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Madeline is a deceased dwarf found in the Ruined Battlefield in the Shadow-Cursed Lands. She tended bar at the distillery The Waning Moon many years ago, during Ketheric Thorm's Dark Justiciar occupation of the town.

When first discovering her, He Who Was will be performing Speak with Dead on her corpse to try to interrogate her, beginning the quest Punish the Wicked.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

For a more detailed walkthrough see: Punish the Wicked

He Who Was is a shadar-kai who seeks the guilty, tormented and anguished. He fittingly found Madeline, whose spirit is stuck in grief and regret over her actions while she was alive. Claiming that he is seeking justice for Madeline's crimes, He Who Was will ask the player to retrieve Madeline's Ledger, found "where lies [Madeline's] guilt"; under a loose plank behind the bar at The Waning Moon.

After the ledger is brought back, He Who Was will channel Madeline's spirit once again, allowing the player to question her this time. Madeline will explain how she was to report to Dark Justiciar Netasha any observed dissent against Ketheric and his army. Fearing for her life, Madeline betrayed many of her friends and patrons to Netasha, who captured and killed them in horrific ways.

Madeline will express grief and regret for her actions, believing herself beyond redemption or forgiveness. The player can forgive her, and let her spirit move on in peace, or choose to admonish or punish her.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Many of the developer notes for He Who Was' dialogue lines mention not only the cruelty underlying his intentions, but that much of what he says to the player is trying to manipulate them into torturing Madeline.