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About Halflings[edit | edit source]

Racial Features[edit | edit source]

Lightfoot Halflings[edit | edit source]

Default Lightfoot Halfling appearance

Lightfoot halflings are stealthy but social, travelling all over Faerûn to make a name for themselves.

Subrace Traits[edit | edit source]

  • Naturally Stealthy: Your nimble nature makes you skilled at concealment. You gain Proficiency Icon.png Proficiency in Stealth.
  • Base Racial Speed: 7.5m / 25ft
  • Charisma +1

Strongheart Halflings[edit | edit source]

Default Strongheart Halfling appearance

Legends say dwarven blood gave stronghearts their hardiness. Resistant to poison and wellsprings of endurance, these halflings easily hold their own.

Subrace Traits[edit | edit source]