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Izwae is a petrified drow located in the Underdark, just west of the Selûnite Outpost.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

The leader of the Drow mercenaries hired by Dhourn to aid in his search for the Adamantine Forge and to help in the betrayal of his fellow Drow companion Xargrim. In a confrontation with Xargrim, a Spectator was unleashed onto the group, Petrifying the group for an untold amount of time.

When ambushed by the Aberration, he will likely be the second Drow freed, being under the Spectator's Charm. Simply damaging him will free him from the creature's control and join the fight against it.

If Dhourn is still alive, Izwae along with any other freed Drow will turn hostile unless a peaceful outcome plays out. If the mage is dead, Izwae or the other mercenaries will fill in on how they ended up here. While gruff, he will also prove to be more grateful, not starting a fight and being more focused on freeing his comrades to than return home.

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