Decide Minthara's Fate

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Decide Minthara's Fate is a quest available upon entering Moonrise Towers in Act Two, provided Minthara Minthara survived the previous act. It is not required to have raided the Druids' Grove raided the Druids' Grove, if the party knocked her out she will be alive in Act 2.

Minthara is taken away to be killed... unless the party intervenes.

Successful completion unlocks Minthara as a possible companion.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending story decisions and outcomes.

Check on Minthara.
  • Nightwarden Minthara has been condemned to death. We ought to visit her while we can.
(Optional) Defeat the jailers.
  • We've drawn the ire of Minthara's guards. We need to defeat them before we can aid her.
(Optional) Talk to Minthara.
  • We defeated Minthara's guards. We should talk to her.
Bring Minthara outside Moonrise Towers.
  • Minthara has asked for our help escaping Moonrise Towers. We'll have to escort her until we've put some distance between us and the forces of the Absolute stationed here.
Quest Complete
  • [Minthara escaped, joined camp] We helped Minthara escape Moonrise Towers. She went to our camp to recover from her ordeal.
  • [Minthara escaped, left] We helped Minthara escape Moonrise Towers. She's elected to go her own way.
  • [Minthara died] Minthara did not escape her fate at Moonrise, and she never will.
  • [Minthara's mind was erased] Minthara's captors erased her free will completely. She is an obedient thrall, loyal to the Absolute, and without a personality of her own.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Reunions[edit | edit source]

When the party enters Moonrise Towers, if Minthara is still around they'll see her answering to Ketheric Thorm Ketheric Thorm and Z'rell Disciple Z'rell . Regardless of any successful or unsuccessful checks, Minthara ultimately is taken away to be killed unless the party attacks.

Fighting to free Minthara[edit | edit source]

If the party does decide to attack, a tough fight starts as all NPCs of Moonrise turn hostile, but Minthara fights with the party as an NPC. She must then be escorted out. Talking a way past people won't be an option and Infiltrate Moonrise Towers Infiltrate Moonrise Towers won't be possible anymore.

Avoiding the fight and speaking to the Inquisitors[edit | edit source]

Minthara's mind being "erased" by Sumera and Jasin.

If the party avoided to start a fight, Minthara can then be found down some stairs in the Moonrise Towers Prison. The Deep Gnomes Questioner Sumera Questioner Sumera and Questioner Jasin Questioner Jasin attempt to break and erase her mind. They can be allowed to do so and bring the quest to an early end. Otherwise they can be deceived (DC 10) or intimidated (DC 14) to allow the party to step in and take over.

Attacking the Inqusitors[edit | edit source]

It's also possible to attack them. If they are attacked, Minthara assists in the fight as an NPC. After they're both down, Minthara asks to be escorted out of Moonrise.

Talking to Minthara[edit | edit source]

If the party stepped in and took over, Minthara is initially unable to talk as she battles The Absolute, who is trying to possess her mind. Passing a DC 18 Wisdom check allows communication with her and either:

  1. Convincing her to pretend her mind's broken.
  2. Telling her to fight with the party.
  3. Erasing her mind.

Assuming her mind wasn't erased, Minthara joins the party as follower / summon. If Minthara pretended her mind was broken, a final Intimidation, Deception, or Persuasion Check (DC 18) convinces Sumera and Jasin to leave. A failure of any check leads to either fighting against the Inquisitors or allowing Minthara's mind to be erased.

The great escape[edit | edit source]

In the end Minthara must be escorted out of Moonrise Towers. It's not possible to use a Waypoint to do this, the party and Minthara have to leave on foot.

If no fight broke out before, then, from here, it's possible to walk out with Minthara peacefully, but it requires a selection of Intimidation, Deception, or Persuasion checks with:

  • The guard just outside Minthara's cell (Intimidation DC 14, Deception DC 16, Persuasion DC 14)
  • The two guards guarding the front door to Moonrise (DC 14 in all cases)

Alternatively, the party might try to avoid these encounters, such as with Stealth or by casting Invisibility Invisibility on Minthara.

If the prison guards are already dead but the Ironhand gnomes have not been freed yet, completing Rescue Wulbren Rescue Wulbren and escaping by boat offers an escape route requiring to convince only one guard.

Afterwards[edit | edit source]

Once Minthara has left Moonrise Towers' boundaries, she can be spoken to and either told to go her own way or head to camp where she can finally be recruited as Companion.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Aside from loot and combat XP, only successfully escorting Minthara out offers the following rewards.

If Minthara was given's camp location
  • 145 XP
  • Minthara Minthara as a companion
  • Characters with the Noble or Urchin background will gain inspiration, if Minthara is recruited on wrap up.
If Minthara escaped but went her own way
  • 65 XP

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If Minthara dies at any point during this quest, the quest completes and it is not possible to resurrect her.