Defeat the Duergar Intruders

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The duergar slaughtered many myconids.

Defeat the Duergar Intruders is a quest in Act One of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be initiated by approaching the Myconid Colony at Ebonlake Grotto peacefully, and speaking with Sovereign Spaw.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

Kill the duergar by the lake.
  • We agreed to help the Sovereign remove the duergar who threatened the myconid colony.
  • We found the duergar in the ruins of an abandoned settlement.
  • We fought the duergar.
Report back to the Myconid Sovereign.
  • We defeated the duergar. The Sovereign will be pleased.
Reach the Sovereign's refuge.
  • The Sovereign promised us a reward. The 'guardian gate' has been opened for us.
Quest Complete
  • We reached the sovereign's refuge, where we found a long-dead drow scholar. Fortunately for us, he'd left plenty of valuables behind.
  • The Sovereign died before we could fulfil its request.
  • We left the region without helping the Sovereign.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Sovereign Spaw begs the party for help.

Ebonlake Grotto is in the northeastern corner of the Underdark, and Sovereign Spaw is on a mushroom platform in the heart of the Grotto X: 78 Y: -102. As the party approaches the Grotto, a group of myconids approach and confront them on why they are in the Underdark. There are several options to enter the Grotto peacefully:

  • Focus on your parasite and connect with the sovereign.
  • Tell the truth of the parasite. You only seek safe passage in your search for treatment.
  • [PERSUASION] I am a traveller seeking adventure. (DC 5)
  • [INSIGHT] Seek understanding. Focus on the sovereign's song. (DC 5)

If the origin character is a Duergar, it is much harder to convince the sovereign not to become hostile, but it's not impossible:

  • [PERSUASION] Conjure tranquil memories in hopes of calming the sovereign. (DC 5)
  • [INTIMIDATION] Do you truly wish to do battle with a great warrior? (DC 10)
  • [PERSUASION] Kneel in submission. I mean no harm to you. (DC 10)

Once things have been resolved peacefully with the sovereign, it explains that a group of Duergar slaughtered the myconids and greatly reduced their numbers. The duergar responsible are still lurking within the Underdark and the myconid circle is imperilled unless they are defeated. Spaw asks the party to deal with these duergar. Agreeing to help initiates the quest.

The duergar are in the Decrepit VillageX: 11 Y: -195 to the south-west. If Thulla is cured in Cure the Poisoned Gnome, she marks their location on the map. The duergars in question are led by Gekh Coal, who instantly becomes hostile if the party recruited Glut for Avenge Glut's Circle. Gekh Coal is joined by several duergar allies - Lurgan, Holvik, and Novice Garmor. Several Reanimated Corpses are also controlled by the duergar.

Once the duergar are dealt with, return to Spaw. He thanks the party and tells them their reward is opened; the Guardian GateX: 56 Y: -89 which holds the treasure is north of Spaw's location. Most of the important items are on a pale corpse, including a book needed for The Adamantine Forge.

Spaw names the party Peacebringer, and tells them it has one more quest for them. There is a Drow called Nere in Grymforge who has also hurt the myconids. Spaw wants his head brought to it, starting Deliver Nere's Head.

Quest rewards[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This can be completed without combat by lying to the Sovereign about having already killed the duergar. (Tested with having met them before talking to the Sovereign) [Bard][Deception]DC20
  • Avenge Glut's Circle has the same goal and brings Glut along as an additional party member (attached to the origin character, so no party slot needed).
  • Choosing "Sure, I can handle those duergar nearby." gains approval from Astarion.

Companion approval[edit | edit source]

  • Reporting your success to Spaw; "The duergar are slain; the rot has been purged." Gale approves +1 Karlach approves +1