Dashkent Moliver

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Dashkent Moliver is a halfling NPC found in Act Three. He is the custodian of Fraygo's Flophouse.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Dashkent is a halfling wearing a red shirt who patrols the bottom floor of Fraygo's Flophouse. The party can question him about the disappearance of Ffion Goldgrind and, if her dead body is discovered, notify him of her murder.

If the player gathered the clue about a "dwarf wearing red" while going through Investigate the Murders or Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders, the player can accuse him of resembling the murder suspect. He will become indignant and stress that he is a halfling, not a dwarf; halfling players will get a unique response if they fail to recognize him as their own kin.

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