The Adamantine Forge

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This article is about the quest. For the location, see Adamantine Forge.
Something powerful guards the legendary Forge.

The Adamantine Forge is a quest in Act One of Baldur's Gate 3 in Grymforge. It is initiated by learning of the forge of the same name by reading The Great Furnace of Grymforge, Filro the Forgotten's journal, or speaking with Dhourn after freeing him of the Spectator's petrification or casting Speak with Dead Speak with Dead on his corpse.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

Learn more about the Adamantine Forge.
  • We learned than an adamantine forge is hidden deep within the Underdark.
  • A group of drow wizards were looking for the Adamantine Forge, but they ended up fighting over the forge's secrets they each had.
  • The forge is guarded by a guardian who is weak to magma and some kind of 'hot hammer'.
  • To use the forge, we need to place a mould and mithral ore into their respective chambers, then pull the lever.
Find the Adamantine Forge.
  • The duergar are looking for an Adamantine Forge hidden in Grymforge. We should find it first.
  • A duergar mentioned the Adamantine Forge was nearby.
Reach the Adamantine Forge
  • We found a memory shard that revealed the location of the Adamantine Forge.
Activate the Adamantine Forge.
  • We found the adamantine forge. Now we need to figure out how to activate it.
Defeat the Forge Protector.
  • The protector of the forge appeared. We need to defeat it.
Pick up the forged item.
  • The protector has been defeated. Time to enjoy the fruits of our labour.
Quest Complete
  • We used the Adamantine Forge to craft something of legend. If we find more ore, we can do it again.
  • We left without unravelling the mysteries of the Adamantine Forge.
  • We lost what we crafted in the Adamantine Forge. If we find more ore, we can use it again.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Discovering the forge[edit | edit source]

To learn about the Adamantine Forge, there are a trio of drow wizards who each hold a unique piece of information about the forge. Each of them have met a terrible fate in the Underdark.

Dhourn[edit | edit source]

Dhourn was petrified by a Spectator.

Dhourn is one of many petrified drow west of the Selûnite Outpost. An easy way to get to Dhourn is by entering the Outpost near the statue of Selûne and move to the broken window X: 141 Y: -240. Walk through it and climb down the knotted roots. Continue moving west and a cutscene triggers where the party moves past the droves of petrified drow. A Spectator appears and attacks the party. On its first turn, it resurrects drow, typically starting with Dhourn. Dhourn and any other drow the Spectator resurrects are charmed until the Spectator is defeated, when they become neutral.

Keep Dhourn alive and he'll talk to the party, otherwise his corpse can be spoken to with Speak With Dead. He reveals that he has a Memory Shard with information on the Adamantine Forge. Dhourn explains that he had two other rivals seeking the forge but, after realising how long he was petrified, he is the sole person left to claim the glory for discovering the Forge. After this, he and any unpetrified drow attack the party, as he sees them as possible rivals.

An Arcana check (DC 10) is needed to probe the thoughts within the shard. If successful, it shows images of the Adamantine Forge and hints to its location beyond an ancient stronghold.

Filro the Forgotten[edit | edit source]

Filro the Forgotten X: -50 Y: -163 has a camp south of the Sussur Tree Waypoint. He has gone mad during his time in the Underdark and becomes hostile upon detecting the party, alongside several Hook Horrors. Once he has been defeated, loot his corpse to obtain his Scribbled Notes. When the notes are read, an automatic Investigation check (DC 15) is attempted by the whole party. Succeeding reveals that the forge guardian is weak to magma and a 'hot hammer.'

Xargrim[edit | edit source]

Xargrim's body holds another key to the Forge.

Xargrim can be found beyond the Guardian GateX: 55 Y: -88 in Ebonlake Grotto. The gate is to the north of where Sovereign Spaw is located. In order to access Xargrim's corpse, the party can complete Defeat the Duergar Intruders and the myconid Sovereign opens the gate. It is possible to open the gate by force, by attacking it, in instances where the myconids have become hostile.

Once inside, loot the corpse to find a book, Flumph Mating Rituals. Read the book to discover its secrets:

  • [INVESTIGATION] Examine the book closely. (DC 15)
  • [NATURE] Recall what you know of this title. (DC 15)

With a successful check, the book reveals itself to be disguised. Its true name is The Great Furnace of Grymforge. The book contains exact instructions for how to operate the Adamantine Forge once it is located.

Reaching the forge[edit | edit source]

The cracked statue can be jumped across.

One way to access the Adamantine Forge is by completing Get Past the Rubble. Once the rubble is clear, follow the (fairly linear) pathway until an Iron Ladder X: -648 Y: 409 allows the party to climb down. There is a moveable metal platform that connects to a walkway - jump on it to encounter a set of levers. The levers can be used to descend another two sets of metal platforms, but this isn't necessary. Instead, the party can walk further south on the first walkway until they come across a broken statue. The statue remains can be jumped across to move to the second platform X: -624 Y: 344. Send one party member over to the next platform using this method, then move them south to find a set of two levers. Operate the levers to move the party members on the other side, then have the party members jump down to the new area. This should instantly activate the Ancient Forge Waypoint. Teleport to the waypoints to reunite the party.

The location to easily Misty Step to the Forge.

Another way to skip most of the journey to the Forge - the party can use Fly, Misty Step or simply jump (requires sufficient strength), near the platform east of the cave-in X: -607 Y: 314 to bypass the rubble entirely. The area where this moves the player to is very close to the Ancient Forge Waypoint, so the character who Misty Steps need only activate it and then use the waypoints to move the rest of the team up to the Forge.

Forging an item[edit | edit source]

In order to forge an item, the party needs mithral ore and a mould.

Finding the moulds[edit | edit source]

Locations of the Moulds.

The moulds can be located around the Forge area:

  • Longsword MouldX: -625 Y: 404 - On the metal scaffolding
  • Scimitar MouldX: -604 Y: 323 - Looted from a skeleton near some levers
  • Mace MouldX: 613 Y: 284 - On the table south of the Ancient Forge Waypoint
  • Shield MouldX: -558 Y: 409 - Looted from a skeleton behind a locked door (DC 12) at the top of the stairs
  • Scale Mail MouldX: -616 Y: 264 - On the ground southwest of the Ancient Forge Waypoint
  • Splint MouldX: -594 Y: 310 - East of the Ancient Forge Waypoint near a skeleton

Finding the mithral[edit | edit source]

Location of the Mithral Veins.

There are two Mithral Veins:

  • Southwest of the Ancient Forge Waypoint. It causes several Animated Armours to become hostile. After defeating them, move to the rocks southwest and follow the path to a lava-filled area. Jump across the rocks to find the vein X: -645 Y: 255.
  • On the steps leading down to the Forge, follow the rocks east. A group of Magma Mephits ambushes the party X: -556 Y: 277.

Only one ore is needed to resolve the quest. Attack the vein with force damage (i.e. spells like Eldritch Blast or smokepowder bombs) to gain access to the Mithral Ore.

Combining the materials[edit | edit source]

  1. Place the mithral ore into the Crucible at the centre of the Forge
  2. Place the desired mould in the Mould Chamber
  3. Use the Forge Lever on the southern side of the platform to lower it down to the lava
  4. Once the platform is lowered, use the Lava Valve to fill the area with lava
  5. Use the Forge Lever to cause the Forge's hammer to hit the mould, shaping the item
  6. Pick up the completed item at the mould chamber

The first time the Lava Valve is used, Grym appears to defend the Forge. Defeat it while continuously adding lava, as Grym cannot be damaged unless it has the superheated condition. This condition replaces several of Grym's damage immunities:

Resistant to all SlashingResistant to all PiercingVulnerable to BludgeoningResistant to all AcidResistant to all ThunderResistant to all ColdResistant to all Force

It remains immune to all other damage types.

The "hot hammer" mentioned by Filro is the Forge's hammer - draw Grym to the centre of the platform and use the Forge Lever to hit it with a huge amount of bludgeoning damage. The first time this is done, several hostile Magma Mephits will spawn. Using the hammer while Grym is not Superheated will not deal damage, but will knock it prone.

To make a different item, use the Mould Ejection Lever to replace the mould. Repeat the steps to make a new item.

Quest rewards[edit | edit source]

By successfully acquiring all mithral ore and using the furnace twice, two of the following items can be created:

Achievements[edit | edit source]

A-Forged in Blood and Fire.jpg

Forged in Blood and Fire
Craft an item in the Adamantine Forge.

A-A Grym Fate.jpg

A Grym Fate
Kill the Adamantine Golem without using the Forge Hammer.