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Harper Geraldus is a new recruit for the Harpers, who has been looking into the recent Bhaalist activity in the city on Jaheira's orders. He can be found in Danthelon's Dancing Axe in Wyrm's Crossing.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

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While in Wyrm's Crossing with Jaheira, she will point out Danthelon's Dancing Axe, a store run by Entharl Danthelon, and front for a Harper safe house. After Jaheira speaks with Entharl, he will give the player the key to a secret room beneath the store, where Geraldus and a group of Harpers are waiting to give Jaheira new information from their scouting.

Once below, Geraldus will greet the party, saying "May Selûne's Tears shine on this meeting." Jaheira will immediately recognise the old Harper code, and try to communicate to the player that the Harpers present are traitors. Attacking the Harpers will reveal all but Geraldus to be Bhaalist doppelgangers, their originals murdered, and Geraldus left alive as bait.

Geraldus will explain the situation; the Harpers were searching for cultists in the city, and all was quiet until they began asking after the Rashemaar on Jaheira's latest orders. The cult struck during the night, capturing the others and bringing them back to Orin.

Jaheira will chastise Geraldus on bringing danger to Entharl's shop, and suggest that maybe he is not cut out for the job. The player can agree, and Jaheira and Entharl will make plans to send Geraldus home to his mother in the Dalelands.

Otherwise, they can disagree, or even lecture Jaheira on sending the Harpers out on too dangerous a job. Jaheira will apologise, and instruct Geraldus to lay low and rest if he can, as he is now the last Harper operating in the city that she can rely on.

If the player is without Jaheira, Geraldus will give them his report, assuming that they were sent on Jaheira's orders.

If Geraldus dies during the fight, he can be spoken to using Speak with Dead Speak with Dead. His corpse will inform the party about the doppelganger treachery from the cult of Bhaal, Orin and Gortash's war with each other, and that he was here to give Jaheira information on the Rashemaar.