • We decided to keep the ring. Benryn was furious.
  • Benryn died.
  • Benryn is beyond our help.
  • We left before we could tie up loose ends with Benryn. We must press on.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Waukeen's Rest (X:-65, Y:609) is an inn located on the Risen Road. As the part approaches, they smell smoke and hear shouting. Move to the front entrance to find a group of Flaming Fists trying to bust down the door. Gauntlet Yeva explains that Grand Duke Ravengard could be in there.

  • What happened to this place?
  • Grand Duke Ravengard?
  • [STRENGTH] Push against the wreckage. (DC 10)

A successful Strength check smashes the door open and the Fists rush inside. (If Wyll is in the party, he can be asked to help, and will automatically kick the door in successfully without having to roll a check.) Go straight into the room to find a set of stairs - climb it to find the two remaining survivors - Counsellor Florrick and Benryn.

The splintered beams must be removed to save Benryn.

To get to Benryn, the door closest to the top of the stairs must be opened, causing an immediate flood of heat. Hurry inside in turn-based mode and interact with the Splintered Beams to rescue him.

  • [BARBARIAN][STRENGTH] This wreckage is no challenge - cast it aside. (DC 10)
  • [STRENGTH] Brace yourself to lift the wreckage. (DC 10)
  • [INVESTIGATION] Find leverage to shift the beam. (DC 15)

Once Benryn is freed, he asked how they are meant to get out.

  • The door's that way.
  • You're on your own.
  • Come on, follow me.

If "Come on, follow me" is chosen, Benryn joins the party temporarily. After removing the beams, an additional action is needed to save Benryn. Someone in the party must approach him and use the help action to help him up, otherwise he stays knocked down. There is a door next to Benryn that can be destroyed and leads to a safe area. Then, the party can control Benryn and have him dash out of the room. Once Benryn has exited the area, he runs to see the corpse of his wife, Mirileth. If another route is taken, Benryn searches for Miri, imploring the party to help him. She can be found in the room south of where Benryn was found.

Speaking to Benryn, he reveals that the reason he and Miri were separated was because they had an argument over a dowry ring. The party can learn more about the ring by using Speak with Dead on Miri's corpse. She reveals it's in the inn's barn.

To complete the quest, the party must find the Dowry Ring. It is found within in a Gilded Chest in a haystack inside a barn, in the west compound of Waukeen's Rest (X:-99, Y:619). A Perception Check must be passed on the haystack to discover the chest if Benryn hasn't told the player.

Quest rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Dowry Ring, if the party decides to keep the ring.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Long resting or fast traveling to another location (including the camp) after approaching Waukeen's Rest results in both Counsellor Florrick and Benryn dying.